Nipsey Hussle’s Brother Asks Judge to Not Allow Alleged Creditor to Delay Late Rapper’s Children Being Paid Inheritance |

Nipsey Hussle’s Brother Asks Judge to Not Allow Alleged Creditor to Delay Late Rapper’s Children Being Paid Inheritance

Hussle’s kids, son Kross, 7, and daughter Emani, 14, are his two sole beneficiaries after his death in March 2019.

via: Radar Online

Nipsey Hussle’s brother Blacc Sam was back in court to fight a songwriter who claims to be owed royalties — and asked the judge to not allow the dispute to delay the late rapper’s children from being paid their inheritance.

According to court documents obtained by, Sam, who was appointed to manage his brother’s estate following his 2019 death, responded to musician Tasleema Yasin’s recent claims.

In 2019, Yasin filed a creditor’s claim against Nipsey’s estate over alleged unpaid royalties for a song she worked on with Nipsey.

The song Hussle & Motivation was released months before the rapper’s death. In 2022, Yasin and Sam hashed out a deal which led to Yasin dismissing her creditor’s claim.

Flash forward to October 2023, Yasin filed new documents claiming Sam had breached their deal. Her motion came shortly after Sam filed his final report with the court.

In his final report, Sam revealed Nipsey’s estate was worth around $11 million. Per court documents, the assets included Nipsey’s clothing company, record label, and several other businesses.

Nipsey left behind 2 children who are the only beneficiaries of his estate — his daughter Emani and son Kross. The rapper had Emani with his ex-girlfriend Tanisha Foster and his son with his girlfriend Lauren London.

Emani and Kross are both expected to receive around $5.6 million from the estate. The children will continue to be paid as the estate generates additional revenue.

In her recent motion, Yasin asked that the inheritance payouts be put on hold until the issue over her alleged royalties is handled.

“The original agreement with the Estate is deemed void due to multiple breaches. Ms. Yasin no longer seeks enforcement of this breached agreement. Instead, she is seeking damages as a result of these breaches and wishes to negotiate a new agreement that will protect her interests moving forward,” she said.

Yasin said the initial agreement with Sam had her entitled to a 10% share of the Master Sound Recording. She claimed Sam agreed to pay her $35k but was only paid $16k.

The songwriter claimed she did not mean to cause the family problems.

She wrote, “I want to clarify that my intention is not to burden the court or cause any distress to the involved family. MY sole aim is to pursue a fair and just resolution.”

In his recent motion, Sam asked that Yasin’s attempt to delay the final report from being approved and Nipey’s children being paid be denied.

He argued Yasin signed a global settlement with All Money In LLC in March 2022. He said “there is no longer a creditor’s claim properly before this Court.”

Sam claimed the time to file a new claim against Nipsey’s estate “expired years ago and the opportunity to bring a new claim is closed.”

In addition, he said the settlement Yasin signed was with All Money In LLC NOT the estate. As a result, he said Yasin needed to go after the LLC not Nipsey’s estate.

A judge has yet to rule.

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