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Singer Kehlani Apparently Attempted Suicide After Kyrie Irving/PartyNextDoor Cheating Scandal

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Singer Kehlani shared a somber photo taken from a hospital bed with a caption that suggests she attempted suicide after today’s scandal involving her, PartyNextDoor, and Cleveland Cavaliers player Kyrie Irving.

Long story short, Kehlani was dating PartyNextDoor, they broke up, and she began dating Kyrie Irving. There wasn’t a clear break between her and Kyrie, but PND shared a photo of Kehlani in his bed today on Instagram along with the caption:

After all her shenanigans, still got the r&b singer back in my bed

The Internet had a field day with rumors and speculation as to what transpired between Kyrie and Kehlani that brought her back to PND — with the majority thinking Kehlani cheated on Kyrie with her ex.


Kehlani deleted her Instagram and PND eventually removed the photo.

Fast forward to a few moments ago, Kehlani shared the post-suicide photo on her newly reinstated IG page with the caption:

today I wanted to leave this earth. Being completely selfish for once. Never thought I’d get to such a low point. But.. Don’t believe the blogs you read .. No one was cheated on and I’m not a bad person… Everyone is hurt and everyone is in a place of misunderstanding.. But as of today, I had no single wish to see tomorrow.. But God saved me for a reason, and for that… I must be grateful.. Cuz I’m not in heaven right now for a reason… On that note.. Bye Instagram.

Suicide attempts are no joke. We pray Kehlani gets whatever help she needs to get through this.


  1. suicide over Instagram posts and a love triangle seems a tad dramatic. It’s ok girl, men do this and get caught all the time, you just turned the tables. Keep your head up, glad she’s ok! Who is Kehlani anyway? What she sing?

    • Radical feminist.

    • Never understood why when someone does something wrong people immediately rationalize away the behavior with something like “men do this all and get caught all the time, you just turned the tables.” This is one of the main reasons why we have so many issues in society when we generalize group instead of treating people as individuals. This specific woman f’ed up, however, her behavior in no way reflects on any other woman in society.

      • get a life, yall so AFFECTED by my comment, not this paragraph tho, def not reading this, but if yo uall can’t READ the sarcasm in my post you should take a note from Kehlani. they all doing this for attention. It’s not that deep, that ho ain’t really try to kill herself over no Instagram blasts. yall silly.

    • Bakin' Soda Marketin'

      Just because there hasn’t been a man who could bring himself to stay faithful to you for more than a couple days doesn’t mean you should tell a woman it’s OK to cheat. You’re a dirty whore and you need help.

      • don’t talk to your mama that way.. you wouldn’t evenb be here if i swallowed you like i started to. Thank me!

        • That makes absolutely no sense? So what did you do, spit it out and then pour it inside your vagina? Pretty sure it doesn’t work that way…kind of like getting pregnant from a toilet seat.

    • What kind of post is that. Men and women do a lot of things but what has that to do with HER actions? Ignorant post and you need to get more information before you judge the male species.


  3. I have never heard of Kehlani before this scandal broke. But what is this? Cheat on your new boo with your old boo, get caught, try to kill yourself to get out of the embarrassment, and then post about it all on Instagram? Some people go through real struggles. This sounds like a media stunt.

  4. Should have just let that person die.

  5. Riiiight.. She’s guilty and wants people to feel bad for her now.

  6. Kill the thug

  7. Kehlani is married to no one and is a grown woman, free to be with who she wants to whenever she wants. Grown – not owned.

  8. Her thot butt still denying she cheated? Why were you in the bed with PND then? Nobody really know her though!

  9. Funny.

  10. Down the block, not across the street. If you’re going to do it, do it right, otherwise you’re just an attention seeking whore, which obviously is what she is.

  11. Her aunt said she never attempted suicide, she checked in the hospital because she wasn’t “feeling well”

    • …AND YOU LOOK LIKE Jay-Z, with wig….

      • Lmao me????? This pic IS actually Jay-Z in a wig! No wonder why evil mediocre people like this girl would get attention by faking suicide attempt: look at the peuple supporting her! Read a book.

    • Never believe anything you read

      • Which means? Funny because anyone with some critical thinking would know that this is not the behaviour of someone who attempted suicide. And people who would know better about the situation than any of us already came forward and said she’s lying. This is why evil people like her will always win doing evil things because idiots are always ready to get duped. Practice what you preach.

  12. Heard the name once, but to end up in a scandal before your career has taken off is either gonna be bad for business or free publicity from bad publicity…..eg. Kim K, who heard of her before the sex tape?? Another thing to note, I don’t think anyone who kills themselves goes to heaven, eg. Judas, who betrayed Jesus, hung himself and his body fell ‘headlong’ and split open and his guts spilled out (gruesome). People say the place he did it has remained a waste land ever since…….”Field of Blood”…….when he tried to take the money back to the Romans before this, they didn’t want it and didn’t want to put it back in the treasury as they recognized it as blood money. It paid for the land Judas died in though so either he bought the land and died there or the Romans did and declared it a grave site for strangers or unmarked graves. A dude named Mathias replaced Judas as the 12th Disciple. Don’t go there people……there are ALWAYS other options, better options………..

    • …The JEWS!!…money back to the JEWS!!(more accurate…the members of the SANHEDRIN, not ordinary Jews)… NOT ROMANS!!… DON’T YOU TRY TO DEFLECT THE CORRUPT JEWISH LEADERSHIPS ROLE IN CHRIST’S IMPRISONMENT/CRUCIFIXION!!…

  13. The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about; and there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

  14. News for the left half of the bell curve

    • …and read by you Eddie!!,you who are below the left side of the bell curve!!…lol…lol!!

