Not So Fast: Andrew Garfield Responds to Claims That He's Retiring |

Not So Fast: Andrew Garfield Responds to Claims That He’s Retiring

Andrew Garfield is addressing the newfound claims that he’s done with acting.

via JJ:

The 38-year-old Oscar-nominated actor simply said in a recent interview that he was going to take a break from acting, but it led to retirement claims.

During an appearance on The View on Thursday (April 28) in New York City, Andrew talked about the comments being blown out of proportion.

“I don’t know where that came from. I’m just having a holiday,” Andrew said. “I just said I’m going to rest. I’m going to have a holiday. And I think people make a story out of nothing. I’ve been loving the work I’ve been doing but also, you know, I need to take a month or so … I’m not retiring!”

Andrew was on the show with his Under the Banner of Heaven co-star Daisy Edgar Jones. While leaving the studio, he was seen wearing the gloves from the movie Everything Everywhere All at Once!

Who said he was retiring? He clearly said he was taking a break — and besides, doesn’t he have another ‘Spider-Man’ in the works?

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