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Georgia Elementary School Teacher’s Aide Fired After Calling Michelle Obama a ‘Gorilla’ Online


When will people learn that what you say online can — and often times will — have real-life consequences?

Jane Wood Allen learned the hard way on Monday after she was fired for posting comments on Facebook calling First Lady Michelle Obama a gorilla.

Prior to Monday, Jane worked as a teacher’s aide at Gainesville’s Chestatee Elementary School.

via AJC:

A release from Forsyth County Schools says: “Racism and discrimination are not tolerated in our school district. We are committed to ongoing staff training on the acceptance of all individuals. As this is a personnel matter, the district will provide no further comment.”

Allen threw herself into the spotlight when she wrote a response to the Facebook site Opposing Views, which noted that First Lady Obama continues to top the list of most admired women in the world.

“Do you admire her?” Opposing Views asked.

One of Allen’s response is:

“I admire a gorilla more than I admire her. (Wait, I forgot. She is a gorilla)! If she was a real First Lady, she would not have used and abused her title, by thinking that she is entitled to go on all the trips that she takes every other day. But most of all wasted all of our tax payers money. She is the worst example of a First Lady ever! (Or sorry, I meant gorilla, not First Lady)!”

The comparison of African Americans to monkeys has a long history in racist literature and actions.

Read the school district’s full statement below. Bye Jane!



  1. Now, back on the heap, trash.

  2. Racist haters are always stunned you do not feel the same way they do. It boggles their mind how ignorant you must be to not see the ‘color’ in those low life people.

  3. I hope Jane Wood Allen is black balled from her profession. Good riddance to bad rubbish. ?_?

    • see how hateful you are? you want someone to never work again because you don’t like what she posted…how is that okay. Go live in another country

    • Mandela'sLastBreath

      Liberals and minorities cannot stand anyone else thinking or speaking in a way that they don’t like. It’s not enough to not like the speech or the thoughts. They want it shut down. They want people to lose their jobs. The think from hate and racism.

      You Chobani are a punk. Uneducated. And suffer from CFPD. Go look that one up.
      C**t Face Personality Disorder.

  4. hmmm like she has room to talk. She looks like an Albino Dinosaur. Ugly as.

    • Albino is an insult to human beings. Cute as a orange Orangutan.

      • so I thought we still had free speech in this country? for every insult you give on Facebook, you should expect to lose your job? you all just called her vile names so why is that ok? if you don’t like name calling, then why do it back; makes you just as bad but nobody should lose their job for posting something you don’t like on social media otherwise we’d all be fired…

        • I’m tired of people like you saying this. Free speech means you can’t get arrested or thrown in jail for saying something (like they can in other countries, like N Korea, Iran, China). It means that the government and our laws can’t prosecute you for expressing your view. Anyone is welcome to say whatever they want, but if it doesn’t agree with the mission statement of the establishment they work for, the establishment is free to fire the person. The establishment is not filling charges against her, nor is the government. They just don’t want her around because she’s not a good person.

          • Thank you Chris Riley, very well answered, and I find it easy to understand. I just would like to add that I also feel that where is the respect that we should have for our First Lady? This country has really changed, and lack of respect is at the top of the list.

        • No they shouldn’t. but at the same time. I wouldn’t want her to teach my child. and now. anytime she punishes a minority. she will be looked at because of this racist comment. Would you want a teacher who uses a derogatory term to describe your people teaching your children? It goes against the intent of her profession. Once children lose faith in a teacher. its over, and no point for her to teach in that school. So what do you do when parents start requesting for their children to be taken out of her class. Are they wrong? No they are not. which places a larger burden on the other teachers. In the end. there is no way for her to effectively do her job after her statements. she will have a class of 12 white kids. While the other teachers have 30 kids a piece. How do you move on as a school? what ignore the parents?So pretty much keeping her will cause far more problems then getting rid of her. a school is for teaching and such distractions are harmful.

        • She broke her contract/agreement when she made racist comments. When someone is not able to respect a legal document they signed willingly, yes, they can and should be fired because obviously he or she is not meeting the criteria listed at the time the agreement was signed.

          Funny how you say “don’t like the insults don’t do it back” but I don’t hear you saying “don’t want to be fired, don’t be a racist ignorant”.

      • Mandela'sLastBreath

        Another childish response from a bonobo in clothing. Ignorant ass fool.

    • My first thought was that she resembles a pig.

      • more like an inbred sow.

        • I wonder why black men in general and such a disproportionate amount of wealthy black entertainers and athletes are married to white women? Almost like it’s a status trophy or accomplishment.

          • is the same reason why white woman are married to black man fool

          • Which is fractional to black men marrying white women. Fractional.

          • Birdfish, I really hate that I have to explain this to you, but here goes. Most people pick a spouse from their surrounding environment. Take for example Tiger Woods. How many black women do you think Tiger comes in contact with on a regular basis? The majority of the women that rich athletes come in contact with on a regular basis are “white.” Add to that, white women are prone to be more assertive in pursuing guys with money. So, the bottom line is, people marry who they want to marry and they are not so hung up on the race of their spouse as you are. Get a life, idiot.

          • Really I was not asking for any explanations. Just pointing out statistics.

          • And I was just pointing out to you why the statistics are what they are. You seem to be saying that somehow white women are more desirable as a spouse than black women.

          • Anthony SoCal Hunt

            Either you got beat up by a black guy or a black man took your girlfriend, wife, sister, mom or something from you. You just can’t seem to let it go with your “statistics”. You should know that the number of white men marrying black women has increased substantially. I think, maybe much of society is just looking to be happy. Maybe you should go find yourself a black woman and see if she is what YOU need. Either way, you need to let go and move on. This isn’t going to go well for you in the long run.

          • Good assumption as black on white violence is 25 times that of the other way around. But the truth is, I have lived in Cook County since 1981 and have long since learned to avoid ghetto black males and their well known explosively violent behavior or unpredictable ability to kill you for what might be in your pocket.

            Not going well in the long run? How? The 13% minority leading America in murder, self inflicted violence, child mortality rates and abortion plotting some demise of the 64% majority statistically committing less sheer volume of murder, gun violence and robbery?

          • I’m African American and some of what u said is true…

          • What wasn’t true?

          • Why would being with a white woman be a trophy

          • Maybe ask black men that question

          • maybe they like white women.. not sure why its considered a trophy

          • Maybe ask black men that question.

          • Im married to a black women couldn’t tell you. But love has no bounds and to assume you can know why someone else loves someone is the the question of an insane person. People make they own decisions for their own reasons. What does it even matter to you who they love. Me personally. I don’t have friends married to white women. But even if. Not my problem. hes married to her not me. if hes happy, and shes happy thats all thats important. I think the question is ignorant. Its like me asking . So why do old white men like little boys so much?

          • Actually the question is, why do black males commit such a disproportionate amount sexual assault including that upon children?

            25% of all sexual assault including that upon children comes from black males who at less than 7% of the total population, equates to sexual assault occurring at rates over three times their population size. Exceeding that of all others including the 32% white male population that is committing 65% to 70% of sexual assault including that upon children. Meaning if put the same amount of white and black males in a room, you get more sexual assault from the black males. This is of course assuming you understand basic mathematics.

            So why do black males like little boys so much?

          • Well we know white people have an infinity for sexual assaults. they are just not reported until they are in their 40s and the damage is done. this is a fact. That is so incorrect.. How may girls grow up and talk about how they were assaulted by their uncles and others in their lives. to the point. yall dont even get arrested for rape at this point. Thats the difference. whites are not persecuted for their crimes. so those numbers are skewed to present a personal belief. Not a fact. It is just easier to convict a black man of these crimes. That is all. A white women can yell rape and the police be at their house like they did Chris Brown. but they didnt run up on the Stanford rapist like that? he got 6 months. while kids are placed in jail as adults for far less crimes. Keep you stats to your self. Those stats are created by white people, and only make them look like they are absolved of the issue. History dictates different all the time.

          • We all know this? Really? Who is we exactly? You? And they are not reported and that is your theory?

            And white people are consistently let off on rape charges? Like the black NC athlete let off on a rape charge just this year?

            Well, statistically rape and sexual assault occurs at higher rates in the black community than any other demographic in America. In fact, 31% of general rape involves the arrest of a black male which is over 4 times their population size. So you can make up all the theories and excuses you like. But facts are facts. So I will keep facts to myself if it makes you feel better but they are still facts even when you find them unpleasant.

            Next please tell me that white people are cave dwellers that are allergic to the sun. And let’s see of you choose not to research things before embarrassing yourself again.

          • I get my white crime statistics form the ID Channel. they have it on lock 24/7 everyday.

          • I could use other stats to go against it. But you think what you think and I think what I think. Because we both can find stats that prove either point honestly. Those are not facts at all. they are statistics provided by a website period. you have no clue on how those stats were created if they are right, nor who they were created by to represent what. Embarrass myself? History dictates exactly what I am saying. The difference is you dont get convicted. How many of those church people went to jail during the time when every one came out to talk about the sexual assaults. to the point they dont even come out no more. Why because not only were the people never held accountable. But now their personal stories are all over the net. for no reason. because in the end. no one did anything to hold those people accountable. Look you can try to point the figure at the BLACKS. but who created this rape culture where women are objectified and treated as they are here to solely serve men here in america? We didn’t. stop blaming all the ills of america on the people who have the least control. As far as keeping what to yourself. I doubt you could even control yourself sir.

          • What stats? Something other than the FBI?

            So facts you don’t like you just reject and consider to be white man evil magic or something?

            When exactly did whites create a rape culture?

          • Dude you are truly a piece of shit!!

          • Facts cannot be shit. They are just facts and they don’t care what you think of them.

          • Never said FACTS are shit I said YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT!!!

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          • I’m as white as the come as# hat no go bang your sister/mother cause they are one in the same!

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          • Neither do you [email protected]!!

          • How did they? OK maybe when the raped the slaves? maybe as they would rape and steal minors from native American tribes. one of the children classic stories is read like a love story. But is really about how a child girl was kidnapped. holding her tribe under rule of violence, and forced her to marry him. To the point she kills herself. But this is now know as a children’s love story… lol Pocahontas. It is so ingrained in what we do. Because women have always been seen as lesser people in the eyes of the white society. I mean they had to fight for their right to vote just as blacks did. but you want to tell me their is no culture of treating women wrong here? come one. Now you just arguing for the sake of it.

          • Like joseph kony in the congo kidnapping and gang raping as many as 591 girls as young as 10?

            Like witch doctors in south africa telling AIDS infected men to rape young virgins to cleanse their blood to the point they are putting up billboards attempting to discourage this practice? All in pictures of course because most black men in south africa are as illiterate today as they were when the colonists found them only a few hundred years ago.

            Seems like rape is universal throughout history. Yourself included. Do you find this truth to be, inconvenient to your pity party?

          • BirdFish you’re a nut the truth is whites rape more little girls and boys far more than all races combine obviously.. everybody knows that

          • Not per capita in America. Argue this with the FBI, not me.

          • Doing more good than bad makes a big difference. This is where white people can claim being better race. If not for whites, the human race would never have progressed as it has in modern times.

          • More good then bad? ok so for all the black people of the united states do you think we feel slavery did more good then bad? I think not. of course the people who benefit from something like that would feel it was more bad then good. You were not the ones being treated bad. If there were no whites. The world would have continued. I promise. Just as it had for the millions of years prior to the efforts made by white people to control the world. It would have progressed. but at a more patient rate. why. because alot of advances were rushed. You know like a small child splashing in the ocean thinking hes making waves. Most of the advances are in the terms of war and weaponry. What if all the money used on wars and control were actually used to improve technology? I mean there is ancient technology we still can not duplicate today. so to assume that there would have not been advances is wrong. I mean Romans didnt create the chariot. it was stolen technology they got from the Egyptians. so realistically. it may be a better world for all we know. There is no real truth in that fact. Because just as you advances have come along. So have the hardships your advances create for the other races who live on earth to. All you advances come at the cost of others. which makes it more like a tyrant then anything else. but this is the issue. you think you are superior, when there have been all cultures involved in the success of the people of earth. Im pretty sure if india stole land and people to cultivate the land they may have been just as successful. They cheated. they created a civilization on the backs of slaves. there is no honor in that at all. nothing to be proud of if you have to take from another to accomplish it.

          • According to the Wikipedia article on rape, as many as half of all rape charges nationally are determined by police and prosecutors to be false! Additionally, white males are more likely to be acquitted of rape allegations that African Americans. During slavery, black women were continually raped by their white masters. But where is your injustice in that.

          • White males are five times the size of black males so that’s sounds logical. However the FBI reports that one in every three cases of rape involves the arrest of a black male. Which is over 4 times their population size per capita exceeding all others in frequency.

            Was not around during slavery. Were you to see this first hand?

          • “White males are five times the size of black males…”
            Has that been your experience?

          • 32% population versus 7%. Learn math.

          • Percentage of population is not “size.” Learn English.

          • No idea what point you are trying to make

          • Size of what?

          • You’d have to ask “Birdfish.”

          • Look at the all mulatlo kids born not only during slavery but in the deep souh during segregation. as well. I lived there and witnessd it, White men loved black women

          • No doubt.

          • I can see why. Black women are lovely. However, this pre-occupation with skin color is ridiculous. I couldn’t understand it as a child and I cannot understand it as an adult. People are people and should be judged on an individual basis by their actions. Why the hell is skin color such an issue here?? Its stupid!

