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Zendaya Quits Aaliyah Movie Due to ‘Production Issues’


After all of the controversy surrounding the casting choice, Zendaya will not be playing Aaliyah in the upcoming Lifetime biopic Aaliyah: Princess of R&B.

Her reps told E! News exclusively that “Zendaya is no longer involved in the project.”

A source told E! News that there were production issues, including problems obtaining the rights to Aaliyah’s music. The R&B star and Queen of the Damned actress died at age 22 in a plane crash on Aug. 25, 2001.

“Aaliyah has always been an inspiration to Zendaya,” the source said. “She was honored to portray her and pay tribute to her. If she is going to do it, she wants to do it right.”

Lifetime had said that the tentative title of the movie was Aaliyah: Princess of R&B and that the biopic will be based off of Christopher Farley’s best-selling biography Aaliyah: More Than a Woman. The project  was set to begin filming in the summer and air this fall.

The movie depicts Aaliya’s life and career, from her debut on Star Search to her rise to fame and, finally, her tragic passing, which shocked the world. Scores of fans pay tribute to her online, especially on Twitter, on the anniversary of her death.

With Zendaya out of the picture and fan-favorite Keshia Chante not wanting to do it, who do you think Lifetime will get to take Zendaya’s place?

Should they just cancel the film?


  1. ButterCup Malachi

    they mind as well cancel until every1 is cool wit a biopic about her

  2. I have mixed feelings because as much as I live Aaliyah, and would love to see a movie about her, I agree with her family’s argument. I felt that was out of line for lifetime to green light a fun without her family’s consent. She was one of the most influential of r&b and hip hop. Even though she was young she went through a lot of adult things, (marriage, relationship with former mogul Damon dash etc) along with her career it was too much to cram in a biopic, she deserves a theater production I guarantee it would make record breaking sales and honor her in the proper way . No offense to Zendaya I think she’s beautiful but I don’t think she was right for that part, it’s a little too mature for a young actress she should preserve her innocent role as a Disney actress after all she’s only 17 Aaliyah was a grown woman way before her generation. If any young actress played her I think Zonnique would’ve been a better fit (Tiny’s daughter) but hopefully they do a movie soon! We all miss her and love her so much. It’s just my opinion so please don’t reply

  3. I wasn’t going to see a movie that the family wasn’t 100% committed to anyways. And Lifetime??? Really?? Aaliyah’s memory deserves a bigger budget project than the “bad bad man did something to the emotionally distraught woman” channel.

  4. Eileen Lee Crump



  6. Roberto Jayare Cortez


  7. personally i think a bio movie should have someone that at least resembles the original person the bio is about ,and hearing that the young girl is no longer going to portray her is a relief

  8. i also agree that it was rude unprofessional and ridiculous to start a project without aaliyahs family consent ,they deserve the same respect and courtesy as aaliyah she was a great woman and artist and we have her family in and outside of the studio to thank for that

    • Yea they were just being selfish because they know the family doesn’t want the movie made. I’m sure if the family was accepting then they would be involved, but either way it is wrong

  9. seems like they straight bullied her out the movie.

  10. If they can’t get the rights to her music, whats the point in doing the film? Let the family be involved in the making of the film or just dont do it.

  11. I think Zoe Saldana would do a great job in this role…..But ? to Zendaya #Zswaggers support your decision 100

  12. disqus_UF3bI7QUCu

    This is sad!! I really wanted to watch this movie

  13. disqus_UF3bI7QUCu

    I love Zendaya and I’m glad she chose Aaliyah as one of her role models. I never heard of Aaliyah until Zendaya made headlines saying she wants to be portray her in a movie and I think that would have been cool to watch since Zendaya would “die” in the movie. I think that would have just been interesting to watch because Zendaya is a celebrity who does simple things for Disney Channel… she would never “die” on Disney Channel. I think Aaliyah does sound like a pretty cool girl. She reminds me of TLC times. So amazing. I love Zendaya because she stays true to herself and brings back the ‘old times’ feeling

  14. Lolita price should get the role

  15. well you bigots cause thats what u r got what u wanted. Bullied her out cause she was mixed.

    • naw just wanted someone else who cares she mixed

      • But u didn’t even give her a chance. she could’ve pulled it off. and 90% of the bashing was all about her looks and age.

        • I didn’t like the fact that she wasn’t going to lip sync.She insisted on singing Aaliyah’s songs, so to me it was no point.

          • again give her a chance. u don’t like her voice?

          • I think she can sing, but for me I’d rather hear Aaliyah, if it’s supposed to be her movie. But then again Jlo sang and the dude in Notorious rapped…Idk dance wise she has it and overall probably was the best pick minus the looks. I just wanted the original person Lolita Price. Jlo looked like Selena, etc there has to be a connection to me

          • make up had something to with it. and zendaya kinda sounds like aaliyah. and besides can loita price dance?

          • Idk if she can dance. I’m sure Zendaya can dance better, even so… but a choreographer can help with that (hopefully). That’s why I said overall I understand why Zendaya was picked and maybe a lot of makeup would help too….


    • And what about the fact that Zendaya doesn’t sing well enough to even yhink about not lip syncing the songs. Forget gling gor the look go for someone that can actually sing

      • …and dance , ive seen her videos, shes not good enough . not that she sucks, but she really need more practice

  17. i would have seen it that woud have opened up her life top ppl who didnt fallow her, but after how childish her family and fans are, and the fact Zen tapped out i definatly wont be seeing it.

    • Her famil is not childish they deserve respect as any parent should at the end of the day that wad her child who she went through a long labor to bring into this world n bless us with her amazing voice n talent. She lost a beautiful daughter at such a young age n anything being done in her memory should always go by her first no matter what. Stupid for tgat commented. She also have most of her music rights so it definitely should have been brought to her attention before casting and production. Also Zendeya looks nothing like Aaliyah in anyway n Aaliyah deserved to be portrayed by someine who resembles her. Aaliyah deserves respect just as has been given to many other artists on her level. She was a wonderful example and inspiration to girls all over the world. Learn your facts before you critize her family and fans. How would you feel if it was your child and they were going behind your back??

      • I agree And what about the fact that Zendaya doesn’t sing well enough to even think about not lip syncing the songs. Forget going for the look go for someone that can actually sing

    • her family is childish ? so what if they were ?????? is this a reason to make a movie about THEIR CHILD behind their backs ??? who the hell are you to say such horrible thing ?? GOOD, dont watch , aaliyah fans wont watch either, at least we have that in common

  18. It makes zero sense to try to do this film if they can’t get the rights to Aaliyah’s music and her family and the majority of her friends were so vocal in their opposition to it. This is EXACTLY the same situation that Michael Jackson movie, “Man in the Mirror” was in and that movie was a HOT MESS and to this day Flex Alexander’s career has never quite recovered from all the bad press and bad blood.

    I think Zendaya is a talented kid and I wish her well. I didn’t think she was right for the role for a variety of reasons (and anyone who doesn’t know the difference between “bigotry” and the very real issue of colorism and racism in Hollywood needs to have several seats, do some research and then come back and comment when they actually know what it is they are speaking on and understand why so many people, particularly women of color, took exception to her casting) but I think she’s better off professionally in the long run for bowing out now. Zendaya’s on the verge of breaking out career wise and there it makes no sense to get her involved in such a controversial project when it’s obvious neither Aaliyah’s family, friends or the majority of her fans support the way the project was being handled. I feel like it was putting Zendaya in a no win situation and I’m glad that either she or her management recognized this was NOT a good thing for her career and she’s no longer associated with it.

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