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NeNe & Gregg Leakes Criminal Past Exposed [Photos]

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In a shocking-yet-unsurprising revelation, it appears as though NeNe & Gregg Leakes have been hiding a criminal past of their own.

We received an email last week with information saying NeNe Leakes’ was allegedly arrested and charged with theft three times under different last names.

Included was a screenshot of a database, but there wasn’t a mugshot available (see below).

The source also says a family member will be revealing more information on NeNe & Gregg’s alleged criminal history soon.

Picture 4

In new developments, the same people over at Black Fence Chat have uncovered Gregg Leakes mugshot and arrest details (top). According to the screenshot, Gregg was arrested for ‘theft by receiving’. The source also lists he was arrested for check fraud and shoplifting as well.


Now, again — this is just one source. However, that’s clearly Gregg’s face in that mugshot. It’ll be interesting to see how this will all be explained.

In any case, it’s not a good look.


  1. Lots of people have an arrest record… that doesn’t mean a conviction! And “theft by receiving” could be something as simple as buying a CD from a friend for $3 so they could get some cigarettes and not knowing that they stole it. I’m not saying that Greg isn’t guilty of something, or NeNe, either, but they aren’t gonna hit the big house like somebody’s husband over fraud…HELLERRRRRR?!? CAN YOU HERRR ME?!? ;-)

    • That’s so true! Plus he who is without sin throw the first stone! It’s ridiculous to think that this makes them a bad person by any means! They don’t have to steal any more! And that’s most important!

      • •.??HARDCORE??.•

        Actually it’s not ridiculous. The irony in all this is that Nene is constantly throwing dirt on other’s names and claiming she’s rich. She even came at her son Brice for stealing razors from wal-mart and wanted to leave him in jail, yet her and Greg used to be out thieving themselves. This is nothing but Karma giving them, more so Nene a reality check. And DEAD @ you saying “They don’t ave to steal anymore” smh. If you have to steal at all, no matter if it was 10 days ago or 10 yrs you still steal. This is what happens when you aren’t humble and you stay in some mess. Nene is a hypocrite and the worst kind.

        • So Nene was supposed to congratulate her son for stealing? Anyway, the records above do not state that Nene stole anything.

          • You missed.the whole.point it’s

          • •.??HARDCORE??.•

            No but she’s the first one to claim she wants to provide a good example to her kids, yet she stays on tv acting like a 15yr old mixed up in childish drama. And her youngest child is still in school dealing with other kids who I’m sure make fun of him due to his mothers immature actions. No matter if it say’s she stole anything or not she’s still a hypocrite.

          • nene said that was that black parenting,then her son went on to get arrested and have a bastard child

          • And she was trying to tell Cynthia are her parenting skills.


        • 100%agreed..lol

        • WELL SAID!! Some people here say “everybody has a past”… that might be true but NOT EVERYONE talk down people with a past and that is one thing Nene has done MANY times.

          • •.??HARDCORE??.•

            Exactly. There are people who move pass their past and there’s people who don’t. If Nene was changed she wouldn’t be on tv acting a fool for money. No amount of money would be enough if she was truly a changed person.

          • Exactly, why doesn’t she get it, her sh!t stinks just like the rest of us. Nene has the tongue of a a slithering snake and sometimes it takes others to cut it out of her mouth. You damn right she needs to stuff her face with humble pie. She can sure dish it out but she can’t stomach it when it’s regugitated back to her.

        • i TOTALLY AGREE. This is why I never liked this Nene Leakes. She is such a fruad, fake, hypocrite person. She says to Kim Zociak ,, close your legs to married men. However GREG LEAKES WAS MARRIED WHEN SHE BROKE UP HIS MARRIAGE. CAN’T STAND HER.

          • I wondered what she had done to Wendy Williams when I saw this stuff about Nene on her show today. Nene needs to learn to keep her mouth closed when it comes to publicly fighting with people in the press and other media. The best thing to do is be quiet because any fool knows they have more ink and microphones that you and they will always blow you away. I have never like Nene…..she’s always been the type to stir a pot and keep stuff going. I felt that way about her from the beginning of the show. She did the same thing on that show with Star Jackson and the other Jackson girl. She feels inferior and she thinks it makes her big stuff when she tries to embarrass these people. She does the same thing on RHOA . To me she comes off like low class because she is so crass. Even to the point of saying that the other women of the show are not in the same class as she’; and bragging about how rich she is. Money doesn’t change anyone. If you are loud and crass, you just become loud and crass with money. I do however, wish that she would use some of that money for a class in grammar as her grammar is atrocious . When you become or are rich, you shouldn’t have to yell it to everyone, it should show. And for goodness sake take off that ugly blonde wig and that lipstick that looks like she stuck her lips in melted candlewax.