          • read your history

          • BirdFish you’re an troll…get back in your cave..

          • Facts are not trolling. Sorry.

          • Exactly. Just look at that white Stanford student who was literally caught in the act of raping an unconscious woman and yet white boy walks away with probation. Had he been black, they would have put him under the jail. The judge did not want to ruin this young white boy’s life although, once you rape someone, you are already ruined and subhuman.

          • That is BS. I am white, and I would liked to have literally beat the flying krap out of this little rich POS for what he did to that girl. He needed 20 years, so that way, he could get his in jail. I don’t care if he was white or black, HE should have been put away……

            And still, he may want to watch his back, in case she has a mean father or brother………know what I mean….

          • You’re right dangkids. This situation bothered a lot of people regardless of race.

          • So were the white women of slavery. You can find that on the internet as well!!

          • Is that where you found your information. If white women were slaves, then you can blame most of their rapes on white men too. Unlike you, I don’t see color. Rape is Rape, no matter the color of the perpetrator. We need to start looking at each other as Americans and not the color of someone’s skin.

          • UP Yours, You are the ONE who brought it up skank. Slavery was 300 FREAKING YEARS AGO, GET OVER IT AND GET INTO THE 2016’S. That is what is wrong with the blacks in America today, you think America is the only country that wronged YOU….WRONG, YOUR BLACK AFRICA WRONGED YOU EVEN WORSE THAN WE DID. BUT I KNOW NOT ONE OF YOU BLACKS WOULD DARE GO TO AFRICA and try ANY OF THIS KRAP YOU ARE DOING HERE, NOW WOULD YA????

            We all know the RICH white men raped slaves, BUT the truth of the matter is white women were raped also…AND white people have also been slaves.

          • The last time I checked from our history books and NOT the internet, white people migrated to the U.S., just like everyone else. Unless you are a Native American, you should NOT be telling someone else about their country. I can say whatever I want too, you do not have to comment on my posts. You chose to respond to my post to someone else. I can tell by your language and thinking skills that you are NOT a bright person. So run along you cock roach!!!

            OOOHHH HHHHHA!!

            Last time I checked this is America and I can SAY what the Freak I want to ZULU!

            And you might want to check YOUR history books, because the Asians came here too with the American Indians, AND THE ASIANS WERE ALSO SLAVES.

            NOW, you run along ZULU, and go play with something shiny!

          • Now there you’re wrong. Asians have never been slaves. Asians have far too much dignity for that. American Indians and all other races have never been the type of slaves that blacks have been and still are. Appearance is everything. All other races can get along even when at war because of physical likenesses. Blacks are the only race with different skin, body type, and hair.

          • Hate to tell you but read your History book.
            Exactly, who do you think helped build all those railroads in the mountains????? ALL blacks??? WRONG.

            You might want to do a little research mam. Because it is a fact, and they have pictures of the past of this. I have seen them. They were treated just as bad as blacks.

          • And yet Asians are a far superior people without the need of anyone else for support. Asians are also a far more beautiful and spiritual people with ideas and advancements that blacks could never come close to. Asians have been treated poorly because their intellect and strength in organizing has proven to be a direct threat to Western civilization. Blacks are no such threat, just a burden. Blacks are the worst of the worst here and everywhere.

          • Exactly, they are very proud and honorable people. They don’t bother anyone. They take care of their families and don’t cause trouble. Also, I love their food!!
            I would rather have a whole neighborhood full of Asians than blacks.

          • The thing about that is, blacks hate Africans for selling them. Africans hate blacks for being sold. Blacks and Africans hate other blacks and Africans for having more money than them. Blacks hate other blacks for driving a better car, living in a better house, eating better food, even when all those things are usually just one step above being homeless… I think you get it. Blacks hate everything and everyone, even themselves. They have no country, no families, no parents, no siblings, no money, no food, no lives, and no personality. When you think about, they are a dull people without the slightest ability to think creatively because they are all miserable on the inside for being black from birth.

          • zuzu,ya- it all comes back to mean ole whitey, got his foot on your neck -making you folks commit crimes at triple the average for other races. Yep mean ole whitey-But tell me zuzu, do you really think anyone other than you and yours actually believe your crap? You are deluded. At some point political correctness will no longer be the narrative, then what ya gonna do? Hopefully crawl back under the rock(possibly “the crack rock” you folks seem to be so fond of.Well, at least then-we wont have to listen to your propaganda any longer! And you will be seen for the drain on civilized society that you are.

          • Ask Subway boy Foley. Answer this question for me as well. Why isn’t that guy in the series Seventh Heaven in jail for having sex with kids. He ADMITTED it on tape. Oh my bad he suffer from that disease white privilege and affluenza. He got a two-fer going on.

          • Jared the pedo is in jail no doubt suffering heavily. Evidently not enough evidence to charge the other sicko. Michael jackson not charged either after giving millions in hush money to families of little boys he gave alcohol and diddled and recently the police reported finding a collection of explicit photos of minors on his computer. He was not charged either. Maybe not enough evidence like the seventh heaven guy? Or was that black privilege?

            Do you have any real statistics or just going to cite two cases? Going to build your boo hoo pity party over two people, one that is in jail?

          • you’d have to ask somebody who is either a republican/conservative or involved in anything church related, like a Youth Minister….

          • That is interesting. Personally I have never once seen a news story that has shown a black male assaulting a child.

          • What’s interesting is that what you have seen doesn’t really matter. I can tell you here in Chicago it happens. Well that’s when they are not luring them into an alley and shooting them in the head because their father is a rival gang banger. Unfortunately the statistics of the FBI say otherwise to what you have seen.

          • I thought we were speaking of sexual assault, as in pedophilia. Chicago is a mess. I will agree.

          • We are. You said you don’t see it, I said I have where I am.

          • Funny is from day one I said both questions would be considered ignorant.

          • Then why ask?

          • The same reason white men like little boys, They are the kings of pedophiles

          • ok, i work in a prison and know for a fact that isn’t true. Stop behaving and acting like an ass. You sound really uneducated. I’m embarrassed for you.

          • Sorry but the FBI statistics disagree with what you say.

          • You are certainly using a very broad brush trying to make what sounds like a very misinformed statement. Maybe your facts come from a personal family event.

          • Well the initial comment which sparked that response was also extremely broad. so why question me but no the other question?

          • And what post are you even responding to? I am mis informed in what regarding my statement? What that Im married to a black women? What love has no bounds? that you are insane to assume you know the intentions of a person with limited information? What about people make their own decisions? Or the part about it being a ignorant question from day one. What part am I mis informed? or are you a simple troll?

          • That should shut em up! Of course, it won’t. People don’t learn from being told the truth

          • how long have you been obsessed with black men dating white women?

          • Hey BirdFish African American men never referred to white women as trophies..the women did ….that’s because they rather to see a successful African American men with a African American women …especially because there are so many beautiful African American women..

          • Why ask them, when it is your assertion?

          • Because I am not confused or wondering about it.

          • You posted:
            “I wonder why black men in general and such a disproportionate amount of wealthy black entertainers and athletes are married to white women? Almost like it’s a status trophy or accomplishment.”

          • True. Rhetorical question I guess.

          • Their not ..African American women says that out of disapproval..because they rather see a successful African American men with a African American women…but what these African American women don’t realize is the higher these men get to wealth the less African American women he’d see.. and when he gets to the top all he’d see is white smiling white women waiting for him..he don’t really have a choice..what u see is what u get….

          • It wouldn’t be! Furthermore, women are not bloody objects.

          • Gwendoly pothier

            We should not go there…really!!!

          • i agree. How long have you been obsessed with this?

          • Not true statistically.
            Last census 2010 showed 8 / 10 black men married black women.
            Most major stars, Denzel Washington, Will Smith,Samuel L. Jackson, Colin Powell, Jesse Jackson, and many others are married to black women.
            As with all else, the media sensationalizes the outliers as stereotypes.

          • Yes of course, most are married to black women but a significant amount are married to white with a fractional number of white males marrying black women.

          • how long have you been obsessed by this?

          • Not obsessed but thought I might point it out while everyone here calls this woman all sorts of vile names. Deservedly so I think.

          • How many white men marry black women?

          • only if they want to be NY mayor

          • Or rock star like David Bowie or the creator of your blessed Star Wars as in George Lucas.

          • How many black men are married to white women. You only know about the celebs, But on the average there are numerous. Black men divorce the white women like they do the black and vice versa.

          • This is not true. The majority of successful black men and entertainers are married to black women. Perhaps that was true years ago when black men would often do this simply to take a jab at black men who constantly tried to demean black men. By taking the prized possession of a white man, his white women, it gave black men a sense of revenge. Nowadays, when you look at the most powerful and successful black men from all walks of life, most are married to black men. Colin Powell, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, Jay-Z, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Carmello Anthony, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Spike Lee, Muhammad Ali (married back to back black wives), Ben Carson. I mean most black men, and especially the successful educated ones, are married to black women. You may choose to focus on the ones that are married to white women (and nothing is wrong with that) but, by and large, most black men are married to black women these days. The days of black people feeling inferior to white people faded with the fall of segregation. People may disagree but hip-hop has also canceled out white superiority for that generation. In fact, white guys are marrying black women more these days.

          • I can assure you white people do not think they are losing any prized possession. That is your paranoid hate based way of thinking. And it seems today, the black community does everything in it’s power to segregate themselves from all others.

            There is no white supremacy. But there clearly is self inflicted black inferiority. Nobody dislikes you because of your skin color. That should be obvious by now.

          • If you read my post you would see that I said “years ago.” And yes, years ago, black people and other minorities were disliked by white people simply because of the color of their skin. This is a fact whether you want to believe it or not. White men most certainly viewed white women as their prized possession and black men were killed and lynched if it was deemed that they did anything to a white woman. Emmett Till (Look up his story if you are not familiar with him) was a 14 year old black boy who was burned, beaten and killed by a group of white men because he allegedly whistled at a white woman. White men were threatened by black men which is why they beat and lynched them and came up with laws to give the illusion that whites were superior. This may not exist as much today but you simply do not know your history if you cannot admit that America has a chapter in its past in which white people were hoisted up and their superiority protected by the law (Jim Crow was the law of the South for decades.) If this were not true, we would not have needed to pass laws like the Civil Rights Act to guarantee that white people would act civil after years of inhumane treatment towards minorities in order to further their own gain. Again, I did say years ago (though still in my lifetime) so learn to read before you comment.

          • You have some data on this? Or it’s just a “years ago” thing?

            Since it’s inception 88 years ago, the klan murdered approximately 3,400 black people. Today that’s a little less than half as many blacks killed by blacks each year in America. Where I live, 35% of the city’s population is involved in 85% of the violence and almost 9 out of every 10 murders are black on black. We have well over 500 dead blacks this year alone.

            And for the record, the people that fought to enslave you, terrorized you in white sheets, segregated you and prevented you from voting and then in the 1960’s, turned the tables 180 degrees and intentionally addicted you to welfare in exchange for votes are the same people you will no doubt be voting for in November. Suggestion, its hurts a lot less if you stop hitting yourself with a hammer.

          • Birdfish … And the Republican Party has done SO MUCH to reach out to African Americans … and anyone else who is different. Uh-huh. Your “rant” sounds good until you start looking at Republican policies and Republican rhetoric. Increasingly the most educated, highest earning (even including whites) cultural/ethnic group in the country, the Asian Americans, are voting Democrat … NOT for freebies by any means … but because they DO NOT feel welcome among Republicans who act like they misread Jesus’s 2nd Great Commandment to read “Love your neighbor, IF he’s LIKE yourself.”

            No white supremacy?!! Tell that to the Daily Stormer and like minded folks who say, “Heil Donald Trump .. The Ultimate Savior … Make America White Again.”

          • “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference… I’ll have them n*****s voting Democratic for the next two hundred years”.
            -Lyndon Baines Johnson 1965

          • That’s great, Birdfish … a 60-year old unconfirmed quote. Even IF it was true … again … WHAT ARE REPUBLICANS DOING to reach out to African American and others who are different TODAY ? By the way … my Daily Stormer quote isn’t quite as old as yours … it came from this past December … and is EASILY confirmed as fact.

            Wanna tell me how the KKK was started by Democrats now? …. Even though we KNOW who will benefit from the KKK and white supremacist vote in 2016?

          • Unconfirmed? Sorry but confirmed. And to date, you people have fulfilled 51 years of his plan. Only 149 more years to go. Don’t read anything called stormer, sorry.

            Why does any political party have to reach out to any separate anything? Why do you insist on special exceptions be made for you? Why do you think the government owes you a quality of life? Why do you demand to be rescued by others?

            Yes, the klan was a southern democrat creation to honor the dead soldiers of the south. Just as the democrats created the jim crow laws. Just as the democrats have now addicted you to sympathy and handouts. Enjoy being used as personal voting pets and too stupid to see you are being played.

          • what about the white trash they get uppity and belligerent..

          • Lots of white trash in America. Lots living generations on welfare also. What is the point? LBJ specifically focused on the black community who the democrats had lost control over to launch a new system to control you. Which was sympathy, lack of accountability and endless handouts. Worked pretty well so far.

          • Untrue. Blacks have never been disliked “simply for the color of their skin.” People from India are dark skinned but beautiful inside and out. Why do you think black females wear Asian hair on their heads and try to paint their eyes to slant like Asians? Any black female would gladly trade places with any woman from India or China for the physical and mental improvements. It’s more about the entire package than just the wrapping.

