'Nothing Happened to Me' Joseline Hernandez Responds to Abuse Allegations after Twitter gets Hacked with Incriminating Photos [Photos]


After the latest scandalous episode of Vh1’s Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, had Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J being put on front street for their rented mansion, Bentley and BMW by Hernandez’s former booking agent Dawn, they definitely didn’t need anymore drama.

But of course they have it.


On Tuesday night, the Puerto Rican princess had her Twitter account hacked and someone posted the above photos of what appears to be Joseline’s neck. The poster, pretending to be Joseline, alleges that she had been bruised by Stevie, after he found out she hooked up with her weed man.

Say what?

But Joseline confirmed to her fans that “Nothing is wrong with me. I’m all good. My page was hacked,” via Instagram.


In fact, fans noticed that these photos may have been taken during season one, after Hernandez got into a fight with Scrappy’s ex-girlfriend Erica.

And another thing, although it may sound like Joseline says “Steebie” on television, she definitely wouldn’t write his name like that.

Who do you think hacked her account?

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