Nicki Minaj Surprises Tokyo Toni With Money To Pay Her Light Bill [Video]

Tokyo Toni once called Nicki Minaj “the realest b*tch I’ve ever seen in my life.”

via: HotNewHipHop

During a recent TikTok live fans captured a great clip of the influencer experiencing waves of excitement. First, she notices that Nicki Minaj herself has joined the livestream. Next, her reaction gets even more explosive when she finds out that Minaj made a hefty donation that would help her pay her bills. At first, she is so excited about the money that she doesn’t realize who sent it and once she sees that it’s Minaj, she starts twerking on screen. Check out the clip below.

In the comments, fans had mixed reactions. Some were happy to see Nicki Minaj giving her money generously. “Nicki helping the less fortunate,” reads the top comment. “The twerk when she found out it was nicki,” read another. Others pointed out that Toni had recently said some choice words about Nicki in a livestream and expressed surprise that the rapper was giving her money after that. “Wouldn’t have sent her a MF thang, not after she was talking crazy,” reads one comment. “Nicki must not of seen that video a few months ago where Tokyo was talking mad about her,” says another.

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