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Solange Claps Back at ‘Fashion Police’ and In Touch Weekly for Bashing Her Fro [Photo]

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With all the drama surrounding Giuliana Rancic’s offensive comments about Zendaya Coleman’s locs, Solange took the opportunity to blast Fashion Police as well as In Touch Weekly for offensive comments made about her ‘fro.

While the Fashion Police have always been critical of Solange’s afro, In Touch went as far as to compare Solange’s hair to that of a dog back in December.


Solange took to Twitter yesterday to put both media outlets on blast and did it with a GIF!

She tweeted:

And there it is.


  1. LOL, so stupid, some people love to look for opportunities to be offended and make everything a racial issue. It’s simple, don’t want to be criticized because of your appearance? Don’t be in the entertainment industry. It’s that simple.

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    • You do realize people attribute stereotypes outside of the entertainment industry and that’s the problem? Giuliana is just part of a sea of people who attribute personality and make character assumptions because of Black natural hair.

      • It’s not of “natural black hair”, it’s because IT LOOKS BAD ON SOLANGE! If it would look beautiful on Solange, it would be a different story. But Solange doesn’t look “fierce” with an Afro, she doesn’t have finer features like Beyonce or Diana Ross, she has more masculine features, so the big hair doesn’t look sexy or attractive, it looks mad and wild and untamed, that’s all.

        • STFU ignorant b*tch

          • The fact you don’t know how to properly use the word “Ignorant” an its meaning shows YOU are truly ignorant and should go back to school. Your parents should be ashamed of you. What am I supposedly ignorant about? Hair texture? Did you go to beauty school or something? LMAO.

          • The problem is that solange is being bashed for wearing her hair the way it naturally comes out of her head. White actresses DO NOT have that happen to them (no matter their features). The media does construct the way we think whether you agree to it or not. And when the media makes fun of a black women for wearing their hair the way it naturally curls that leaves an impression on black girls. Cause her hair looks the way most of our hair looks. We are constantly told that our hair is ugly, we lose jobs over it, we get suspended from school over it. Not because it’s unkempt because I can guarantee that her hair is combed, washed, and conditioned. But because it is very different than the average white persons hair.

          • LIES! if a “white actress” showed up at the red carpet with her hair messy and looking dirty like she just woke up and didn’t even try to style it she would be ripped to shreds and people would assume she is on drugs.

          • I just said solange’s hair wasn’t messy, that’s the way our hair grows OUT. OF. OUR. HEAD. That’s the way it is WASHED. COMBED. and CONDITIONED. and since we’re use to seeing white women’s hair texture all the time. When they step onto the red carpet with hair that has just been minimally manipulated no one bats an eye. If we had more representation of black women’s natural hair and solange stepped onto the red carpet with her regular hair nobody would be comparing her to a poodle.

          • It’s so simple………It really is just that simple.

          • Yes, it is.

          • Guess what, white women’s hair doesn’t come out of their scalp feathered and with princess waves.

          • These are NOT perfect princess waves. This is them literally doing practically doing nothing to their hair and NO ONE is saying they’re on drugs like you suggested. I think they call it “bed head chic”. The only difference between them and solange is that solange is wearing her natural black hair, and they’re wearing they’re natural white hair. So why is it Solange is being bashed, but they are not?

          • What event did they show up with hair like that? The Oscars? You can bet your sweet ass they would be ripped apart if that happened. Hell, Jessica Biel has visible panties underneath her dress, a HUGE fashion no no.

          • That’s just how she thinks the natural curl pattern of black women looks; Messy and dirty.There’s no use in beating a dead horse.

          • Melanie Aurora Golden

            So black hair in it’s natural state looks “dirty” and is messy? Hmmm

          • When not combed, not washed, conditioned, styled, yes, it looks dirty and messy. You wouldn’t say “white” hair in its “natural state” doesn’t look messy?


        • So, Solange has “masculine” features, does she? Compared to who? There is nothing masculine about Solange whatsoever. You are just a fool, and as someone else has already stated, an ignorant bitch!!!! Wonder who would get the most attention for their looks, you, or Solange? STFU, you most ignorant bitch!

          • I’m a man with a masculine face, I’d probably get more attention than a woman with a masculine face.
            Solange has masculine features compared to a woman with feminine features, duh!
            Compare Solange to this lady and tell me who has the most feminine features


            As I said, take your ignorant ass back to school and learn to use words properly.

          • I think that Solange is beautiful. And her afro doo is gorgeous!! Maybe you picked a bad photo (on purpose). Beautiful black women come in all kind of faces. I disagree that her face is masculine. I bet, 100X Solange gets wayyyyy more attention than you. Let other people tell you, you just think you do.

          • Beauty doesn’t come in “all faces”, that’s some PC crap ugly people tell themselves. Beauty is very much scientific, babies prefer attractive faces to average ones, and there’s even specific geometries to an attractive face.

          • I wonder what in the hell do you look like? Talking who’s beauty and who’s not. Take the goth cartoon away and put your own photo there. You are the judge of no one. First of all you don’t know anything about Black hair. What you’re saying doesn’t make sense. You are an Idiot.

          • I’m very good looking, in fact, I get called beautiful and gorgeous by strangers on a daily basis. But of course, you would still call me ugly as my good looks “oppress” you, LOL

          • While I know that everyone is entitled to their opinions, you have just shown the world how ignorant you are with your comments. They make no sense whatsoever. Obviously you have a dislike for Solange. You went as far as to compare her to Orlando Jones. Hair in it’s natural state means there are no chemicals added. Solange has always shown to keep her hair healthy. I’m curious of what you think about Tracee Ellis Ross’ hair.

          • This, with the wonky eye even, looks better than what Solange sported on the red carpet.


          • And Solange is so masculine looking she even looks like Orlando Jones, LMAO! She would have straight or wavy hair like a white woman and she’d still look like a dude.


        • How can something that natural to someone not look right?? I have a headache reading your comments.

          • That’s because you are not smart enough. Anyway, imagine you have a hairy mole on your forehead. Sure, it’s natural, you were “born with it”, but it doesn’t look nice.

          • U cannot compare a hairy mole with a black womans afro….our hair is beautiful and if u know nothing of having this type of hair then u shouldnt judge…which means that u lack knowlwdge or awareness and that a definition of ignorance

          • Hair by itself is not beautiful, it’s completely neutral. What one does with hair, how one takes care of it, how one styles it, etc. THAT’s what makes hair “beautiful”. There’s a reason why Oprah has shown up at the Oscars with her natural hair and not been ripped apart while Solange has and was.

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  3. Felicia SassyEisha Speller

    Solange fro looks beautiful and it looks good on her. This is exactly why I stopped watching Fashion Police Bullies. All those bitches need to look in the damn mirror.

  4. Just as I’ve been saying, this is more about how natural black hair is viewed in mainstream media. Relaxer, wigs and weaves have been such the norm that people probably forgot that’s not how the hair that grows from our heads looks. (Yes I know that some natural texture hairstyles use extensions.) It’s just sad how intolerant and ignorant some people are.

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