          • She’s nothing but a hypocrite and a liar. She constantly gets busted and there’s the “fans” who act like her stuff doesn’t stink.

            Oh, but it does.

        • If she didn’t throw so much shade, maybe people would be more forgiving of her, but that is one nasty woman.


    • SO TRUE!! I purchased a bad jacket out of the hair salon!! Yes, I knew it was stolen….what I didn’t know was that even attempting to exchange stolen merchandise that you ‘received as a gift’ is considered theft by deception or theft by receiving AND yes they did arrest my ass!! Lesson learned if the people who sell items in the hair salon don’t have my size I will not buy it…..didn’t say I would stop buying what does fit though! LOL!

    • Alot of dirty people never did time in prison a day in their life convicted or not come on now you never know what skeletons people n their backyard hell they can have a whole graveyard..lol

    • Writing bad checks is fruad. And it is one of the worse crimes one could commit. Because when you write that check. You know you have no money. FRUAD.

  2. This sounds like pure bullshit to me especially since there is no factual evidence associated with this story or an authentic police mugshot showing “the perpetrator” holding the card with all his arrest info on it. It just looks like a regular picture of Gregg’s sour puss face someone caught of him off guard! I wouldn’t be surprised if Marlo and/or Kenya were behind this!

    • There are over 8 mugshots of Nene Leakes when she was arrested. Online.

    • Google Nene Leakes mug shots. They’ve been on the internet many years before Kenya or Marlo came on the show.

      Plus, Nene admitted to one arrest. She probably thought they weren’t going to look up the other ones, LOL!

  3. Everyone has a past so live your own life and let them be. They are doing well now, I am a fan and that’s all that matters. We have all erred in life although some have have brushes with the law, that doesn’t make them bad people. If you wanna dig dirt be looking for gems. Stop trying to embarrass them. NeNe and Gregg count out a million dollars for the haters and do your thing. Lots of love. I’m just saying.

    • You don’t become a threat until you become competition , why this wasn’t brought out before their success , haters are family too


    • I dnt think its about embarrassing them..it’s just facts-not hate Nene made remarkes about marlo havn a criminal record n the pass (i dnt too much care for.marlo)and even said sum crazy stuff about apollo n the pass..nene walks around like her s$$t dnt stink most of the time and when she.gets called out she looks like a deer in head lights it took her a long time to admit she was a stripper she looked embarrassed str8-up!! Now she.acting like she proud to have been one knowing.damn well she’s not proud of it b cuz its out n the opening she’s just comes off alil fake to me..acting like she never shopped at a.damn market before b&$#h!!! You hood..lol #stop it!!!#people need to stop confusion hate with facts

    • Exactly!!! Say that loud and clear. Everyone has a past B Scott, even YOU…right? Born a male wanna be a female sooooooooo bad. Bloop! JS Team NeNe

      • Did not know B Scott used to be a man. But I was thinking this woman looks like a dude. Thanks for the info. I can not stand people who are always trying to bring people background up. As long as you learn and grow. What’s the problem?

        • How did you not realize this information about B Scott? There was an episode of a Bravo show with Chef Roble and CO that catered two events for B Scott. It was very obvious and not a taboo subject at all.

          • Real late. But I only saw her web picture.Don’t watch the cooking shows. No shade. Just look a little manly.

        • nene used to be a woman

    • Kozy Korner Katering

      they made this public to us because nene brought up marlo past and tried to use it against her in the end of theyre friendship….

      • Boy get a life. I bet you have a past to. And nene did not bring up marlo pasti was Phaedra and kandi smart ass. And nene and gregg records been over twenty years so who gives a dam. Nobody but low class black folks that get a kick when you hear something bad about someone. Get a fucking life you motherfucker

    • I am with you on this one.

    • I’ve got a good source that says her pulmonary embolism was caused by cocaine. Google “crack lung”…you can tell she is under the influence during “pillow talk”

  4. Anela Tea-ana Claiborne

    I thought this came up with the house stuff before it appears alot of the reality folks getting it in or have before just part of life. We all did or do wrong is true. Judge Mathis is a good example of criminal that changed his life around. People make mistakes but people do change to. Shyt I got all that stuff on my record and some plus more time before I can get expunge in Georgia. Some of the stuff just be a charge you wasnt even convicted of fully and it still shows on your record until you get proper paper work with the little 25 to 35 $. To get your record filed correctly.

    • In Judge Mathis case he was open and up front and is a true role model. He uses his past and how he turned his life around as an inspiration to youth. Nene has hid her past crimes and walks around pretending to be above all of it. Now things coming to light and I just wonder what she have to say

      • Doesn’t matter. She’s not doing it now. Why is it that we as people always want to hate and discuss people past. If you have broken the law, good for you. But guess what you are still living and never ever know what’s going to happen before you leave this earth. Ever think about that?

