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Nobody Came: Donald Trump’s Inauguration Crowd Was 1/7th The Size Of Obama’s [Photos]

Donald Trump campaigned on his ability to draw huge crowd sizes, but the turnout for his inauguration was downright embarrassing.

According to Dan Gross, the Deputy Communications Director for Planning and Execution for the City of New York, just 250,000 people attended Donald’s swearing-in.

In 2009, 1,000,000 people showed up for President Obama’s inauguration followed by a massive 1,800,000 attendees in 2013.

It wasn’t just the ceremony itself that people decided to skip. The parade had more participants than viewers as Donald made his way down Pennsylvania Ave.

The Trump spokespeople have attempted to blame the low turnout on the weather, but let’s remind everyone that back in 2009 it was just 28º outside.

According to WMATA, the Washington area transit authority recorded 193,000 trips that had been taken on the city’s subway system at 11am. At the same hour in 2009, that number was 513,000. The same time for the second Obama inauguration saw 317,000 riders, and President George W. Bush’s second inauguration saw 197,000 riders by 11am.

It’s a dismal day for America.


  1. B Scott can you name the new President? That’s all that counts.

    • I think the sentiment of the citizens of the country counts for something as well. He didn’t win a majority vote and many people do not like him at all. They don’t support his policies. They don’t want to see his agenda enacted. And that’s not negligible.

    • Cheeto Satan!

      • I love Cheetos and four eyes he is the President of the United States! Ain’t nothing U can do about it. Black Woman for Trump cooning all day long love you Donald Trump. Eff Seizure having Clinton

        • He’s going to Eff you eventually, and you won’t like it at all. Hopefully abortion will still be available somewhere not too far from you.

  2. Not comparable. Obama was the first black president. Not even an apple and orange comparison. Compare Trump’s inauguration to Bush or Clinton and then you’re saying something.

    • EXCEPT that Trump bragged about getting more of a turn out than Obama – that is what makes it comparable – just saying

      • Yes, he did directly draw the comparison himself.

      • Doesn’t matter. The media can do all the side by side photo comparisons. What matters is that the closeted Trump supporters showed up at the polls. He won. He’s President. People need to let it go and go on with their lives.

    • Barack Obama, 2013: 1 million

      Barack Obama, 2009: 1.8 million (generally considered a record for people on the National Mall)

      George W. Bush, 2005: 400,000

      George W. Bush, 2001: 300,000

      Bill Clinton, 1997: 250,000

      Bill Clinton, 1993: 800,000

      George H.W. Bush, 1989: 300,000

      • Well, at least it is more than 193,000 people.. Which is what showed today..

        • I guess what matters is that they showed up to the ballot box. Hence, all the anger. Lots of closeted Trump fans. Since people get attacked for showing support.

      • Republican presidents have a problem drawing big inauguration day crowds, too many of their supporters have jobs that don’t draw a government check.

        • That’s a myth. Most people have a job. When you have to convince yourself that half the country is unemployed in order to explain away your lack of popularity… I’m sorry, but– SAD. Thanks to labor unions, we have these things called vacation time and weekends off.

          • I guess you can choose the myth you like. The US has approx. 125 million full time workers. Our population is well in excess of 300 million. Even including part time workers, people with jobs are in the minority.
            I also don’t get the plug for unions. I’ll hazard a guess that you’re a west coast teacher (maybe retired). SAD!

    • His first inauguration, Clinton attracted 800,000 people. His second was more comparable to this.

  3. So what ? President Donald J Trump won the Presidential election by an enormous majority beating the Obama crowd. Mr. Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America now for 4 years now on. The Crowd in attendence in a cold rainy day is not important nor change the Presidency. News media had nothing to say than these trivial matters and such things like he wears his tie too long and the critics are in oblivion of the facts

    • Really???? Ohhh, thats right, if it were the Putin Puppet bragging about it you wouldn’t mind, would you Commie Reichtie???

      193,000 show out of 62 million voting.. Ohh, thats right, it was the rain.. Yeeah, and it was 28 degree’s outside for Obama’s inauguration in 2009 and 1.8 million showed for that!

      Ohh and if it is fake news like you Commie Reichtie’s are saying then the election of the Putin Puppet is a hoax.. #NOTPRESIDENT

      • I know right! These people are really Wacko and on drugs to think we don’t know actual facts when they only spew things out of anger and denial! They just should be glad that they won by luck, which is the electoral college and not by popular vote of almost 3 million. People didn’t show up because most of them were said to be uneducated and poor in those rural areas, so naturally they couldn’t afford to go even if they wanted to. Those are the ones he tricked into getting their vote. So the people who got him into the office, are the same people that couldn’t afford to come because they’re waiting for him to make their dreams come true I guess.

    • “Enormous majority”? Let’s see, his electoral vote tally was less than either of Obama’s or Clinton’s . As for the popular vote majority, you REALLY don’t want to go there.

      • He still won. Get over it! He won! Popular vote doesn’t matter. At all.

      • concernedstockholder

        Popular vote doesn’t mean jack and you know it! He won many more than the required electoral votes so your argument in that regard is weak at best.