          • what planet did you say you from?

          • I thought this article was about a fat white chick that bad mouthed Michelle Obama!

          • I wonder why so many white women marry black men? Almost like it’s a status trophy or accomplishment.

          • Actually that is fractional to the opposite so you can stop wondering.

          • No shit, after the OJ simpson affair, you would think those boys would realize that.

          • Pants_Up__Dont_Loot

            Like everyone else, they can’t stand black women. DUH!

          • BirdFish that’s because the wealthier the African American men gets…. the less likely he’d see an African American women..the higher he goes the less chance he’d see an African American women …the only thing he’d see is smiling white ladies waiting at the top when he get there..

          • Maybe it’s because of the way Black men are treated by women who consider themselves “Queens”

          • I have two white guy friends who have never been attracted to white women. I know two black women who are only attracted to white men. .

          • lol they’re trying to wash the black out and the wiggers that hang with them are always losers.

          • of course it is; plus they want better looking offsprings

          • Birdfish: it could also be interpreted the other way. That is, white women tend to seek the wealthy black entertainers as a status for themselves.

          • No doubt they do.

          • Allow me to explain it to you as a one time elite college athlete in the late 80s. I played college baseball at an SEC college well known for its elite sports program. I was a 6’1″ left handed pitcher with a 97 mph fastball, and a crazy curveball. Our baseball stadium sat about 10,000 plus fans. When we had games I could count the number of black females at a game on one hand. After games the women who ran up to us athletes were all white women. This same phenomenon happened when I was in high school. During my recruiting trips to various colleges, it seemed that white girls always seemed to show up once the coaches stopped their recruitment speeches. These girls were given the tasks to show us to our rooms. I’m sure it was just a coincidence. Almost every night of my college baseball playing career some white female would call, or want to come over to “study” with me. I was given a car to drive but never had to, because I could always get picked up and driven somewhere by one of these women. In the cafeteria at school all of us black athletes sat together. We had discussions about it. We were young men fresh out of high school, and these girls are practically throwing themselves at us every single day. The black females at my college were too busy getting their educations, to be throwing themselves at athletes. See I had a black girlfriend while I was in college. She was trying to become a pharmacist. So she couldn’t come to all my games. She couldn’t come to my room at midnight every night. She had to study. She could barely even afford to put gas in the car that the school gave to me, and I gave to her. My girlfriend knew what was going on, because she understood it.
            When I hurt my pitching shoulder and could no longer play baseball, they all disappeared, the college took the car back, I lost my scholarship. The only one who was still there was my girlfriend. She nursed my ego and my body back into shape. I have a great career as a businessman, earning nearly as much as I would have being a professional athlete.
            I had a small glimpse of being an elite athlete, so I can imagine what professional athletes go thru, with every city they travel to. You get young men, who have a lot of money, and women who practically throw themselves at these men. Is it a coincidence that most of the women who do it are white?
            As for this woman calling Mrs. Obama a derogatory name. This woman obviously doesn’t understand or know what true beauty is. President Obama is one of the luckiest men on the planet. He has an intelligent, strong, beautiful, well educated, classy, black woman, as his first lady.

          • It is the penis and money

          • And they are OK with rape too evidently.

          • birdfish – stop with the ridiculous white woman, black man or vise-versa crap, it really has nothing to do with anything! Stay on topic-you were/are correct when you quote crime statistics-but when you veer off to the argument of black on white marriage you quickly loose any credibility whatsoever and simply sound like some sort of duffus with a cross to burn(no pun intended).

          • Choice is my opinion. Ask the men that do as you stated. You won’t be surprised.

          • Actually most wealthy Black male entertainers are married to Black women. Start your search with Sam Jackson and Denzel Washington.

          • What a stupid comment! Status trophy??? For being a white woman??? I’m a white woman and that is just stupid. I’ve got to say that I envy black women. They age much better than we do, have fewer wrinkles and great skin. Furthermore, calling a woman a trophy is just stupid!!. We are not objects!! You can’t buy a woman, or own a woman. Women are people, just like you, you moron!

          • No, yours was a stupid comment. I can’t think of one black female who looks better than a white woman, young or old. Blacks have fatty jawlines and bulbous noses, pouchy stomachs, sway backs and short necks with a hump, plus they don’t even have real hair.

          • Please go back to school and stay away from children! You belong in the dark ages, behind a white cloak. Are you aware how abhorrent your views are?

          • A lot of black males lust after white women as a symbol of achievement. To them you are an object or a trophy.

          • “Would I be extremely disappointed if she (Chelsea) married a black man? Yes. Would I stop loving her? No, absolutely not”.
            -Hillary Clinton
            Seventeen Magazine 1995

          • Their white women have white men on the side for true fulfillment. Again, the black beings can’t do anything right.

          • Grow up you uneducated hillbilly! Go get an education, you really need one.

          • OR, Birdfish, it could be that these black men agree with that poor teacher, Jane Allen. Oooooh, is that “racist”????

            OLD ONE 79

        • Kinda like your WIFE??? A Hood rat thug??

      • but why is it ok for you to call her a name in retaliation? we do still have freedom of speech as far as I know but this country is changing and not for the good; Democrats always say that Republicans spew hate but when you call names back it makes you no better.

        • These are all sarcastic remarks in case you didn’t get it.

          • No I don’t get it; there’s no difference in name calling; you are trying to take it all back by saying it’s sarcastic; Trump says sarcastic things every day and the media hammers him for it; you can’t have it both ways. tit for tat is not ok.

        • Is he a teacher who teaches black Latino and white kids, spewing hate in a racially charged format? So when a kids says he does not get a fair shot in her class because she is a racist would he be wrong? We can not have racist people in positions where they can affect us all. perpetrating the hate over and over again. He is making a comment in a post under a anonymous name. His student parent wont see this insult. As a parent would you want a racist no matter the color teaching your child? I hope not. this is why there is still a problem in the community with race. because you dont call out your own for being racist. Calling her a gorilla is racist. due to the use of the word by white people throughout the racial history of America. We didn’t turn that racist. you did. And yes you do have the right of freedom of speech. But if that right is counter productive to your field of employment and may cause concern on the part of parents and how their children are being treated. What do you do. Do you let her stay. And any issue with a non white would be seen as racism. even in terms where there is none. because her point of view makes you question her intent and fairness to the people she sees as gorillas. So this has nothing to do with the freedom she chose but more to do with the people she is responsible to teach. not fair to them at all. This is a grow up conversation grown people have a hard time discussing but when kids are added in in just continues the cycle of hate. An election vs the fact we are all americans citizens who have to live together should not be an issue. People want to blame all these other things on why this racism is so prevalent. But people do what they want to do.

        • Freedom of speech doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences, stop being so misinformed. You can express your opinion and you won’t be jailed for it (as long as you are not inciting violence and such) but they WILL be consequences of some kind. And there should be consequences! Words are not just air, they are weapons and they affect people’s lives.

          • PhhhffffttttCNBC

            Stop being sensitive and politically correct. idiot.

          • First, thank you for your compliment but I’m already married. Second, I’m not being sensitive, I simply have manners and I’m aware of what Freedom of Speech means in our country, which is why I explained it to dear Joann since apparently she’s utterly confused.

            Third, not slinging insults left and right to anyone we disagree with is not being Politically Correct, regardless of what some people might want to equate the two. Rather, it is being mature and respectful enough to disagree with others without acting like teenagers.

      • PhhhffffttttCNBC

        yep, no matter how you dress Michelle Obama she’ll always be a pig.

      • Listen to yourself?! Your comment is no better than hers.

      • Kinda my first thought too, but is usually those who throw the stones

    • doesn’t matter; do you want “freedom of speech” selective? it seems like whatever speech liberals don’t like, they can shut down.

      • Read the post above, you still don’t get it. It’s not selective. The government is not charging her for saying what she wants.

        • Just stop trying Chris…..nothing bothers me more than when people completely misinterpret the constitution, particularly the first amendment, but these people believe what they believe without actually understanding or even reading the document or the jurisprudence behind it….its just easier to blame the “liberals” than to actually understand and educate themselves about the reality of a situation

        • sometimes when people lose their livelihood, only source of income and can’t pay their mortgage, they commit suicide or are out in the cold; that’s being charged no matter what way you see it; you Democrats want people that you disagree with to lose their freaking jobs; don’t you see how bad that is? you call everyone else hate mongers but you people do it the most.

      • Joann, darling; Nobody is stopping you from saying anything you choose to roll off your lips, but understand, there may be consequences to what you say. If I’m standing in front of some 6’6″ , 260 pound guy and call him a bunch of derogatory names, then I should expect that he is going to beat the hell out of me. But “I exercised my free speech.” Why don’t you go into your job today and tell your boss he is a complete a$$hole. Let me know how that free speech works out for you.

      • Also, you seem unaware of this but freedom of speech is already selective. You can’t yell fire on a crowded theater and then claim freedom of speech in order to avoid legal consequences. Your issue seems to be that you appear to be under this impression that we should be able to insult whomever we want whenever and wherever we want and life should continue as if nothing happened. Sweetie, wake up!

        • we can call anyone what we want; that’s freedom of speech and I know about the fact that you can’t yell fire; that’s about it; no harm or danger in saying someone is ugly even though it’s not “nice”; go to a safe space but don’t take my freedom to call someone anything I want on Facebook away….

          • I stated that you certainly CAN call anyone anything you want. I have yet to see anyone putting their hands over your mouth in an attempt to stop you from doing so. Your claim of “no harm no danger” is childish at best. No harm to you because it is not you who is being insulted, harm does not come only by physical means.

            Do keep in mind that there might be consequences to your decision/behavior, that’s all I am saying. As for the Facebook thing the lady lost her job over, please re-read my previous posts, she signed an agreement/contract when she started in that job, by making racist comments in Facebook she VIOLATED/BROKE that contract and thus the employer has every right to fire her (or you if you had signed the agreement). So really, if you do not want to be fired, make sure you abide by the code of conduct you signed when you were hired. Simple logic!

            In simpler words, Freedom of Speech does NOT mean that nothing is going to happen due to your speech, it simply means that it is not illegal for you to speak your mind as long as you do not incite violence or cause others to be harmed in the process of course.

      • I don’t agree with what the teacher’s aide says but if there is true equality many many people on the comments here should be fired.

      • Dear Joann, I am going to use my freedom of speech on you and call you a stupid bitch….you are not listening to what is being said because you are a racist and a stupid bitch…continue on with your life and call The First Lady of the United States anything you want, and most people with half a brain will Not associate themselves with you because you have NO Class. Why are you labeling this a “LIBERAL” problem when it boils down to racisim?

        • all I said was do you all want your freedom of speech or not? do you want to lose your job if you say or do something that your employer or the government doesn’t like; that will be you next time for the vile, offensive mouth you have; I never said anything about whether it was right or wrong; all I said was it’s freedom of speech; I think it was wrong and the teacher is obviously a moron BUT I don’t want her to lose her job over it. a lot of people will be in the welfare lines if that’s what you want. I’ll just ignore the vile, offensive, racist, hateful names you called me because I’m better than you.

          • You not wanting her to lose her job over her comments is really irrelevant. Her employer has the right to terminate ANYONE who breaks the agreement signed at the time of hiring. She broke hers so there is no reason why she should not be fired. It is really that simple, break your contract, run the chance of getting let go!

    • Best one yet lol!

    • dinosaur … no, seriously, albino baboon.

  5. Michelle Obama is one of the most attractive first ladies we’ve ever had! So it I am truly amazed at how often she has been made fun of. But they say people accuse you of what they are guilty of. So the teacher in Georgia must think of herself as some sort of animal, too.

    • Time for an eye exam……

      • Can you name a more attractive first lady?! We’ll wait.

        • Jacqueline Kennedy

          Nancy Reagan – (Remember, she was an ACTRESS!)

          • LMAO shut up and sit yo azz all the way down. Both of the women you named fit the Caucasian standard of beauty and to be honest they were ok…at BEST. Michelle Obama has beauty, intelligence, style and grace. Not taking anything away from any of the other first ladies. But it seems like you’re trying to justify someone calling her a GORILLA…when it’s clear to see that she’s far from it.

    • “People accuse you of what they are guilty of.” I never heard it mentioned before, but I have always believed it to be true, based on experience. Janet, you just made my day.

  6. look who has been teaching your children

  7. Only dogs can recognize other dogs… so I guess Gorilla recognizes other Gorillas too.. So she must be one.. Good riddance and please , jail this little thing.. society does not need her..

    • SURE THING, Comrade Sarah L: Jail this teacher for exercising her free speech. YOU would have gotten along well in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia, where they AGREED with your sentiment!!!! Idiot!!!

      OLD ONE 79

  8. Although I don’t agree with what she said, I understand it.

  9. That “Gorilla” worked her way up from the South Side of Chicago to Princeton and Harvard Law. She may have been helped a little bit by preferences, but don’t fool yourself. You don’t get to Princeton and Harvard that route without anything less that busting your tail and keeping it clean. Michelle Obama has more class than this woman will ever know.

  10. she is probably a real christian, going to church every sunday.

    • But I’ll wager, WG, that you AREN’T, and DON’T!!!!!