        • Yes she is still doing it. Because in 2009. The state of Ga. Closed down that FAKE TWISTED HEARTS CHARITY OF NENE LEAKES. She was collecting money and keeping it. So she has not changed. It was in the thousand’s she collected.

  5. Sadly all we do is tear each other down. I bet this is that sister or Kendra and Marlo! Such haters and jealous demons! So what if this is true, Sh didn’t slice anyone’s face up. Stop being haters, you only will fail!


    • Why you want somebody to move to Africa? moneyluv, you got AIDS or something? Or maybe you got other secrets? What you need to do is get yourself into a bible-based church or a rehab, and worry less about the Leake family… and stop laughing at other people unless you like being laughed at your damn self!

    • speakthetruthalways

      Why don’t you go to Africa ahead and hold your breath waiting for her arrival you RACIST PIG hiding on here -LOL!!! She’s a RICH B***** and can go anywhere she desires!!!

    • People in strip clubs do all sort of things. If she got jammed up she knew what she was doing. Listen to her conversations, she tells it all Just need to read between the lines. Anybody ever been in the streets knows what goes down.

      • bilwilliamtakesdicdeep

        You ever notice how she jump in people face and talk shit? But didn’t want nun with marlowe, she quick to say what bugs her then when someone ask her about a problem she fast to shut it down. I was hoping phaedra would of at least got a slap off on kenya, and the two old dudes what of got more respect if they would of threw a punch instead of all that talking…

  7. I see when you make your way up, people love to try and bring you back down. There are many many many people a criminal background. This was in 1994, so who really cares! Why do someone have to explain something that happen in the past. Get over it!

  8. speakthetruthalways

    Who cares??? Why don’t you publish some REAL news!!!

  9. If you notice he was arrested and released the same day. So that proves nothing,

  10. I don’t believe it was her. There was no way NeNe was ever 120 pounds! Chick is an amazon!

  11. I don’t care… sometimes life sucks… but you keep it moving..

  12. People it is about the money and she is now doom and I hate to say it ,this is hollywood now her and Greg are now exposed the gravy train is going to stop wow.

  13. NeNe will be pawning that ring real soon and she will not be getting into A list parties no more . NeNe will be a has been and when you are not humble that’s what happens. The Word says whats done in the dark comes to the light. Amen

  14. It’s all about the irony people! Most people aren’t hating on Nene or her success. People who once had her back (myself included) are simply disappointed in her. She needs to be humbled. Imagine this little tidbit of news was about Kandi or Phaedra.The shade would be heavy!

    • Disappointed? It’s not like you know her personally. Humble herself for what and to whom. None of us are perfect, live your life as you like and let her live hers. We can be a little strong about other people lives. This is for entertainment purposes. All the white chicks out there acting uppity you have nothing to say. HUMBLE please. What’s for her is for her.

  15. This is how blacks are “built up” and then “torn down.” This is nothing new. There is always a scenerio that reminds blacks, “Don’t go to high now ya hea, weeze gone find a way to stop ya now hea?” This just reminds me of some of the old, “Yessur boss, I’z won’t go to high su” kind of mess. Whether they had criminal backgrounds or not, Bravo knew that when they hired them. So, get over it. These people have paid their debt to society. Now, let them live their lives, making honest money please. No, I don’t like some of the ignorant mess I see on reality tv shows. But, this “build them up to tear them down” mentality needs to stop. Allow people to change!!!!

    • I agree 10000%

    • bilwilliamtakesdicdeep

      Media does it to more people than just blacks, I have seen them do it to every race anthropologist have ever came up with, with that being said, one could argue that a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots. [allow people to change], sounds good but would you trust some of these low lifes who get out of jail around your family or loved ones or prized possesions? Explicitly speaking, the child molesters? Not me no way.

  16. Nene was a cheap stripper and selling boody too. She has a prostitution record.

    • Put down your stone my dear friend. Try looking into the mirror, before you throw that one!!! There is no sin greater than the other. I guess you were created perfect and have never sinned huh? Yea right!!!!

  17. Who gives a f**k if any of them have a criminal record! Crack head hating family will tell your business for 20dollars pathetic. The entire cast is full a shit and all they do is talk behind each other back phony phony phony. They all haters and can’ t stand each other but always go places together please and Fd up old ass looking dude with the grey leprachaun beard need to mind his own f**ckn business…

  18. Post script they all talking how they a beat a bitch ass, there should be an episode where they take it to the ring and walk it like they talk it

  19. Anne Green-Gaulden

    It is so sad how society will not let your past rest. The sad part is that especially the south these Sunday christans

  20. We all have a Past ~ Something that happened last year, or yesterday.
    That’s why it’s call “The PAST”~

  21. Everybody elses past is brought up, why not hers? She’s always the first one to throw shade. Fox news in Atlanta investigated the Leake’s a few years ago and it’s on you tube. She and Greg were involved in shady dealings about the house they supposedly own. Look it up.

