Petty: Man Pays $212 Speeding Ticket Using Nothing But Pennies [Video]

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A Texas man was SO fed up after receiving a speeding ticket for going 9 miles per hour over the speed limit that he ended up paying the entire thing using pennies. 22,000 pennies, to be exact.

via NBC:

Brett Sanders believes he did nothing wrong when he was ticketed for driving nine miles per hour over the speed limit in his Frisco neighborhood.

“I didn’t hurt anybody. I didn’t endanger anybody’s life,” he said.

Sanders tried to fight the ticket in court, taking the case to trial where he eventually lost.

“When my fine came due, I just decided I may as well pay with pennies and we’ll make a big spectacle of it,” Sanders said.

He hammered $220 worth of pennies from their rolls and shoveled them into five-gallon buckets.

Sanders then drove to the Frisco Municipal Court and dumped the coins – all 22,000 – on the counter.

“It felt great. It really felt great,” Sanders said.

Sanders recorded the incident and posted a video on YouTube. It has been viewed nearly 40,000 times.

The court’s clerks gathered all the pennies and took them to Coinstar locations around town. They said it took about three hours to count them.

Sanders is now owed money by the city because he overpaid by $7.81.

“I’m just going to go ahead and let them keep that,” he said.

City staff told NBC5 it’s not against the rules to pay using pennies, but they wouldn’t encourage it. In fact, they say this is the second time in memory someone has paid with pennies.

We feel sorry for the workers who had to spend their time counting and sorting it all.

Check out Brett’s video of the incident below.

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