        • He got 304 votes, 34 above what was needed. If you consider that to be “many more”, that’s your prerogative.

          • concernedstockholder

            about 12.% more votes than required… bottom line… he won so get over it! You butt-hurt snowflakes are still whining about the loss over 2 months later…. geeze what a bunch of crybabies in this country.

  4. Who in the world would bother go. I didn’t even bother to watch it on TV. He is not our President!!!

  5. Who cares? ha, ha, ha. It’s called the river denial..ha, ha.

  6. I think they’re forgetting that if anyone got caught going there they would be ostracized for life. It’s also D.C. – not exactly a conservative place. Bill Clinton only had 250,000 for his Inauguration in 1997 – his second term. Let’s not pretend here – Obama was a celebrity and the first black President – I don’t think anyone could top that.

    • Wow, now that is a good excuse as to why 62 million people voted and no one showed up for the party… LOL

      Yeeah, well, from what I read 800,000 showed for Bill Clinton in 1993… Just to let you know, 193,000 showed for today’s inauguration..

      Ohh and Obama’s inauguration it was 28 degree’s outside..

      LOL.. I bet that tomorrows women’s protest will have a lot more people showing up then what showed today for the Putin Puppet!!…. It’ll be interesting to watch…

  7. Looks like the picture was at a much earlier time and who cares? I have scene Hillary rallies with less than 200. Does not change anything. I would not travel to DC can see it on TV and be just as happy.

    • Wow, well, that is a good excuse as to why 62 million people voted for the Putin Puppet and only a 193 thousand show up.

      Yeah, bashing Hillary is why 62 million people didn’t show up for the Putin Puppets inauguration..

      eh, hem, the Hillary excuse don’t cut it anymore considering the election is over.. Even though according to you Commie Reichtie’s it was a hoax.. #NOTPRESIDENT

      Fake Media = Fake Election

    • FYI the aerial photo was taken ant 11:15, less than an hour before the official ceremony. Face it, he didn’t draw anything close to the usual Inauguration attendance totals.

  8. Bullshitter writes muck.

  9. Frank Santa-Teresa

    The only reason why there was a much bigger turnout for Owe-bammy’s inaugural was because of the majority of black people who were so elated that history was made when the first black (albeit a socialist) president made it to the White House…

    • Go Racist! Go Racist! It’s your birthday! Hahahaha…again “Chump” supporters can only offer ridiculous comebacks. Don’t any of you have intelligent dialogue to offer up?

      • Frank Santa-Teresa

        Why is it that you liberals like to cry racist every time??? Face it your Owe-bammy gravy train is grinding to a halt and then the sad reality of having to get a real job to make it in this world is going hit you and your ilk like a ton of bricks!!!

        • What gravy train? The one people like you get on and stay on? That gravy train? Please. Your gravy train is coming to an end…most people like me never had one.

          • Frank Santa-Teresa

            No Boonella, I work and like most taxpayers, I end up paying too much in taxes just so you and others like you can enjoy that ride on Owe-bammy’s gravy train express. Hopefully now with Donald Trump at the helm that free ride will be over!!!

          • No Frank I work and pay taxes. Enjoy the end of your gravy train.

          • Frank Santa-Teresa

            No gravy train for me…I work and I pay for ALL my stuff…my house, my cars, my bike, and my guns….

          • I paid for both of my guns as well….my house my two cars all of my children’s requests….so there is no gravy train here either.

          • Like Trumps free ride? Your man doesn’t pay taxes but has use of roads, bridges,and other things that are taxpayer funded.

          • Frank Santa-Teresa

            Hmmm…I think I remember President Trump saying that he would forego getting a salary…..

          • I’m talking about the fact that he has admitted, that as a private citizen, he uses every tax loophole he can to get out of paying taxes. To some of you that’s brilliant but what it says is that the rest of us who work for a living have to pick up the slack not only for those who don’t work but for multi-millionaires who game the system. That $400,000 a President is paid is Baron’s allowance so he it’s no big deal that he won’t accept a salary. And there maybe louder calls for this man to release his tax returns as he’s being paid with our money.

          • So you would not take advantage of tax rules that legally minimize the government’s take? Interesting!

        • Does that mean that the majority welfare users, Whites, will also be getting off the gravy train? Or are they allowed to stay on for a little longer because they were Trump voters.

          • Frank Santa-Teresa

            Millenials…black, white, or whatever…they’re too lazy to get a job and would rather be parasites to those that do work…and Democrats just love keeping them where they’re at…

      • Ducidniii heartbroken ????

        It’s true though. Obama was the first black president. Even republicans went for that inauguration it was a big change for everyone and a proud moment for people of color .

    • Nope that’s not why, but you keep telling yourself that.

      • Exactly. President Obama also had more than him even in his second election. He had four times as much as him in his second election, meaning a black man had already been president ….sooo, come up with another excuse. So I guess the other poster was basically saying that dumb dumb needed black people support to increase his numbers, since the white people didn’t show up either! LOL

    • Quit with the excuses and suck it up, buttercup.