      OLD ONE 79

      • i grew up baptist but it was northern baptist and we were far more inclusive than what i have seen of the baptists today. but you are correct, i dont attend any more. and am now agnostic/atheist. the young one, 76

      • David William Pomarnke

        So…What’s your point? Some the absolute worst scum in the country go to church every Sunday

        • THAT may be true, David P: But I’m sure that MOST of the “absolute worst scum in the country” DON’T go to church every Sunday. Even hypocrites need some place to go on Sunday, other than sleeping off a hangover, or attending or watching really important things, like baseball or football games. What’s YOUR “m.o.” on Sunday? Hmmmm???

          OLD ONE 79

        • My point exactly David! I don’t waste my time getting up early on a Sunday morning spending my time with a bunch of hypocrites making judgments about my salvation!!

        • Two assho/es in that photo.

      • I should hope not!

    • Michael Ralph Short

      Where in this article was there any thing about Christianity ? Haters always find a place to hate.

    • Whew! Glad I didn’t grow up in ANY church. That means I don’t judge and have respect for everyone. I also don’t base life’s decisions on what some pastor says!!

      • YOU, James S, probably make your “life’s decisions” based on what you read on MoveOut.Org, or the HuffPuffPost, or what your fellow members of The New Bolshevik Party (aka Dumbocrats) tell you is “acceptable”.

        OLD ONE 79

    • You are probably a first class coc*sucker with stains on your teeth.

    • Don’t you know the devil is in church as well. This woman is a great example of the devil.

  11. Jane Wood Allen and all like-minded Neanderthal descent.

    “If racists would take the trouble to visit their local zoo and for a moment drop their air of superiority and take a dispassionate look at one of the apes, they would find the hair of these creatures lank, that their lips are thin, and that their bodies are profusely covered with hair. In these characters the white man stands nearer the apes” – Ashley Montagu

  12. Can’t believe that ugly thing had the nerve to call someone a gorilla!

    • I was thinking the same thing. How does this baboon have the gall to call people names.

    • OMG….You took the words right out of my mouth! lol

    • So true. Racially motivated comment. If she has a problem with the trips then she should have said that but, to throw in gorilla, speaks to her contempt of a black first lady. Especially in Forsyth County Georgia.

      • where are the facts backing up “the trips” as opposed to other FLs? We’ve got a “troll” here, folks

        • Wow, Joy, talk about a response that misses the mark.

        • I think you are confusing me with the woman that made the post Joy. Take a deep breath and relax ok. I am on Michelle’s side.

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        • i mis-typed meant for someone else. I know you support M.

        • She flies separately from Obama, while he keeps harping on climate change. Doesn’t seem to affect the obamas.

      • So where was your voice when GW was called a monkey and depicted as a monkey on a cover of a magazine? Michelle is an average black woman in looks, nothing wrong with that, but she is also stupid. She said, “Americans don’t build walls”, while her White House wall is being raised 3 feet higher.

        • Jen….that’s a weak argument on so many levels. Which talk radio show gave you that clever little saying.

          “Her” White House??? Really, it’s her’s and her idea and NOT the Secret Service?
          Oh…and before you try to use this to stump for a border wall…see they don’t work.

          • Thank you ptgreeny. The raising of the wall was determined by Secret Service and the National Parks Services. Jen has a bias against Michelle Obama and will say whatever to try to cast our First Lady in a negative light. It’s not like she posed nude with other nude women as Melania Trump has done. Now I would understand if Jen had a problem with something like that in a first lady but I’m sure that doesn’t bother her at all.

          • LOOOL!!

            PALEESE tell me GG, Just what magazine on this entire planet would ask that big ugly Moose to pose nude in ANY MAGAZINE???? LOOL, THAT IS so freaking hilarious, UNFREAKING BELIEVABLE!!!
            Well I found a few, Monkeys Monthly? Fried Chicken Magazine? African Men Monthly…………UGGG..

          • Yeah you’re right. Only dumb white broads with nothing else going for them have to pose nude.

          • LOOL, OHH, that is hilarious!!

            GG- GAY GARBAGE!!

            Silly bald NAPPY headed big black MAN MOOSE MICHEAL, WANTING to be a pretty WHITE girl……LOOL, NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!!

          • Your president is black and your first lady is black. Your president is black and your first lady is black. Your president is black and your first lady is black. Your president is black and your first lady is black. Your president is black and your first lady is black. No matter what you say about them, your president and your first lady are black. Calling them names, calling them ugly, calling them gorillas or calling them whatever else you need to call them to feel better about yourself won’t change this one fact – Barack Obama is your president and Michelle Obama is your first lady. That HAS happened – twice.

        • Stupid comment

        • Let me tell you something Jen – the only stupid person is you. I say this because no one that attends Princeton and Harvard Law, as Michelle did, is stupid. I don’t care if you want to say that she got in under Affirmative Action. Even if that were true, do you think that Harvard and Princeton would let just anyone in even under Affirmative Action???? If that were the case don’t you think those schools would be run over with minorities of all races. You are also stupid because the wall around the White House that you speak of will be raised in 2018 at the suggestion of the Secret Service and the National Parks Service – not at Michelle Obama’s request. This is because, since the Obama’s have been in the White House, more sick citizens than with any other president have tried to get into the White House to attack them. This is obviously because some whackos were never able to accept that the country elected a black president. This has blown the minds of many bigots and some of them have tried to scale the wall to get into the White House. The Obama’s will be long gone in 2018 so how in the hell do you equate the new wall with Michelle Obama???? You are a fool. That is very clear.

        • Careful jen, don’t you know the rules only apply if its a democrat in the White House? They called GWB far worse and even had a movie depicting his assassination, but to liberals, that’s all okay.

          • It’s not ok to liberals like the Clinton’s and the Obamas who are good friends with the Bushes. Trust me, only small minded people such as yourself haven’t figured it all out yet. Keep thinking like you do though. Your ignorance is necessary to keep the status quo. You just don’t have the intellect to understand that.

    • PhhhffffttttCNBC

      Idiot,, everyone has an opinion…name calling is an opinion…

    • I would not say that myself, but you seem to have a point, yes you do.

    • You refer to her as “ugly”?! Think about it.

    • I can’t believe black women haven’t figured out that their dismal parenting skills are the root of the problem here.

      • What problem?

      • What are you talking about! Why are you even talking! You are so stupid I hope you can get a can of soup to break this down for you, idiot! Bad engineer, I’m positive and bad at everything else too you [email protected]! A great mother (oh I don’t want to use that word with this [email protected] but you are slow) is michelle martens, this whore looked for men to rape her 9 year old daughter who was eventually murdered and chopped up! The color of her skin is irrelevant (sorry to use such a big word) but she ain’t black and yes this is only one example but it’s bad enough not to need any others! There are bad people in every skin and if that’s all you see, I’m happy your life is such an ugly hell! You deserve it!

        • You must ignore this person Christa. We all know that white children were and are still being raised by their non-white nannies for decades. First it was black women as in “The Help” now that has shifted to Latino women raising white children. It seems that if any woman cannot raise her own children it is the white woman.

        • Don’t get ur soiled panties all in a twist.. if ur BLM heros weren’t out raising hell over a bunch of dead thugs that where nothing more than a burden on society.. we wouldn’t be here.. FYI I live in a beautiful enclave in the south west. Raised and educated with classes on black history and urban socio-economics… and now I make enough money to move as far away from your kind as possible. Change ur culture because it is not good. It is despised by all the rest except maybe Puerto Ricans!

      • What are you commenting in reference to?

        • all this is about blacks whining because cops kill black men.. .when those black men where probably better off being raised by wolves.

      • Go crawl back under your rock, slug. The best part of you ran down your momma’s leg before your daddy pulled out.

        • wow… i got these welfare queens all in a tizzy! U should now about things running down ur legs… u probably litter the streets of ur hood once a year with a new hood rat!!

      • She should have come out and said that then. I don’t need the term ‘gorilla’ since we all know gorillas are every bit decent and loving animals. So, the gorilla isn’t the problem, it’s the black beings. Every person on earth should say black beings can have children but can’t raise them properly even when they are filthy rich. Come to think of it, black female beings even fail at having children and the black male beings aren’t fit to deal with it. The female beings have all sorts of complications during birth. They really weren’t meant to procreate and now we all are suffering for it.

      • I suppose that is why we spent centuries in this country raising the children of other people and why the children of other people felt closer to us than they did to their own parents, but who cares about history… your opinion is all that matters.

    • Esp someone who bears a slight resemblance to the animal kingdom herself…

      • lol….so true

      • She looks like the “It” clown no mask needed. Oh yuck I’m glad she was fired and her name is out here.


          • You pray for her children that she didn’t think about when she posted her racist views, I’ll drag her in the meantime!

          • This lady probably has no kids. She still seems like one herself. The main kids to be concerned about with her are the ones that she is teaching in the classroom. I’m sure she’ll get another teaching job somewhere but thank goodness Forsyth County wanted no parts of her in their school system.

          • Let it go !, ….she is one soul . There are more worldly issues to”drag” .

          • thank you, you are right…

          • your a Idiot, WAKE UP, MS TANG if your not black shut up you dont know, and if your black you need to wake the pluck up,and smell the coffee

          • You got the negitive for yelling, not one other person used all caps in this hole feed and it shows you have NO INTERNET EDUCATION.

        • YOU are no better than she is.

      • Slight??? More than slight.

      • yes , let be blunt , i think it’s a hippo ? whale ?

    • Please show evidence that Michelle called Hillary a Wildebeast.

    • Maybe we should call her a lion and see how she likes it!

    • Miss redneck Piggy?

      • Well at least you were nice enough to use “Miss.”

      • Don’t use “wetback” or “redskin”, but “redneck” is fine? And don’t call a black a “gorilla”, but Bush was a “monkey”?

        • The big difference is this, while Rednecks wear the name proudly from time to time, you would probably never see a Mexican or Native American wearing a shirt, hat or other emblem praising those two derogatory terms you cited. Besides, redneck isn’t referring to a race of people, it’s referencing a CLASS of people. And the difference between a WHITE person being called a monkey and a black person, should be incredibly obvious.

        • What do you mean by was? Some people are just into name calling, we hear it everyday. We can tell by the names they like call who they are.

      • John, are you talking about your wife?

    • well said….true

    • First thing I thought when I saw her pic, and I’m no fan of blacks lol!

    • Haaahhaaaaa, Michelle does resemble a gorilla, her manly mannerisms scare me at times.

    • Yes how dare she insult michelle the only first lady in USA history to hate her country until it elected her husband. How dare she insult the black militant anti-American first lady (she is as far from a lady as Hillary is a honest)
      How about this why do you all go play a rip roaring game of hide and go fug yourself.

      • She never said she ‘hated’ this country. These are exact words, verbatim: “for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country. And not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change. And I have been desperate to see our country moving in that direction and just not feeling so alone in my frustration and disappointment. I’ve seen people who are hungry to be unified around some basic common issues, and it’s made me proud.”

        ‘Black militant’ – how so? What has she done that was militant?

        Misinformation is dangerous. We should be trying to come together and understand each other and the grievances that our fellow Americans have with the way the system works (or doesn’t).

    • she was talking about brazilla gorilla…the dnc chairmonkey

    • Law and Order Atheist

      So, it’s OK for you to make fun of someone’s appearance, but not this woman? You are such a hypocrite. Good grief.

    • Maybe she was referring to the walk Michelle has, not the looks. Michelle lumbers, she doesn’t walk. Anyway, she’ll probably get a higher paying job now and will be thankful.

    • I’m with you, lol.

    • Your picture is pretty blurry. So what is up with you? Think if you are going to say something of that lady you need to remember just how many fingers are still pointing back at yourself. And actually Michelle resembles more of an ugly man pretending to be a woman. But anyways. And yes she is real ugly when she makes her mean looking face. And yeah…. Gorilla is too good of a name for her.

  13. Charles Partrick

    Look at this simian. Chunky body, low forehead, heavy brow – she’s the gorilla

  14. Crazy. Commendable that Forsyth County Schools fired her. Someone who holds views like this should not be teaching minority, or any kids, really.

    I lived in GA for a long time. Racism like you won’t believe. Even from “friends”, with ignorant comments.

    • she posted it on social media – do you condemn free speech or only speech you don’t like? you people are freaking hypocrites.

      • Bemccfel Gabdesbra

        Yeah many been fired for posting on social media when a company has rules you obey or get fired. Guess you don’t work. They made the right decision.

      • Joann, some people even get their accounts shut down for stuff like this. The truth is, you can’t say by closing someone’s account down they are violating her right to free speech. Facebook and Instagram are private platforms, not government outlets, so the company is free to shut down an account whenever they want. You must be the dumbest person on this board.

      • well I hope and pray you get fired; hope they watch what you do online and offline and if they don’t like what you do or say fire you; you deserve it.

  15. this fat ugly pale face whore has the nerve to call someone a gorilla

    • Are you talking about your mama Mac?

    • That lady looks like an albino orangutan.

    • this so called woman has zero room to talk about ugly. and i’m white.

    • Again, you calling her names in retaliation make you no better; all of the posts on this blog are nasty and vile; you are all vile hate mongers who think a “tit for a tat” is okay and it’s not. I’m willing to be you’re all Democrats; they are the only people who think that it’s okay to say hateful things as long as they don’t like what someone said.