      • awwww did your little feelings get hurt? There you were going “oh my” and settling in to get the juicy details when bad old Eddie has to remind you this is mind cr^p for the proles that our culture is spewing out instead of intelligent discussion of important topics. Mental opiates for the masses. Enjoy, prole #345678643.

        • …oh Eddie…I see what you are trying to say. Question though?? Do you think that “THE PROLES THAT OUR CULTURE IS SPEWING OUT”, is being reflected by all those FOLKS at a DONALD TRUMP’s political rally???… including the DONALD himself!!…. PLEASE bear in mind that the DONALD is a main PURVEYOR of the prole you speak about!!!…

          • Throw in the people that swooned for an empty suit and “hope & change” and you have something.

          • …SO WHAT DO WE DO WITH THESE POLITICAL ASS-KISSERS, TALKING UP THE PROLES YOU MENTIONED. but eddie you should know that “mass of people feel so disillusioned …so much so that they cling to the “straws” of the entertainment world/hollywood mental opiates lifestyle, fed to them on a platter. QUESTION, WHY AREN’T THEY MENTALLY STRONG…LIKE YOU… TO FORGO SUCH TRASH/TRIPE COMING OUT OF LA-LA LAND???!!

          • Because they are weak. They were raised to be weak. They fill their lives with shopping, shoes, guns, foodism, eating, celebrities, porn, music, NBA, NFL, Nascar, clothes, clubbing, you name it.

            Best way to get an informed electorate would be to institute a test, perhaps state administered, multiple choice, that would
            incorporate VERY basic geography, economics, government structure, constitutional, and technological questions. Things like: Name the large countries on our immediate border North (and South). What is our largest trading partner (the 3 other choices would not be close). Name the current vice President. Name your governor. Name the three branches of government. What are the current 2 largest forms of power generation in the usa. etc, etc. Complete m0 r0n s, the clueless, the lazy, the criminal, or those only interested in voting for free stuff would fail this test. Good riddance.

          • …hmmm??…But shouldn’t the present educational system have prepared students to KNOW these things you are proposing?…Maybe schools should ENSURE that each pupil answer those questions before allowing them their pass certificate!!…You do know that it is the youths we have to concentrate on now!!, for REAL EFFECTIVE changes to occur, in the near future! THE OLDER COOTS are too set in their ways…aren’t they??. WHEN DID THE SOCIETY STOP RESPECTING ORDINARY BRIGHT/DECENT/UPRIGHT FOLKS??… and started giving “STAR BILLINGS/RESPECT ONLY”, to PEOPLE WITH MONEY???!!!…

          • Many students and the parents that send them care little for education, and then spend zero efforts staying informed as adults. Education is not the property of schools it is a life long duty. Do not blame schools for ignorance, an ignorant person will not learn at Oxford. As for ignorant old coots, there are plenty, yet there are plenty of ignorant young people, whose only skill is regurgitating the politically correct nonsense their professors filled them with, and they lack both the wisdom of experience or the honor of having paid there own way through life, at least the coots have that.

          • … Isn’t CIVICS a part of the school curriculum???…Your saying that a state administered test to inform the electorate, may be “a bit late in the day”, don’t ‘ya think???…the youths are the future!! I still think the schools/colleges is where the emphasis should be, in EDUCATING THE POPULACE, about electoral matters!…

          • already said: If uncaring under-motivated parents who do not value education or common societal values send their spawn to school, little will be learned regardless of teacher’s efforts or money thrown at it. All of this is currently taught, yet so many “graduate” and have no idea, nor any care. Their vote is the easily bought and manipulated ignorant vote. A test would weed them out.

  15. Never heard of Kehlani or PartyNextDoor prior to this, guess this is one way to get your name out there…

  16. Darrell Bradford

    I smell a new Album from someone I never heard about before now…

  17. joseph baciagualoupe

    I dunno. If my name was partynextdoor I think I’d kill myself. if I had a significant other named that I definitely would. Kyrie needs to forget about dating whores and think about his teammates and think about his waning NBA career.

  18. who? re

  19. Boys will be boys and ho’s will be ho’s.

  20. Who names themselves PartyNextDoor? Whoops, seen the pic. Never mind.

  21. Those who choose suicide do not wind up in heaven.

  22. I love chic’s who choose to get a bunch or terrible tattoo’s all over themselves bc they are so rebellious and so cool >BUT NOT.

  23. The only person I have heard of from this article is Kyrie Irving. That is all.

  24. WTF? You people are seriously messed up.

  25. Samidella idella

    I’m sorry who are these people? Looks like another millennial who has no idea about action and consequence, how to deal with shame and embarrassment caused by their own actions, yet puts everything out there on social media for the world to see, One day these kids will realize that it’s not healthy to take pictures of every facet of your life, then post it for millions of strangers to see and comment on. They will eventually realize the fact that once it’s out there, it’s out there. Deleting does nothing in the age with screen capture made easy.So now the world, and the other guys you’re dating, know everything. A Suicide attempt to deflect the negative attention, get pity, and attention. Just to show that your struggle is real.Then make sure you take a selfie? WTF? Again, no clue about action and consequence and living with the poor decisions that you made. The questionable suicide attempt is the least of this gal’s problems.

  26. I think that it is sad that this girl is hurting, that someone who “cared” about her put her business out there for everyone, and that all of you are judging her .. Hopefully she gets the help she needs

  27. I f*cking hate fake celebrities.

  28. some people can never get enough attention

  29. try harder next time,,you will not be missed. no one has ever heard of you in the first place.

  30. This is a celeb the Left can really get behind. When does her reality TV show start? When does she become BFF’s with Jennifer Lawrence?

  31. Woman are crazy.

  32. Two comments: Who? and Who cares!

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