    • A lot of these people have obviously never read up on Nene. It shows. The things people are talking about is old news.

  22. Randomly Connection Access

    Duh. Of course they have criminal records. Hell, it’s a crime to be on TV acting like they’re fifth graders, when they are as old as school bleachers in an all negro school, .

  23. CoLa BOo Collins

    soooo freaking what like omgz. always trying to find negative things on ppl. her past makes her who she is 2day. everyone learn from their mistakes.

  24. NeNe head has gotten too big for her own good.

  25. Everyone has a past. But Nene is always throwing shade at everyone. When she is the one who never went to college. Was a stripper, Had her Twisted Hearts charity shut down. Because she was stealing the money. So she should never try to talk about anyone ever. I bet she Nene won’t be on twitter talking about this. Writing bad checks is bad. Her and Greg are birds of feather. There is more of the truth to come out about Fake Nene Leakes.

  26. That’s fake, lol… 120 pounds my ass! That heifer is like 6′ tall!

  27. O NO NOT HOLLYWOOD NENE LEAKS N HER HUSBAND GREG LEAKS. wow kept that down low fo a long time huh nene the type of person you have become is bring all the dirt out on you n now ur husband to. WOW!! nene lets talk about it. you said thoes womwn had nuttin in common with you….I SEE WAT U MENT CRIMINAL….YOU GOT A LIL MONEY N IT WEN TO UR HEAD N TURN ON ALL UR REAL FRIENDS. now look wats happening to you n greg. THATS WAT YOU GET FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY.

  28. Kozy Korner Katering

    funny how the height say 70…is this even a real report

  29. Yall are defending NeNe like shes paying yall rent! lol

    • But trashing Kenya and we don’t know anything about her past. People upholding criminality. Lord, what’s next?

  30. Yes, everyone has some things they aren’t proud of…Not a big deal

  31. Like Phadera says every Saint has a past and every Sinner has a future…. BLOOP##

  32. Teijuania Finley

    The only reason I’m getting to trash Nene is because when Marlo first came on the show and they said something about her criminal past Nene made all sorts of faces and knew all the time that her not so attractive face had a past, but she thought it wouldn’t come out because of her last name being different. Oh well, now what kind of face are you gonna make. You are one woman that I can’t stand. Everything said about Kim Zolciak she went it did, she talked Kim fake nose she got one, she talked Kim wigs, she wearing Donald Trump wig pieces, she said she wouldn’t go do all that even though she needed it and she did, now this is the woman that keeps it so real; girl boo to you.

    • And she told Kim to close her legs to married men and come to find out Gregg was married when they got together.

      Is there anything real about this chick? Such a lying specimen.

  33. Everyone talking people have a past is right but, it’s how you portray yourself like you never had no run ins with the law or, just flat out think you’re better than everybody else. Go read up on the things Marlo is saying about Nene. She sat there and made fun of Kandi for buying her own engagement ring but Nene bought her own wedding ring. It didn’t come out of Gregg’s pocket. I use to LOVE Nene and always took her side when it came to Kim and Sheree but now I see what they’re talking about now. The Nene that we saw 4 seasons ago was a sham people are FINALLY beginning to see the REAL Nene Leakes. Bravo created a MONSTER!

  34. So sad to hear blacks bring other blacks down because of jealousy, as soon as they see each other making money they are ready to dig up their past or sell some shit to the media, this is why the black race stays the same way , check out the other races they don’t do this shit.

  35. Toosmart2bfooled

    And the chicklet teeth horse/moose has the very nerve to call Kenya names. She and Gregg are no better than the I.D. thieves Apollo and Phaedra. I am surprised that they aren’t the best of friends? You know birds of a feather, always flocked together. Both couples are ghetto as hell. I do wonder what Phaedra will tell her children when Ayden starts asking for his dead beat thief of a father, when his black ass goes BACK! to jail. Knowing Phae Phae, she’ll come up with a story saying ” daddy had to go away to help sick people. And if your teacher should ask you, just say my daddy went over seas to help in Iraq. He’ll be back within 5 to 15 years. By then I won’t know him anymore. The dumb MOFO!


    • then Nene needs to take her own advice and don’t bring peoples past up to them, she acts like a saint, like she never did nothing bad in her life.

  37. well then maybe Nene needs to shut her fucking mouth and not trash other people as being below her when she has did far worse things than other people.. clean out your own closet bitch before you slam others..

    • Got to agree with that. She’s the first one to tear someone else down. F&$% Nene with her fake @$$.

  38. nene and gregg, tell the haters bye=bye

  39. Why people are BAD???? why blacks stab blacks? we should united… instead of hurting each other.. This is a shame. Let’s be one… Stop hurting your own people.

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