      • Joann, you should stop typing now. Every post makes you sound like more of an idiot. Freedom of speech refers to the government not having the power to charge you for saying something they don’t like. This woman is not being thrown in jail or executed or charged with a crime. That’s what Freedom of Speech refers to. She’s welcome to say whatever she wants, but there are consequences if what she says does not agree with the values of the people she works for.

      • And you are no better apparently because you think it is ok to assume everyone that has a different opinion or acts in a way you disapprove is a Democrat. So really the Kettle (you) is calling the pot (them) black.

        As for Democrats being the only people that say hateful things, lol, have you not met Donald Trump? The guy is the shining beacon of insulting those he disagrees with! I guess that makes him a Democrat per your standards.

      • What is your excuse for being so dumb? is it inbreeding?

        you are probably a Nazi who hates all people that are not white, or all Jewish people, or all gays…on and on….

        • so this is exactly what I’m talking about; I never said it was nice; you judged me just because I brought up freedom of speech and you called me a litany of vile hateful, offensive names which is what all Democrats do when someone isn’t PC enough for them. I’ll refrain because you aren’t worth it. I’ll end by saying it one more time; whether what she said online was offensive or not, I say it was, she didn’t deserve to lose everything over it; it’s just words; to anyone out there who wants people to lose their jobs for words, then I will pray every day and night that the same thing happens to you and your family…good luck

    • Yeah, I’d have called her a sasquatch which is exactly what the Mooch looks like. The little squatches too.

  16. Looking like she does, she is in no position to criticize anyone for their looks. I want to know where she bought her mirror from if she thinks she looks decent enough to criticize the First Lady.

  17. It never ceases to amaze me when ugly ass white women ( and she is one of those) have the nerve to call someone gorillas, or anything else offensive. She must not have ANY mirrors in her house. If she does, the are either magic or broken…… Forsyth County is one of the most racist counties in Ga. Kudos to them for acting so swiftly. Now, if we could just get police departments to act as fast when Black men are shot unjustly, we would be batting a thousand!!

  18. Jane is DEPLORABLE right wing racist trash.Most likely voting for lying bigot Trump.

  19. To be called a gorilla by Ursula the Sea Witch…badge of honor?

  20. I guess people that work for this school are not entitled to their first amendment rights.
    Listen to any black rapper say so much worse and this so called music is played without any backlash whatsoever.

    • The blacks are a big problem with this….exactly….they can say or do what they want but another standard for everyone else?

      • BINGO, Ic: That is one of the “new rules” for living in this increasingly socialist and Balkanized America. It’s becoming the same for the illegal invading Hispanics who are infesting our country, and they can “say or do what they want” in Spanish!!

        OLD ONE 79

      • The blacks tho?! You must be one of the whites…I bet you have a southern drawl and you’re married to your second cousin.

        • Yeah, that’s really tolerant of you. Stereotype much? And there’s nothing wrong with a Southern drawl, actually it’s about the best accent out there. Now marrying second cousins is something I don’t go for.

          • LMAO…Oh Marie…the majority of you people…and yes I said “you people”…BISH WHET?! The majority of you people hide behind a keyboard saying all type of mess and when it’s brought to your attention that it’s WRONG then it becomes an issue. I bet you wouldn’t say half of the things you’re TYPING to a BLACK person’s face for fear of getting your ass handed to you. Enjoy you privilege hon.

          • I suppose you’re not hiding behind a keyboard. Or maybe someone is typing for you. And you can bet your a22 I would tell a black person to their face that it is wrong to stereotype that all Southerners marry their cousins. And yeah, damn right I love to listen to guys with Southern drawls.

          • I’m not hiding behind anything. EVERYTHING I said to your narrow-minded ass I’ll say to your face and anyone else’s for that matter. You’re harping over the southern drawl comment when actually I have one…so get over it!!! I referenced a southern drawl AND marrying their second cousin to show how much of a damn HICK IC sounds like. Now go sit in the corner, suck your thumb and count the rest of your brain cells…heifer!

          • Damn Keke, get over yourself. I think you also need to get over being so ugly you insult other people. I’m sure even your cousins wouldn’t want to do you.

    • Depends on how her contract reads as to whether she has a case for wrongful termination.

    • You’re comparing a rapper to a school teacher? You’re a nitwit, just like the fired nitwit.

      • Just wondering. Who do you think has more influence on children, a school teacher or a rapper? If you think the school teacher does you are naive and part of the problem

        • No you’re ignorance is part of the problem.To play along, what does a rapper have to do with a school teacher. How are they the same?

          • Naivety = ignorance

          • (insert eyeroll emoji here). You’re making no sense.

          • I guess I will have to spell it out for you. Racism isn’t just a white people problem. When blacks start to take ownership of the part of the issues at hand, then progress will be made. If you think black artists calling each other n****s isn’t a problem, then why would a white teacher saying the same thing be a problem? I suppose you think its OK for all the other racists on here to call her a fat, ugly pale face too, just because she said something you didn’t like?

          • The problem here is you’re IGNORING the issue. She was on her Facebook account bashing the FLOTUS. She’s up close and personal with children. The school probably has a morality clause, so they are well within their right to fire anyone who breaks it. This has nothing to do with First Amendment rights or rappers.

          • I agree. Well said.

          • Mike: I agree with you that black people should not use the “Word” if they don’t want to be called by “It.” However, this teacher is not just using a “Word” to describe someone. She is expressing her true emotion — the way she actually feels about black people. Now, if you have authority over someone that you really despise, you have the opportunity to really hurt that person in many ways. Therefore, this teacher should not be teaching black children.

          • WELL said, Mike K!!!!! But expect to be attacked by the Dumbocrats here who worship their “anointed one” and his “classy” wife!!

            OLD ONE 79

          • Another “christian” comment. You will have to pray really hard some day for all these comments you are making today. :-)

          • ALYCE: I pray hard almost every day, mostly for my country’s survival and the fact that half of its citizens suffer from the usually incurable disease (incurable to rational thinking) of OBAMMACOCCUS STUPIDICUS. This virulent disease usually infects its victims with the desire to stay on The Federal Plantation and vote perpetually for the “candidates” offered by The New Bolshevik Party (aka Dumbocrats), who promise lots of free “goodies” for voting “the right way”. I’ll be praying for you, for sure, Alyce! Oh, and I hope you’re LEARNING something positive from my “comments”!!!

            OLD ONE 79

          • Why are people so concerned what a black person calls another black person?? You aren’t a member of that race, so why are you compelled to repeat what they say? If a black person jumped off a cliff, will you also want to jump???

        • not in that room, and not being paid by the school district

          • I’m sorry, did she say it while she was teaching in the classroom? That’s not what I read. I guess making assumption that she is carrying it over into the classroom would be the same as assuming all people of a certain color act the same way.

          • I have seen first hand where a teacher tries and fails to keep such strong beliefs under wraps. It happens too often. If she has this strong of a belief about black people, she will show her true “colors” while teaching too

          • You are stereotyping.

        • My taxes do not pay a rapper to teach/influence my kids

      • A double blind nitwit, but u cant tell anything to a nitwit

      • She wasn’t a teacher but regardless a rapper’s words are far reaching while this was simply a post on social media expressing her opinion.
        Oh, but if it is something that a liberal disagrees with then it should be punished.
        Everyone is entitled to their opinions. No where in the constitution does is say you have the right not to be insulted.

        • So, what you’re basically saying is you agree with her that Mrs Obama should be compared to an ape. This what is what I’m getting from your argument. If that’s what you mean, just say so.

          • What difference is it to you if I agree or not? Everybody is entitled to their opinion.
            Did your wittle feelings get hurt?
            Too bad, grow up.

          • LOL!! I don’t care if you agree or not. My feeling hurts? Are you insane? I just commented on your comment that made no sense. End of story.

          • My feelings were hurt? LOL! Like I said, you’re a nitwit.

    • This might be above your grade level, but “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” So tell me, how were her first amendment rights violated?

      • Schools are part of the government. SCOTUS has long held that the 1st amendment applies to states and local governments.

        • So this is how it works, Christine. Congress made no law that violated this woman’s rights, and she is still free to be as ignorant on Facebook as she wants to be, and while you might be correct that she can now “petition the Government for a redress of grievances” since she worked for a public school system, I doubt she could win that case because no one with any common sense would think that she should be in a position of authority over children, many of whom would be minorities, and I’m fairly certain a case could be made that putting her in that sort of position would be a violation of those children’s 14th Amendment civil rights.

        • Mike Muney Benjamin

          Here are a couple buzzwords: Brown vs Board of Education, Hate Speech, Employee Handbook, Hostile Work Environment. – Imagine you are a black coworker and you ran across her social media.

        • There are these things called morality clauses. Each company has their own set of rules and regulations. Do you think I can claim 1st amendment if I bad mouth something at work. I can’t. I lose my rights to my company that I represent.

      • Why was she fired?
        For expressing her own personal opinion on social media.
        If you work for this school are you not entitled to have an opinion that isn’t even being expressed at the school but on your own social media?
        No where in the constitution does it say you have the right NOT to be insulted.
        Pull up your big boy pants, instead of wearing them around your knees, and suck it up.

        • Yes, let’s tell the elementary school children that she would have had authority over that they should put on their “big boy pants” and “suck it up” when this moron calls them gorillas.

          Look. If it makes you feel any better, I had a friend in a similar position who was fired for telling the children at her school that they should stop eating junk food. And before you make the distinction between addressing the children directly and posting on social media, social media is public, out there for anyone to see, and employers everywhere judge you for what you are posting on social media.

          The school is right to fire someone who exercises such bad judgement and would be wrong to continue to allow her any authority over school children.

      • She was not persecuted in a court of law by the government, so it’s obvious her 1st amendment rights were not violated.

        A person is free to say whatever they want, but they must also suffer the consequences in doing so. I would love to see anyone go tell off their boss while spouting off about their right to say it. That will be a person standing in the unemployment line.

        People need to read the Constitution.

    • Was she arrested? If not, then how were her rights violated? It amazes me how many people don’t understand the first amendment.

      • She was fired. That’s still retaliation by a government entity, (school district.)


          Her behavior was unbecoming of her position. She has full right to say whatever the hell she wants just the same she will have to handle the consequences. There is a such thing as ethics, responsible behavior, morality, just go around and do and say anything you want and you will learn a new word called C-O-N-S-E-Q-U-E-N-C-E

        • people have been fired for less

        • The Constitution says you can’t be prosecuted by the government. It says nothing about getting fired. She could have worked for a bank, grocery store, or a flower shop, and she could still be fired for what she posted.

      • Being arrested has nothing to do with it. The school she worked for fired her for something she said on social media. That is a violation of her first amendment. It is you that doesn’t understand the meaning.

        • go read it again. No one is stopping her from practicing her first amendment.. but just like fire in a theater.. there are always going to be consequences for things you say

    • THE “SAVAGE NATION”, Linda, is entitled to operate under “different rules” and “different mores” than the rest of civilized society, sad to say!!!

      OLD ONE 79

    • Linda Harris: would you want a teacher who hates black people, or who thinks that black people look like gorillas, teaching black children? In like manner, would you want a teacher who hates white people, or who thinks that white people are “Devils,” teaching white children? You can have your first amendment rights, but those rights should not have any effect on the progress of America’s children.

      • Why do teachers teach ‘White kids’ to hate themselves by teaching ‘White Privilege’?

        • AH, Charlie: A most excellent retort!!! But your question makes too much sense, so expect it to be either ignored here, or badmouthed. Wow, you must be a “racist”— like me!!! OR you insist on truth telling, which is even more offensive to the libtards who depend on Government Newspeak!

          OLD ONE 79

    • she said what she wanted, now if she became a rapper problem solved

    • Bemccfel Gabdesbra

      You sound stupid… compared to rappers, really you are trash that should be educated.

  21. Another attack on our first amendment rights. Either we have freedom of speech or not. The erosion of this right is the crumbling of the very foundation this country was built upon. Many people say things I don’t like but they are not fired for their jobs. This is going toooooooo far!

    • Here is the real issue all you people giving lip service to your so call First Amendment rights are actually too stupid to read what the 1st amendment actually says. Let me ask you one question. Has the government arrested her and is she now sitting in some dark dank cell awaiting trail for what she said? If the answer is no then her first amendment rights are well and intact. THe problem is you confuse first amendment rights as a get out of jail free card well in the real world that isn’t how it works. Sure you can say whatever crap you want to say as loudly as you want to say it and the government won’t step in and arrest you (unless you are making terrorist threats) but that doesn’t mean that you are free of consequences, meaning your friend and family may disown you and you may lose your job and people may boycott your business

      • You’re missing their point, Carmen. You can’t be a martyr without some persecution. Whether that persecution is contrived or a reality is not relevant.


        • No they are not being held hostage both are currently located at the National Archives in Washington DC. You are welcome to go see them if you like. Let me know if you need me to re write this in all caps for you to understand it. I can also throw in random unnecessary punctuation if you need that as well.

      • She was fired. That’s still a form of government punishment, since her employer WAS the government!

    • Hey, look, another idiot who doesn’t understand the first amendment!

  22. They could shove Moshelly face in dough to make gorilla cookies.

  23. Hmmmmm……….Doesn’t she realize that she herself has a flat butt, straight hair, thin lips and pink skin. If she shaves an ape she will know what I am talking about.

  24. No matter anyone’s position on her post, if she was not posting it in the auspices of a school employee or in the course of school duties, this is still protected free speech and I am uncertain how the school feels they have a right to fire her for having an opinion. Internet speech has been offered broad protection in the court, barring threats. Even though offensive, she would likely be victorious if she were to sue.

