Say What Now? Ex-Mistress Sues Her Wealthy Hedge Funded Boyfriend for $15 Million After He Allegedly Gave Her HPV


A mistress got a sexually transmitted infection from her rich, married boyfriend who promised her an ostrich farm — and now she wants $15 million.

via NYDN:

Former German beauty queen Aline Massel wound up with a case of human papillomavirus during her two-year affair with billionaire hedge funder Robert Gibbins, the CEO of Autonomy Capital, the suit says.

Their relationship soured after Massel learned she was pregnant in July 2016, she claimed in court papers filed Friday in Manhattan Supreme Court. Before that, court papers said, the couple hit a rough patch when she found out her beau was married and his wife chimed in with jeering texts.

The two met at Manhattan’s posh Le Bilboquet restaurant in June 2014, according to those documents. Massel’s suit says Gibbins, 47, claimed to be a bachelor during a romantic rendezvous with her in Brazil.

He showered the 2012 Miss International Germany winner and one-time Tesla model with expensive gifts and promises, she says in her court papers, including an over-the-top vow to buy a British Columbia ranch and an ostrich farm in Uganda for her and their future children. He wanted four kids.

Massel, 31, learned the truth about her new love when she started getting text messages from Gibbins’ pregnant wife, Ipek Gibbins.

“You are not the first and will not be the last,” read one dispatch from the irate spouse.

Massel repeatedly tried distancing herself from Gibbins, the first time after learning of his wife. She tried again after being diagnosed with the common sexually-transmitted infection in January 2015. She believes Gibbins was responsible for giving her HPV because he refused to wear a condom during their NYC romps.

Massel said she felt “hurt and deceived” because Gibbins “had been her only intimate partner” since her last checkup.

He tried patching up their relationship by gifting college funds. He tried, unsuccessfully, to meet her again in Italy, just two days after the birth of his child in the spring of that year.

Massel says Gibbins promised to divorce his wife, but changed his mind in July 2016 after the model says she got pregnant. Gibbins then pressured her to have an abortion, according to the suit.

“He would not be there for her in any respect if she chose to keep the baby,” court documents read. “He told her that having the baby would be the ‘biggest mistake’ of her life.”

The wife’s messages were just as nasty and continued throughout the pregnancy.

His wife allegedly wrote, “You will get no money. Have the baby if you want it so much. I cannot wait to see you getting fat and ugly.”

Massel had the abortion in January, according to court papers.

Would this mean the wife has HPV too? While she's out here harassing her husband's mistresses, she might want to go see a doctor.

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