People Call Out Meek Mill for Only Giving $20 to Kids Selling Water in Atlanta [Photos + Video]

Meek Mill told a group of kids to split a $20 bill that he gave them for water. The internet and the kids think he should have donated more.

via: Complex

Meek Mill built his brand on his beautiful rags-to-riches story, but he dropped the ball when it was time to pay this good fortune forward.

On Sunday, a video went viral of Meek Mill talking to some young entrepreneurs in Atlanta. While riding through the city in one of his various luxury vehicles, Meek was stopped by some kids selling water. Normally, a bottle of water from these kids cost $1-3. Yet Meek decided to give them $20 in exchange for no water.

While this was seemingly generous, the issue comes due to the fact Meek gave the whole group of kids one $20 bill and only one child had the money. When the other children expressed their concern, Meek insisted that they should split the $20. He then warned them not to touch or reach into his car.

Meek is no stranger to flaunting his wealth. So making these kids split one dub didn’t sit well with viewers or the children. Despite the optics, Meek took to Twitter where he claimed the children appreciated the $20 because they were hustlers.

You really can’t tell people what to do with their money, that being said. Meek could have broke them off with a little more.

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