    • Why do you keep saying it is protected free speech when her rights under the 1st amendment weren’t violated?

      Do you actually believe that you can say what you want with no consequences?? That means you are saying you can say whatever you want to your wife or your boss and that they can’t do or say anything because you are using protected speech. Do you seriously believe that’s the case?

      Please try this and report back how it turns out for you.

      • Do you seriously not believe in the first amendment? Freedom of speech is a Constitutional right. Just because she offends someone is not grounds for dismissal. She may lose friends but she legally should not lose her job. Please go to law school and report back.

  25. Admired for what??? Her wardrobe that we bought and nasty school lunches?

  26. So once again, a first amendment right is abused by this firing. If she was black and called trump a cracker I bet she would not of been fired. Lawsuit time regardless. What she does on her time is her business and she has the right to say what ever she likes even if the school doesn’t like it.

    • Ugh. Nobody uses cracker.

      • lol …. visit Florida – it was a word I needed to familiarize myself with when I moved here.

        • Florida cracker here, and I would be very insulted if I were lumped in with Donald Trump.

          • 100%er of ignorance?

          • No, ex-military and raised to believe that I owe a debt of gratitude to this country. No respect for a man who thinks it is okay to shirk his personal taxes for 20 years, while our military was fighting in war zones without sufficient body armor. And as I recall, four years ago, neither did most Republicans, who backed Romney on his 47% comment.

          • he shirks his country while active military members are having their cars possessed and living on food stamps!!

          • Exactly! He is not fit to be Commander-in-Chief. Too bad Germany wouldn’t take his draft dodging grandfather back. We’d be spared this embarrassment.

          • Then talk to your ignorant black football players who disrespects you and other Americans

          • Dude, I volunteered in part to help preserve their right to protest peacefully so I support them, and I can’t think of a better way to honor my service. I even support your right to spew your ignorance.

          • Glad to know that ….

    • I wish you would actually read the First Amendment. It does not say what you think it does.

      • Actually, it doesn’t say what YOU think it does! SCOTUS has long held that the 1st amendment applies to state and local governments, and that includes local school districts. The government cannot punish you for your speech! Termination from her job IS punishment!

        • They can not punish you with jail time. Says nothing about a job. besides, she was stupid to make a comment online for the school to see. If you want to be a racist online then create a fake account. But in this case the teacher got schooled.

        • Please feel free to say your going to kill the president or bomb on a plane. Free speech does not mean you get to say everything you want. It gives us the right to say how we feel about the government running the country. Not how you feel today about another American.

        • Christine, how does employing this low-level aide in a school district that includes minority children not violate their 14th Amendment rights?

    • “CERTAIN PEOPLE”, Prop 187, have “more rights” than do other people. You should know that by now, if you’ve lived in The Disunited States of America for any length of time. Free speech only applies if it is “politically correct” free speech. otherwise it is VERBOTTEN, and speaking your mind results in the “Thought Police” enforcing their “Official Will” upon you!! As for me and my house, we will RESIST the Thought Police to the utmost of our ability and resources!!!!

      OLD ONE 79

      • That is an obvious truth. Although some people would tell us we’re in the wrong and no one has the right to say whats on their mind if your not of their mindset and/or it opposes their agenda.

  27. Lol it doesn’t surprise me that this woman is blonde! They are the most entitled people on the planet Just look at all the so-called journalists on Fox Blonde Central!

  28. 80% of these comments are fireable offences if the commenter is held to the same standard as Jane Wood Allen. Think about that as you sling your insults at the woman who will not conform to the politically correct herd. If her opinion was that of the majority then you would be fired.

  29. I seen her on planet of the apes….what she talking about.

  30. look at HER face.

  31. I thought she looked more like a man dressed like a woman.

  32. Don’t worry Jane Wood Allen, Michelle will still be able to take those wonderful vacations after she leaves office. The Obama’s were rich before they entered office and, unlike you, both hold Law degrees at Ivy League schools. Did you even graduate high school? So while you are in your double wide (why are you orange by the way?) choking on the fact that your life is a dismal shadow compared to the Obamas they will probably be off doing something fabulous. :)

  33. Right Jane. I can’t believe that the Obamas took nice vacations. I mean, no other first family has ever done that.

  34. Sweetheart, have you looked in the mirror lately? You must lead a sad, lonely life to have to write these things about the president’s wife. I’m sick of all the ugliness. If Trump wins, it’ll just get worse.

  35. Mrs. Williams K6

    Wow. Has this pathetic woman looked in the mirror lately? Does she actually believe that she looks better than Mrs. Obama?? Even if she were attractive herself, her racism and crude comments render her ugly. She needs help.

  36. Next month Michelle returns to The Pacific Northwest, scares campers!

  37. Only one thing could lead anyone to slander and demean a rather attractive, smart women with style and grace who happens to be black: yep, racism.

  38. THIS TEACHER deserved to be punished. She INSULTED all gorillas!!!!!!

    OLD ONE 79

  39. Can’t call a Spade a Spade?

  40. how dumb is she? like she is better looking? not really.

  41. Teach high self-esteem, an insatiable sense of entitlement, and an unlimited hatred of the Western Civilization, then combine with 50 years of Affirmative Action and revisionist history. Once empowerment is in hand, what will follow is the standard Haiti hallmark pattern of corruption, robbery, rape, murder and a return to cannibalism and the worship of trees, rocks and voodoo.

  42. She should be talking! A gizzard-neck Transgender with a body of a Line Backer masquerading as a Woman calling other people names. She has not looked at “his” Mirror lately.

  43. What a miserable and unhappy life she must be living to berate the first lady.

  44. I do not know if she looks in the mirror herself, before insulting our beautiful first lady, the teacher’s aid looks like a man or a trans at best. What a backward jerk.

  45. You seriously have to ask yourself if she would be fired if she called Trump a gorilla. The answer is clear. We now live in a banana republic.

  46. Well we know who she will be voting for next month.

  47. Snoopy employers — all the more reason never to use one’s actual name or to provide any information that could lead to identification. I am retired thus I am invulnerable; they cannot take my retirement from me because I say that moshelle obama is a gorilla. I won’t say that because it is an insult to gorillas everywhere but I can say it if I so desire.

  48. The fact that this racist booger dog is allowed anywhere near kids is what’s so tragic. Hopefully her future job prospects will be limited to snorkeling through sewage to find lost buttons and coins.

  49. Jane Wood Allen’s ignorance is evidenced by her willingness to post such vitriol. I hope she has learned her lesson. Now she can get a job washing dishes or steaming grates, some place where she has no contact with children.

  50. People are just stupid.

  51. don’t know what she said that was soooooo wrong, that is except she hurt the feelings of gorillas.


    [email protected] looks like a snuffleuppugus her damn self.

  53. this neanderthal hog said what? First Lady Obama is more of a woman than this POS or any of her crotch-rotch whore grandmamas will ever be

  54. So much for free speech.

  55. The truth hurts I guess

  56. Has this bish looked in the mirror lately–oh I guess not because her eyes are looking at each other and she’s built like an ox.

  57. Michael Ralph Short

    Well back to court with this. Free speech issue. You may not like what she said but she is entitled to say it. Unless there is a clause in her contract she can post what she wants.

  58. Based on her pic, she has no business telling someone else to get a makeover-LOL

  59. This woman has no idea what the first lady actually does. Do you think all she does is vacations and shopping? Are you upset that she got a dealt a better hand in life? Would you be okay with me saying I admire a manatee more than you? I mean really your both big and fat but at least a manatee wouldn’t be a jerk.


    She has full right to say whatever the hell she wants just the same she will have to handle the consequences. There is a such thing as ethics, responsible behavior, morality, just go around and do and say anything you want and you will learn a new word called C-O-N-S-E-Q-U-E-N-C-E. Her behavior was unbecoming of her position.

  61. Michael Ralph Short

    What sets anyone here apart from her when you use language to describe her the same way she did Mrs. Obama ?

  62. I hold out hope that racism is on the decline.

    I wonder what her black friends and black colleagues have to say about this incident?

    Would she say something like this to them? “You are my friend and my colleague but you are still a gorilla”. “I respect you but only on a gorilla level.”

    Are the black students at her school gorillas also?

  63. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Good lawd…

  64. what a joke… we have lost all freedoms.. freedom of speech is a has been unless your black… what a pathetic joke… not saying what she said was right but she has a right to say it…

    • what freedoms are you talking about ‘Honky’?

      • You are upset about what this woman said, and you are here referring to people as “Honky.” Besides, do you really think that white people are offended by this stupid term?

        • Wrong if you think I’m upset but you should be Juan if Trump builds that wall….my lil burrito or may I say ‘Honky’

          • You assume too much. There you are again, assuming that you know who I am because of my name. You are behaving as a fool.

          • I’m clear of who you are but the Honky teacher bch assessment of FLOTUS is out of character and that’s why your getting the same treatment for defending the harlot????

          • As I said before, you are behaving as a fool. Where is the indication that I am defending the idiot woman. I never mentioned her at all. I tried to correct your foolishness. That is, you are no different from the woman that displayed a high level of ignorance. Read all my comments and you will see what I have said about this issue. The Holy Scriptures said that “You” should not counsel a fool for “he” will turn against “You.” You also said that I am “getting the same treatment for defending the harlot,” without any indication of my doing so. Only a fool would defend that idiot woman’s behaviour; and that is why I tried to counsel you in behaving differently. However, you also behaved as a fool. I am not saying that you are a fool; but you are behaving just like the idiot woman. So, how can you condemn her for her foolishness when you are doing something similar? Now you “tried” to be rude to me and assuming that I am from Latin America. Even if I were, the Latin Americans belong in this country just as much as you do. This was their country originally. Spanish is not a native language of the Americas. So, I do not consider them to be “Spanish” as you tend to believe — not unlike you are not British or “English” just because you speak “English.” So, my friend, don’t assume that you know who people are based on a profile name; and don’t assume that someone is defending a point just because he tries to impart wisdom to you in not being like the thing you hate. Now, please indicate where I have defended this idiot woman’s behavior. I really would like you to show me.

          • Jaun nothing you say can contradict what I must do your a lost soul an now here’s your path to what you lack ‘Knowledge’!

            John Henrik Clarke..A Great and Mighty Walk (YouTube) running time 1:34:42

            James Baldwin debates William F. Buckley (YouTube) running time 58:58

            Anthony T. Browder…Egypt on the Potomac Field Trip (YouTube) running time 35:54

            Cheikh Anta Diop- African Origins of Humanity (YouTube) running time 1:00:09

          • I have watched that debate with James Baldwin and William F. Buckley a few times over the years. What’s your point? W. F. Buckley was a great speaker with much self-respect and respect for other people. James Baldwin was more emotional.

          • Birth of A Nation… take your white friends with you I know you in too deep but find yourself u????

    • Right.
      Kinda like Colin Kaepernick is getting criticized for kneeling and speaking out against police brutality and people like you want him dead.

    • The school has a right to determine who is best able to teach their Young children no? Sorry Butt Ugg Eva Braun was not their choice.

    • rj: Yes! She has a right to say it; but the school has a right to fire her.
      would you want a teacher who hates black people, or who thinks that black people look like gorillas, teaching black children? In like manner, would you want a teacher who hates white people, or who thinks that white people are “Devils,” teaching white children? You can have your first amendment rights, but those rights should not have any effect on the progress of America’s children.

  65. David William Pomarnke

    Very sad. Michelle Obama is a truly outstanding example of both a human being & a First Lady. She sets an outstanding example for all citizens to emulate & it disgusts me to see her, & the POTUS, attacked by such vile, low-life trash!

    • I wanted to agree with you until you used the term “Low-life trash!” If you return evil for evil then you put yourself in a position to be the same as the person who you’re trying to correct.

  66. Just calling a spade a spade.

  67. Thick neck, butt ugly, box headed teachers aid, currently unemployed , calls a Harvard Lawyer, First lady of the United States, wealthy black woman a “monkey”. The first lady looks better than this beast on her worst days. White people outnumber black people 3-1 in the US. So there are many more ignorant white people in the US than black. Every day on the web we clearly see their ignorance. How dumb can they really be!

  68. Sasquatch needs not criticize anyone with that thick @ss neck and bronco wide shoulders.

  69. Blonde hair blue eyed sasquatch looking bi#@h has the nerve to call the First Lady a gorilla. White America’s hate!

  70. My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw HER picture

  71. what is that? a fvking beast in an orange dress and blond wig? I mean this woman is butt ugly and should not be comparing any other woman to anything. shave a gorilla and it’s skin is white

  72. That's Deplorable Farnsworth!

    That’s a terrible thing to call a gorilla, besides, B!tchelle is a warthog, it’s settled science.

  73. If the Radical Socialist Hillary Clinton is elected, she can, through Supre Court Appointments, FINISH OFF THE UNITED STATES. She is a self described and admitted Disciple of the Radical Extremist Saul Alinsky’s. She is a Socialist and if she gets control of the Supreme Court OUR Constitution is History and we would then become the United Socialist Republic, How can anyone knowingly surrender the Sovereignty of this country. To allow the country to fall to the Global Elite as represented by Hillary Clinton! The Supreme Court Appointments will determine the country’s course for the next two generations. DO you want FREEDOM or will we become another USSR? The choice is Clear, CHOOSE LIBERTY! Hold your nose and vote for Mr. Trump, Congress will keep him inline and we already have his list for the Supreme Court!

