One Direction's Liam Payne Hospitalized with Serious Kidney Infection

Liam Payne’s been battling a serious health issue, one he says he wouldn’t wish on his worst enemy, and it’s causing him to have to cancel his upcoming tour.

via: Daily Mail

The One Direction star, 29, shared the news with his followers in an Instagram video on Friday, after being ordered to ‘rest and recover’ by doctors.

Captioning the post, Liam wrote: ‘It’s with a heavy heart I have to tell you that we have no other choice but to postpone my upcoming tour of South America.

‘Over the past week I’ve been in hospital with a serious kidney infection, it’s something I wouldn’t wish on anyone, and doctors orders are that I now need to rest and recover.

‘I was beyond excited to come play for you guys. To all of you who have bought tickets: I’m so sorry.

‘We’re working to re-schedule the tour as soon as we possibly can, but for now we will be refunding the tickets – so please look out for updates from your point of purchase.

‘Thanks as always for the love and support, and look forward to seeing you soon.’

Sharing a video to announce the news, Liam added: ‘This really is the last news I want to be telling you but basically I’ve been a little bit unwell recently.

‘I ended up in hospital with a bad kidney infection. We started rehearsals and I’ve been advised that now is really not the right time to be travelling on the road while I recover from this.

‘I’ve got the best people around me at home trying to help me recover as we speak, but yeah we’re gonna have to reschedule the tour.’

Earlier this year, Liam opened up about his mental health and revealed doctors diagnosed him with ‘a couple of conditions’ after he spent some time in a wellness clinic in the US last year after hitting ‘rock bottom’.

The singer shared candid Instagram post to his Story in which he said he was having a tough day and family and friends could see he was still struggling.

Liam described ‘manic’ instances in his life and his difficulty in staying sober during ‘super low’ moments.

In the clip he admitted to having filmed the video numerous times before deleting it, before finally deciding this was the right time to share his story with his fans.

He said: ‘So I mean I filmed a bunch for theses over time and deleted them but I don’t know whether this is the right time.’

‘I know in my last video I mentioned I’d been diagnosed with a couple of conditions and I will not to go into too much detail, but one of them I have is, there’s a lot of manic things in my life which you guys saw.’

He continued: ‘But the other side of it is and that kind of feels like when when I would lose my sobriety in these moments that were super low and I felt like that today.

‘And it’s isolating the two things and seeing them separately and like I know what they are now’.

‘Luckily I have some amazing people around me that kind of look after me but I am sure they can see it in me too that I’m “not really here.'”‘

He captioned the clip: ‘I’ve filmed this same video about 20 times at different points this year and got too scared to put it out by talking myself out of it’.

‘I’m coming to see how fortunate I am to be in the position I’m in… and I wanna give any of you struggling the gift I was given by sharing some of the things I learned form specialists whilst I was away’.

‘First thing I did everyday was check in and its important you don’t bottle up how you feel. Feeling is one of the amazing gifts we had and I blocked things up so long it made me sick and lash out… notice it, allow it to happen and let it pass through. I hope this helps,’ he concluded.

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