Nia Long Calls Out Celtics And Ime Udoka’s Mistress On Instagram |

Nia Long Calls Out Celtics And Ime Udoka’s Mistress On Instagram

Ime Udoka and Nia Long called off their engagement in December 2022 after the basketball coach was allegedly unfaithful.

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Long was wrapped up in a truly unfortunate situation last year. Overall, it all had to do with her ex Ime Udoka, and his infidelity with a Boston Celtics staffer. The woman in question was Kathleen Lynch, who was some sort of liaison for the team. Originally, it was revealed that Udoka was being suspended for a full year due to misconduct. However, the full scope of the allegations was revealed to the world. The Celtics were the ones who blew the whistle, which had a lot of people questioning their motives.

Usually, these kinds of internal scandals are kept under wraps. However, with Udoka, it felt like they were making an example out of him. Unfortunately, Nia Long was along for the ride and suffered a lot of emotional turmoil as a result of all this. It was an embarrassing situation to be the victim of, and it is still something that hurts her deeply. In fact, in a recent Instagram post, Long revealed how she feels like the Celtics lacked a lot of awareness.

In the post above, you can see a clip in which a woman speaks on how the world treats white women’s tears versus black women’s tears. Overall, it was a poignant thought that Long clearly resonated with. In her caption, the actress wrote “Where was this level of awareness a year ago @celtics ??? #kathleenlynch.” Long used the mistress’ full name here, which just goes to show that she is sick of people hiding the woman’s identity. She wants the woman to feel the same public scrutiny that she felt when the story first broke.

No matter what, it is clear that what happened to Long was unfortunate and very sad. Hopefully, she is able to heal over the coming months and years.

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