    • I’m assuming you revealed your stupidity because you think this elementary school teacher has the right to be in a classroom alone with 30 little kids with that ugly mindset?

  74. Really?? That is one ugly ass white woman and calling someone else a gorilla? You can stick her head in some cookie dough and make animal cookies!!

  75. NO lie this woman has a BUTTER Face… yikes.

  76. She looks like SHREK!!!

  77. I used to travel 4 days a week for 5-6 months of the year every year

    it’s not all that, yeah the trips to California, San Fran, Vancouver are nice , the expense account is nice, AND THAT’S ABOUT IT.

  78. Odd how it is always the raw-wet-pastry, father-probably-married-sister type, that comes up with these racist remarks about black people. Know what they want? A healthy dose of MELANIN to get rid of that (….really, really, really,…) HIDEOUS RAW-WET-PASTRY SKIN COLOR, and get a chance to look – something – like a real Human Being.

  79. It’s because she got it wrong. Michelle is a wookie, not a gorilla.

  80. The problem is she cannot be trusted to teach kids, kids of color , and kids with disabilities.
    I’m sure she has some Trump jokes about kids with disabilities. “oh oh I don’t remember”

  81. I think she has a right to her opinion. I do not think blacks are monkeys or coons cats or whatever. We are all people but they say we all came from monkeys. People call other people names all the time. look what they say about Trump they talk about his hair and his hands and everything else. They even call him orange?? lol I guess that is ok cause he is white? I think if its ok there then it should be ok the other side. I do not think one race should be favored over another.

    • I think the school district has the right to determine who can teach their children, no?

      I would remove my child if I caught my kid’s teacher behaving like that. All the money we pay for school districts. we don’t want our little 6-8 year olds be taught

  82. This funny looking broad has some nerve.

  83. Wow, what a talent – a talking cow?

  84. The very liberals who are calling this woman names are rejoicing that this lady was fired calling someone names.

    You really gotta love the liberal mindset.

  85. Funny though that terms like “cracker” and “honkey” are mainstream, publicly accepted and can be heard on television prime time with no PC backlash.

  86. Lester Singleton

    This lady needs to look in the mirror, no I take that back. It’s best that she don’t. Some people as so miserable they try to pull others down into the gutter with them. This cow is definitely one of those people. If ugly was a crime, she would get two life sentences.

  87. They were right to fire her. Gorillas are a protected species and deserve respect.

  88. This from a linebacker in a white sheet.

  89. Does the woman have a mirror by any chance?!…She’s not exactly easy on the eyes….sheesh!

  90. Where’s the photo of her glass house.

  91. This from a woman who looks like Miss Piggy.. she must not own a mirror.. it’s like Trump calls anybody fat even know HE is fat himself

  92. This article, like every other article I’ve seen, assumes the use of the term “gorilla” to be racist, without proof. In fact, this writer goes as far as to include editorial comment in italics to make it seem as if the woman in question is actually admitting racist intentions (“The comparison of African Americans to monkeys has a long history in racist literature and actions,”) but I did a little cross-checking and could find no proof Jane Wood Allen wrote that.

    Her firing is more witch-hunt and the banning of political speech.

  93. The hateful comments below against a hate based comment posted online are wrong. Please do not diminish the impact of this woman’s crime against American values and beliefs. The due process of law and the American legal system has worked as it should to support the removal of this woman and stands as an example of America’s commitment to life, liberty and justice for all.

  94. What has happened to freedom of speech in America?

  95. Why are the low lifes calling her ugly not being criticized?

  96. Facebook: ruining careers since 1995.

    When will people learn that you shouldn’t post your personal opinions online on social media? Yes, you are free to do so, but you must also accept the consequences in doing so. I’m sure she feels good in exercising her rights.

  97. Gwendoly pothier

    Should we really go there. I am however sick and tired of the POTUS and his family being degraded. Any family for that matter, just because of their appearance. Do we really have to go to that level??? What is the matter with people???

  98. Bemccfel Gabdesbra


  99. disqus_ie01LrTsZk

    Well, it is Georgia!

  100. Gwendoly pothier

    She does NOT need to be in the school system teaching our school…I can agree on that. the question is …is she teaching the kids to hate and degrade people? We certainly do NOT need any more hate in this world. She should know better.

  101. Everyone on here taking up for this woman would be singing a different tune if it was a black teacher calling white people crackers!

    • that would be rare, Blacks have to ACE the job interview. She can behave like Trump in a job interview and get the job

  102. Mandela'sLastBreath

    Nothing new here. Obama and his female gorilla hate the truth. Liberals hate the truth and in the name of “justice” will do everything they can to silence anyone who thinks or speaks differently than them.

    I personally have seen Moochie climb a tree and peel bananas with her feet. Now dispute that…hahaha!

  103. So now you can’t even speak the truth?

  104. Who’s she to talk? She’s one ugly huge MF! LOL

  105. Well Michael Obama is a gorilla. And I want to apologize for being disrespectful to gorillas everywhere.

  106. Her photo needs to be sent to every school system in America to make sure she never steps in a classroom again. Also saying your sorry should never cut it with a racist remark.

    • Mandela'sLastBreath

      You mean like all the other racist remarks here on these remarks calling this woman horrible names? All coming from liberals, leftists, minorities and regular low life EBT grabbers.

  107. this beattch looks like an Orangutan.. she got nerves

    • Mandela'sLastBreath

      Where do knee grows get these ready to use right off the shelf racist phrases? They see one use it then the race is on. Everyone has to use it, in this case Orangutan.

      If I didn’t know better I would say it’s a case of “monkey see, monkey do”. Hahaha!

  108. Our FLOTUS is possibly the most admirable FLOTUS of the past 40 years..

    Both her and her husband make me proud to be an American.

    The women above, who called her a gorilla….not so much.

    • Mandela'sLastBreath

      Moochie getting the support of a “C level” student and citizen I’m sure really moves her. You are as laughable as you are ignorant.

  109. that’s deplorable…

  110. She didn’t lose out on much being just a teacher’s aide actually. Those jobs don’t pay a whole lot so I’m pretty sure she can move on from this.

  111. Lady, this is your opinion of the first “primate” and I support you.

  112. Don’t worry these white Neanderthals are on their way out, they are presently committing suicide and sadly murdering their own families in historic numbers in America today. The good news is their new Savior in Chief, Donald J Trump will not save them they are doomed and the planet earth will be a better place because of their demise.

    • Mandela'sLastBreath

      More garbage dispensed via the ignorant racist BLM types. Get an education and don’t just mindlessly repeat lies you fool.

    • ppiuq,
      Have you view the stats of who is killing who in Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, and other predominately BLM Cities?
      Normal weekend in Chicago…. 46 black on black shootings.

  113. Well!
    The way I see it is the Animal Rights Group should file charges on this woman for demeaning the Gorilla Species.

  114. Truth hurts, huh Meeeshelle?

  115. the teachers need to stand by her and quit if the school won’t reinstate her. Freedom of speech needs to be restored. wake up americans communists are ruining your country.
    In class is one thing but on facebook referring to how she hates michelle is another. I don’t like michelle either she goes around and pollutes our children day after day, tells us what to eat visciously attacks the white house and is even more arrogant then obama if that is possible. Gorilla is a mean word but so is calling someone racist.

    • So black teachers need to stand by her use of an historically used term to denigrate blacks? Moreover, please understand what freedom of speech actually guarantees you….it does not guarantee you to be free of consequences for making statements that an employer believes undermines your ability to perform your job

  116. Obviously she doesn’t see the troll reflection staring back at her when she looks in the mirror.

    • Mandela'sLastBreath

      And obviously you don’t see the C**t Face Personality Disorder looking back at you in the mirror. Oh but you be da boss ladee huh? Go piss up a rope.

  117. Excellent!!! This kind of sick thought has no business around children. This is where children learn hate. I hope this woman chokes on her hate.

  118. I like how Republicans think Michelle Obama is not “entitled” to anything as a first lady, but Laura Bush can run over people and get away with it. Someone remind me, WHO IS IT WITH THE ENTITLEMENT ISSUES?

  119. What happened to her free speech and why was she fired for expressing
    her opinion

    • Free speech means you can’t get arrested. It doesn’t protect idiots like you from being fired for saying something stupid/racist. If you don’t believe try insulting your boss (if you have one) and see what happens.

  120. Note that the school will site racism as the reason she was fired, without addressing why what she said was racist. Apparently they are hoping we will understand without the having to address the reason.

  121. Basically she has problem with a black first lady. There is no question about this because she did not have to throw in a gorilla reference or complain about trip taking which all first ladies do. I bet this lady (oops I mean bitch) travels and takes vacations and now she’ll have lots of time to do more trips – hopefully to the therapist.

  122. They run the country like animals what do you expect?

  123. PhhhffffttttCNBC

    So what’s the problem….she is entitled to her opinion>
    You idiots at CNBC news service are nothing more than a liberal outlet for stupid stories instead of concentrating on being non-biased, and non-politically correct and one sided thinking. In fact all the NBC outlets are this way.

    Try your best to report the news and not slant it one way o another…kind to like the POTUS debates, Lester Hold showed he is in the same class as Brian Williams, biased, lying and a POS>

  124. The audacity when she looks like Frankenstein! Karma is a bitch bitch! lmao


  126. I don’t approve of the gorilla comment, but I do understand this women’s frustration. Michelle is the only first lady (that I know of) who has abused her power and position. I’ve never seen a first lady act the way she does, not exactly a class act…although she has gotten a little bit better over the years. I think people need to get off this “it’s all about race bit” because that’s not the problem, poor policy and leadership has been the problem for the last almost 8 years

    • What act like a real life person? what because she dances? because all first ladies are involved with social issues. and most of them always have. So I guess you like being in a rescission? or fighting a enemy with no face? inspiring more more against us? How can you understand her frustration? is there a election being run which is using hate against the minorities? but this makes you mad? lol its laughable. What exactly has she done which makes you so mad? No really. and give me an example of a good first lady to you.

      • her patriotic “all this for a damn flag” her racist “Black Girls Rock” supporting the BLM hate/terror group by pretending it’s legit… She/they spend way too much of tax payers money on her vacations $72,881,504.68 to date, they love their lavish vacations…Regarding the rescission, we are in the worst economy EVER, her husband has killed the job market with his obamacare, not to mention adding 18 trillion to the national debt and we still have a bad economy, but I bet he has a big war chest just like the Clintons got theirs..illegally….presidents are not suppose to get rich “serving” the people

        • Look please. White people. Stop talking to me about BLM. The klan was around for 150 years, and have killed thousands of Americans. have stolen from thousands of americans, have terrorized Americans for 150 years. to the point they are involved in American politics and are in positions to control the very people they hate. Dont wake up today and start the hate group thing. we have had to live with one for 150 years. please with that stuff. when yall dissolve the klan and all those other hate groups who have been around since the ending of the civil war. So please wit this. I dont think Black Girls Rock is racist. considering they way they are portrayed on TV. which they dont control. Remember what you see on the TV shows Movies and Music are not a representation of how we feel. its a representation on how white america thinks we feel. the executives pick and choose what is let loose to the public. there are millions of artist that dont talk derogatory about women or sell drugs or kill people. But the only music we get to hear is the violent ones? Why. Because thats the representation white america wants to see. Which is why Denzel Washington Wins an Award for playing a dirty cop. But not one for playing Malcolm X? Why? because a intelligent black man is the last thing white america want to see. And why did he win it for playing a bad cop? because this was representative of what white america can believe… lol. I asked specifically. What did she do. And your response was more about her husband and not her. And you opinion is not about what she has done then more about how you feel disrespected. when you shouldn’t be. I think your reason for hate crazy. as far as the money for vacations. speculation. he has taken far less time off then bush and Clinton. all your comments are speculation. none are facts, you probably still question where he was born.

          • I agree with you on the klan, it’ a racist hate group that killed and hurt people, BLM are the same. How would you feel if Laura Bush had said “White girls rock” does it have a different meaning to you now? It’s racist

          • Well how do you say they are the same? has the BLM ever had a picnic as the ate and danced around the burning bodies of men and women? Has the BLM ever rioted a city. Going door to door. destroying their property. Burning down their homes. Not just the businesses their homes as well. beating and killing the people who tried to protect their things. Are their BLM member who have part of our political landscape for the last 150 years? Have the BLM helped make policies which work against our cause. No. Are the BLM a state sponsored group which law enforcement is regularly used as their enforcers? I will be the first to explain, I really didn’t like the tactics of the BLM. But then I had to think about some things. OK when men Like Labron James and his High powered friends get on the ESPYS and ask for people to acknowledge the issue. what happened? absolutely nothing. I mean its the same stuff Dr. Martin Luther King Died trying to fight against. So even after all the marches, all the beating, church burning, child killings, wrongful imprisonment. Then we have Kap. Kaps protest is quiet and non violent, but he is subjected to more hate by people who see his form of protest as disrespectful. As if dead children are not disrespectful as well. So understand. You are comparing a violent 150 year history to BLM. Can you see why we do agree on this issue yet? The BLM has done nothing close to what the klan has done to us, Compared to the klan BLM are angels. Well if we were in a world ruled by black people. who historically have demeaned a white group as they have black people. I mean they even demean women of the white race as well. So as a black man I can tell you. A black women has it hard. Not only proving the statistics wrong. but also the world works against us. We live in a world dominated by White Men. and is ideal for White men. The TV shows and movies usually depict a black women as needy, ghetto, loud, uneducated, and as only sex symbols. the black girls rock was created to offset so many years of bad publicity. Understand. we have to go through so much to claim our pride. which was stolen.

