One Of Les Twins Saved Beyoncé From A Wardrobe Malfunction [Video]

Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour dancers Les Twins went above and beyond during her stop in Hamburg, Germany, saving her from an apparent wardrobe malfunction.

via: Vibe

While wearing a hot pink halter dress from her new IVY PARK collection, the part intended to secure her chest began to slip as she was performing “BREAK MY SOUL.” The French dance duo, comprised of Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois, abruptly sprang into action. One of the twins smoothly swerved in front of her, placing her hand accordingly as she quickly regained control of the top.

Naturally, the entire ordeal was captured on video and shared across social media.

@byseyn Damn he did it so smooth ? #lestwins#beyonce#blueivy#renaissance#renaissancetour#breakmysoul#hamburg @Beyoncé ? original sound – Seyn

Fans praised the men for how effortlessly they handled the nearly chaotic moment. On TikTok, one person commented, “The professionalism, the slickness, the simplicity in his movement placing her own hand where she needed to cover! Too good.”

Another chimed in, “Now that is talent. That he saw something happening and didn’t miss a beat while performing and allowed her to fix it. Love Les Twins.” A different fan joked, “Les twins saved the Les Twins.” Others admired Bey’s innate ability to never miss a beat.

Unfortunately, it appears that the dress is a custom look, just for the mother of three, considering it isn’t featured on Adidas’ website. The Ivy Paradise collection is currently live and selling fast.

However, the North American leg of the RENAISSANCE tour will begin next month and we’re sure someone will have recreated it by then.

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