NLE Choppa Thanks LGBTQ+ Fans For Supporting New Song 'Slu* Me Out 2' [Photos + Video] |

NLE Choppa Thanks LGBTQ+ Fans For Supporting New Song ‘Slu* Me Out 2’ [Photos + Video]

NLE Choppa‘s “Slut Me Out 2” has gained support from the LGBTQ community and the Memphis rapper couldn’t be more grateful for their support.

via: OUT

Choppa’s latest song “SLUT ME OUT 2” is a fun, danceable hit that’s being adopted by people from all sorts of walks of life. For some people, the fun and dancing is a little too “gay” — but NLE Choppa isn’t having any of that.

“I’m noticing the LGBTQ+ community showing so much love to ‘Slut Me Out 2’ And I Simply Want To Say Thank You..” he wrote in an X/Twitter post. “IDC what’s normalized as a rapper, I was raised to F*ck with who f*ck with you! So thank y’all for appreciating my craft.. My music For ALL we do NO Discrimination [heart emoji] [palms up together emoji].”

The haters arrived immediately. “NLE Gay too. Now sh*t going to far,” one responded.

“I’m gay for showing love? Y’all men lost, that’s why we killing each other everyday cause y’all can’t show love and whole time yall be the ones that get down like that but be hiding it!” he clapped back. “Me saying thank you got nun to do with my sexuality busta.”

But the hate didn’t end there. Still, some people are trying to call NLE gay for dancing, having a good time, and accepting the LGBTQ+ community.

So he shut that down immediately with a new video he posted to the social media site.

“It’s funny how in the 70’s, the 60’s men used to dance, bro, and it was, like, fun, it was happy. Nobody looked at them like they weren’t straight, nobody looked at them like they weren’t gangsters or nobody looked at them like they was less of a man,” he says in the video.

“There’s motherf*ckers really out here dying, there’s motherf*ckers really out here going to jail,” he continued. “So I’m trying to figure out when did it come to a point when men having fun, men wanna dance – I can’t even lock it into no race, I can’t even just say ‘Black men,’ but highlight Black men though forreal, because that’s where it’s really occurring at – when Black men started to have fun, what has programed y’all to say that they less of a man or they less of a gangsta, or they aren’t straight males?”

In the song, he raps “If I was a bad bitch, I’d wanna fuck me too. I’d wanna suck me too. I’d wanna slut me too. If I was a bad bitch, I’d wanna hump me too,” while dancing like Rick James. It’s a great song and a great video, and we need more artists putting out songs like this.

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