    • The black vote didn’t get Obama in the White House. There’s not enough of us. The Hispanic vote didn’t do it either. Neither did the woman’s vote. People from all genders, races, religions, creeds, socioeconomic classes voted for him. That’s how he got into the white house. Same as Trump. Trump won. People need to stop perpetuating divisiveness by riding the race card so hard. Its getting to be pathetic. Not all Trump supporters are racists, so stop spewing that foolishness. There were people who actually thought Trump was a better choice than lying, crooked Hillary. Enough to make him President. Hillary supporters are so emotionally unbalanced that they can’t let go. They attack people who don’t think like them and then wonder why Trump won. There were so many people secretly supporting him, because to do so out loud was truly dangerous with these emotionally imbalanced people. Why would we think all those people would come to DC? To get attacked by cray, cary Hillary supporters? No thanks. Ballot dropped. Election won. No need to trample down in the cold and rain to show solidarity, that’s already done.

    • You prove my point made earlier. You guys make every excuse but have the nerve to call us whiners. Not that it mattered how many people showed up but you quickly shift it to a “Black” people issue but White people were there too along with Hispanics, Asians, etc.

  10. First not sure I’d trust photos. Where they taken at the same time? Where they photo shopped? Either way it doesn’t really matter. Change is Painful. Look at the European countries that are struggling. Look how unhappy their citizens are. Roughly 50 percent of the people Didn’t vote for this guy. If the results where different what would the Democrats be saying? Probably buck up and get with the program. So? Why don’t you?

  11. Washington DC is a Democratic city, as well as the NE pf the USA

  12. Size doesn’t matter!

  13. The Trump supporters were at work doing their jobs. How many people attended Bush’s inauguration? How many attended Clinton’s inauguration? Much fairer comparisons, although fairness is not what you seek. Obama’s were attended widely for historic reasons as much as political reasons.

  14. Nothing but a bunch a ignorant people ,all of you, like if you can do better. Just shut up and go on your mindles jobs

  15. Security was a lot tighter for Trump which kept a lot of people from being able to get there, however, size doesn’t matter!

  16. In 2009 people were attracted to a bigger freak.

  17. I can live with less blackies at my Capital. Obama paid their way, bused them in by the thousands. We pay our own way, and unfortunate for the freeloaders, that is about to end. On a Friday most people that voted for Trump had to go to work. In Obama’s case, they just dropped off their request for welfare on the way to a free trip to DC.

    • Yea Obama paid the way for more than one million people and the media didn’t pick it up…..Riiiiiiiight. You do know the majority of welfare recipients are white, so if they were dropping off their welfare request it was mostly white individuals…..so…..

    • Quit with the excuses and suck it up, buttercup.

  18. They are still grasping at straws.

  19. Was somebody keeping score? Was this a game? Who cares? He won the only game he had to back in November. I didn’t vote for him but i am an American — and I sure am rooting for him to be a great President!

    Let’s see how it goes.

    • AMEN! Because if he succeeds, we all succeed. To wish him failure is like wishing yourself failure. People should think more about how they use their thoughts and words. The man is President. Let it go!

  20. What a load of garbage. Who cares besides snowflakes? And who cares about them besides *other* snowflakes? You girls just keep squealing. The adults will carry on.

  21. Gee, that’s funny…the numbers just came out and Trump actually had 150,000 more people at his inauguration than Obama. It was explained that the white tarmac was placed down because of mud.The people were on the side. The corrupt press won’t tell you that. They always lie folks!!!!!!!

    • That’s so funny. I noticed that! There were a lot of people off on the sides. Interesting!!!

    • Lmao!! I guess that tarp had little black holes in it… LOL if you believe that you’ll believe that I have five oceanfront properties sitting right here in my living room! Lol

    • Really? Pictures don’t lie unless we photo-shopped them. Those were the counts by what you would call supporting press. It was in multiple media outlets.

  22. Its nice how they dont mention all of the demoscum who were laying down in front of entrances, bloking people from entering. Not to mention that THIS PHOTO WAS TAKEN HOURS BEFORE THE ACTUAL INAUGURATION AND HAS BEEN PROVEN TO BE A LIE.

  23. It was great, no liberal idiots, moonbats, black life matter neanderthals, welfare queens with their 8 kids,illegal aliens, charlatans and hustlers. New sheriff in town cleaning up hope and change none sense.

  24. concernedstockholder

    the picture comparison is highly suspicious. We have NO IDEA when the Trump photo was taken…it could have been at 9 am for all we know.

    • We actually do because the editor who assigned the photo to be taken confirmed the time. But there are photos from multiple angles that all show the same thing. The only angle that doesn’t give you that view is from the podium because it shows, of course, the people in front of the podium.. which is where the crowd congregated. And there were a good 200,000 people give or take there. There just wasn’t “the largest crowd in history”– an absurd (not to mention juvenile) claim for them to continue to insist on.

      • concernedstockholder

        And you know this how? Given how the media has treated him, especially compared to HIllary and Obama, I wouldn’t believe a word they say. I would much prefer a time stamp in the photo (not hard to do).
        As far as the crowd size goes in general… I agree “who cares” what is more important is what happens going forward. So my take: Yeah Obama was more popular… let’s see who does a better job. :-)

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