Pastor Dwayne Dawkins Breaks His Silence About Bisexual Sex Tape Scandal With Male 'Sneaky Link’ [Video]

Pastor Dwayne Dawkins is speaking out for the first time since a sex tape of him and his male “sneaky link” (his words, not ours) went viral.

Speaking at the Leaders in Training Conference in Atlanta, the 14-year pastor of Praise Tabernacle International who frequently condemned acts of homosexuality from the pulpit, admitted he met up with a “sneaky link” and knew their sexual encounter would be recorded — he just thought the tape wouldn’t get leaked.

Pastor Dawkins should’ve known better, because the man he met up for sex with is content creator. Once the pastor found out the video made its way online, he said he begged the man to take the video down.

The content creator never replied and ended up blocking his number. The pastor claims they haven’t spoken since the incident.

While attempting to explain, Pastor Dawkins said he’s been dealing with ‘bisexual tendencies’ his entire life and felt ‘shame’ knowing he has a wife and three kids.

”I had connected with an individual of the same gender and I’ve had, throughout my childhood up until even this moment, dealing with bisexual tendencies,” he said. “It was wrong.”

”That evening, you can imagine, I did not sleep. I have a wife and three beautiful sons. Pastor of a church in South Florida for 14 years at that point and family, loved ones, all of that — so the weight of that shame sat on me.”

Pastor Dawkins went on to say that the ordeal made him contemplate suicide, but he ultimately decided to live for his kids.

”That night, I decided I had to live for my sons. Which is worse? A dead father? Or a bisexual struggling father? I made the decision to live.”

There’s nothing wrong with living in your truth, but when you openly condemn others for living in theirs — that’s where we have a problem.

Watch Pastor Dawkins full remarks below.

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