  127. Fat cow shaming a gorilla ?

  128. Pants_Up__Dont_Loot

    Walks like a duck and quacks like a duck….

  129. Mrs. Obama has been an awful first lady. When she said “for the first time I am proud to be an American…” you mean to tell me she could not find anything in her life’s prior experiences to make her proud of her country?!! What does that say to young people? I don’t see anything wrong with it being acknowledged that our first lady is not a patriotic, Constitution-loving American(and neither is her husband). I personally wouldn’t make comments about her looks however

  130. Good for her – too bad she was fired – I have a few other choice words

  131. I wish we all could just separate and live among racial division, i.e. journalism, public offices, police, healthcare, schools, university sports, professional sports, entertainment, everything (total isolationists). Then I can stop reading hateful mess like this. The US have the nerve to call out Castro, Putin, Hussein, Gaddafi, and all other dictators for inhumane treatment. Look in the damn mirror and stay off the computer with all this vitriol!!!

  132. I totally agree that the adjective used was wrong. However, for all of you, be very careful when you begin condemning anyone regarding the words people use. We are in a mode today that “everything” is being taken literally and they are exercising, under the idea of “rights” or “discrimination”, etc. and compelling others, businesses or individuals, politically to make decisions are your behalf. There is “Freedom of Speech” and those lines are being crossed more and more by political pressure.

  133. She does somewhat favor the face of a primate, in the same sense that Gary Busey looks like a horse due to his teeth…but the PC crowd.

  134. What I find funny too, Barb Bush took more trips than most first ladies. She flew herself and her lady friends to Vegas one weekend for a get together on our dime, I wonder if this lady made any special note of that?

  135. That Joan Wood Allen looks like an Eating Machine, an eating machine, super sized, I tell you. That girl looks like she eats with Donald T. rump like a glutton.

  136. Has this lady seen herself? Ha! I wouldn’t make any jokes looking like that. At least Michelle Obama doesn’t need to worry about speed bag arm-fat. This lady looks like the type to call others names but get mad if you make fun of her weight. LOL, idiots always talk but that’s all they are is talk.

  137. The days of true Freedom of Speech are gone.

  138. more race baiting by the media. F u media!!!

  139. This idiot forgets she is speaking about THE FIRST LADY OF THE U.S. #BowDown

    Just respectful and VERY RACIST…

  140. Cops are not the problem…. DISMAL BLACK PARENTING SKILLS ARE!!!

  141. Michael McDermott

    Funny, That the black dude in a gorilla outfit running on the football field in Chicago was not racial but this is. Same ole double standards put on the the Aryan race.

  142. She really puts the Ass in Assistant. Oh, wait she’s not one now because she got Fired!
    Ha Ha Ha!!!

  143. Wow Trump got a fat, erange female twin. Didn’t think it was possible. She talks about Michelle but says nothing about Trump foreign alien looking wife without a degree and she is from the ghettos of Slovenia. She just mad because a vacation to her is going to the Six Flags theme park.

  144. What an idiot. And to think she’s the example that she sets for kids. See ya, Jane….you deserve the boot.

  145. Jane makes some very good points. As First “Lady”, this group failed miserably. Jet setting around the world when nobody really wants you to show up is indeed wasting taxpayers money (not to mention….embarrassing). We have to live with our failures, but please, lets not show the whole world our lack or class or culture.

  146. White people need to learn that they have no freedom of speech, religion or the right to assemble. You only have the obligation to continue to fund the government handout programs and Obamacare’s health insurance corps or face jail-also funded by your tax dollars.
    Don’t like what she said but I like Obama stealing tens of millions of taxpayer funded money to go campaigning for the criminal they pardoned with a side deal even less.

    • Freedom of speech means the government won’t put you in jail for unpopular speech, so maybe read the 1st Amendment. There are 45 million black Americans, and 14% of us use government benefits. There are more than 45 million white Americans using government benefits out of the 198 million white Americans. Obamacare is a cost you have to pay if you don’t have insurance from your employer, so your tax dollars do not contribute to the Affordable Care Act. As for jails, do you realize we arrest nearly 6 million white Americans each year? There are over a million white Americans in our jails right now, so while that’s the only thing you are correct on, you pay those taxes to jail the violent criminals. This article is about a racist idiot that thinks black Americans are apes and monkeys and you rant about your misguided interpretation of the 1st Amendment. You ma’am, are one of those deplorables Hillz talks about.

  147. leonard ugochukwu

    someone with a face like hers shouldn’t be calling people names

  148. For certain, political correctness can go too far … but what a lot of folks these days call “political correctness” is simply showing a lack of manners, showing a lack of class, and being mean-spirited. When it comes to our dealing with others, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for us ALL, Christian or not, to take some hints from Jesus’s words in the Gospels.

  149. there is a difference between a gorilla and the missing link, this teacher needs to go back to school.

  150. do you slow cool aid drinkers remember when Michelle 0 called Hillary a hildebeast?

    • That would be from the book of gossip columnist, Edward Klein … who used mostly anonymous sources. Hmmm … juicy “tidbits” like that go a long way in selling books! Go ahead … bet your house that it really happened.

  151. Michelle Obama is a great person, a great FLOTUS and has represented the US admirably. We are lucky to have someone as articulate and smart as her in the White House.

    I am glad this woman was fired from her job. Hopefully she will never be employed in a job that will have any influence on kids. People like this give us a bad name.

  152. Let’s see…. a fake blond, built like a gorilla, with a fake tan and “raccoon eyes” makeup and a large tattoo over her boobs criticizes Michelle Obama for her looks. Nice.

  153. and the sad thing is that she probably is wondering what did I do wrong. Like she’s Miss Pumkin Patch 2000!

  154. So says Queen Kong.

  155. Hey Birdy, why not ask white women why they prefer Black men as opposed to white men like yourself.

  156. Are you all serious?! Your comments are no better than hers!!

  157. This woman spilled a lot of hate and animosity at Michelle Obama. Now that it is public, she will shed tears and proclaim, “I am not a racist, I have friends and relatives who are African-American, I love everybody. I am sorry”. Well, I for one won’t buy it. She is a RACIST.

  158. I guess she’ll have to go back to teaching Sunday school.

  159. Where is her freedom of speech? Oh that is right she is white so whites can be thrashed and nobody says a dam thing. Black privilege rules America today that is why we are turning into a banana republic.

    • She’s free to say whatever she wants. She just can’t be an elementary school teacher.

      • I’m amazed at how many people evidently never went to school. It seems many have no idea what freedom of speech means.

      • why not our FATHER our creator gives us ALL freedom of choice and will. It is ignorant people who try and take that away from us like Mark and Andrew. I will stick with FATHER!

    • ROFLMAO!!!! That is the Truth!!!

    • You poor thing. I assume you’re being persecuted as a Christian too?
      I bet if you ever got a job you might see how free speech works too. Let’s say that somehow you were able to get hired as a dog poop scooper. You’re picking up poop in some wealthy person’s yard. The owner’s mother drives up. You call her a fat pig. How long until you’re fired?

      • That is why I learned a trade so I could make it on my own if the need arose and mark you must be that lazy fat pig and a lefty name caller a real retard. Oh no I used an anti PC word I might get run over by a lefty hitlary person like little piggy mark

  160. what happened to freedom of speech? besides, michelle looks a s strong as a gorilla

    • She has freedom of speech. No where in our Constitution does it say that you are free from consequences of that speech. The teacher did not say that ‘Michelle looks as strong as a gorilla’. She made a vile, racist comment. It sure looks as if the teacher is about 100 pounds larger than the First Lady though.

  161. Turn that racist out! One nice thing about this election it makes the #Deplorables easier to spot.

  162. Jane Wood never had a black wood !

  163. Bet if she attacked Trump, like many in this profession have done, she’d still have a job.

  164. The most ugly shemale in the word is calling someone gorilla. Unbelievable.

  165. WOW, she has a lot of nerve, she is an obese thing and unattractive as well. She’s insecure and no esteem and it’s obvious as to why she has spoken in such awful taste about Mrs. Obama. The jealousy and hatred…..OMG, I hope that Mrs. Obama or some other black person is not the one that would have to take care of your nasty butt one day.
    Sit your fat ass in a corner somewhere and reflect on your nasty ways. BUFFA RILLA

  166. rofl … that woman has a lot of nerve to compare anyone to a gorilla when she looks like an albino baboon.

  167. The first lady is not doing anything those other first ladies have not done. Glad they fired her racist ass.

  168. It always surprises me that I am surprised by how racist people really are, it really shouldn’t but it sadly does! Michelle is a beautiful, elegant, refined WOMAN. She carries herself with poise, style and character at all times even on her many tax payer trips that are nothing compared to the money raped from this county by the former president and all of his family and cronies! The Obama’s are a bone thrown to redirect and distract from the real sewage pool created by some real greedy M Fkers!

  169. If looks mattered Ms Wood needs to look in the mirrror. Why do adults especially a teacher stoop to name calling. it is very childish.What is she a teacher in a small county in GA and Michelle is a Harvard graduate and FLOTUS. She appears jealous because Michelle is a somebody and she is a nobody. Being a “teacher” she should know one of the duties of first lady is to travel like ALL first ladies have done.

  170. Hey its Patrick Star from SpongeBoB

  171. You can call a white person names and it is ok but not a black or Asian. Because white people are superior race and not suppose to brag about it.

  172. First this woman tortures Ariel from the Little Mermaid, and now she attacks Michelle O.? Someone be on the lookout for Flotsam and Jetsam.

  173. This nut looks more like a bleached gorilla, herself.

  174. Patricia C. Gilbert

    I have to say that at least in this instance, the school did the right thing. Any child does not deserve to have a bigot as a teacher or a teacher’s aide.

  175. This nasty, pink, pig has some nerve!

  176. This woman is such an ugly shyt to be calling anyone a gorilla.

  177. ?She must not have been told her ancestors are gorillas also.And how can she call Michelle a gorila if she(The aid) looks like one?

  178. Hello America:

    This just goes to show you just how “ILLITERATE” a bigoted racist Neanderthal can be especially when you consider that they believe/have the nerve to teach Darwin’s Theory of Evolution in our schools.

    Now think about it for a moment, Darwin’s Theory is that man (human race) evolved from a species of “APE” and with that in mind wouldn’t that mean that the “European Caucasian” (a segment of the human race) also evolved from that same species of ape???

    So when they try to “BELITTLE” our first “VIVACIOUS” Black FLOTUS by referring to her as an “APE” aren’t they showing an extreme level of “STUPIDITY” because they are descendants of that same species of “APE” (THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK)!!!

  179. This fat , ugly manatee should never have opened her mouth !!

  180. This is offensive to Gorillas everywhere. Harambe is turning over in his grave.

  181. She wants Trump, who will treat taxpayers money like it is his charity’s.

  182. Wow! This ugly a*s woman have alot of nerve!! First Lady Michelle Obama has more class then this evil eyed woman will ever have in her lifetime!! Getting tan, looking burnt orange.. I can’t even describe what this thing looks like other than being mean spirited, over weight, orange color, evil looking and big nose.. Just Ugly inside and out..


  184. Life Coach Landry

    Black victim hood culture is a Cancer on society

    “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the coloured race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the coloured to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

    ? Booker T. Washington

  185. Before calling anyone names this teacher should take a look in the mirror. Fugly.

  186. I am pretty sure that she is a Trumpeter….good ridden…we do not need people like her in the education system.

  187. How does a gorilla get to call some one else a a gorilla?

  188. ..well i guess it mustta made her feel better to call a beautiful well educated African American diva women a derogatory name..especially since she looks like a huge ugly wild bore..well ..i hopes she feels better about herself now..

  189. She should be fired. Insulting all those innocent Gorillas like that. How insensitive.

  190. ALL she did was speak the TRUTH!! Michael DOES look like a gorilla, those are the facts and nothing that wash woman puts on helps his ugly @$SS anyway…………GET THIS MAN OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE, AND TAKE Ovomit with you!


  191. Forsyth County standing against racism… America may have a chance after all. Forsyth was one of the most racist places in Georgia.

  192. Michelle spent 8 years in the White House trying to tame her hair and looks- she hired 20 hairdressers and beauticians- why does she want to look like a White person- she does not want to flaunt her African features- what a shame

  193. what’s wrong with that. Although she doesn’t have much room to talk.

  194. Nothing is more unbecoming than an orangutan wearing an orange-coloured frock.

  195. If see this woman day or night I run like hell for my safety thinking a Beast has Xscape the zoo

  196. Why is it that the ugly people always criticizing others. This is the ugliest white blonde I have ever seen. Please go and fix your nose and eyes. Not only that you have a gorilla mindset …you also look like a gorilla.

  197. Hillary looks like a Gorilla as well.

  198. This woman have on right to compare Michelle Obama to herself because Michelle is an elegant classy beautiful human being

  199. Creepy looking trailer park trash..

  200. ha, ha, ha, ha!

  201. What ever happened to First Amendment rights? I guess they only work for “minorities.”

  202. Is it my imagination, or are the most bigoted people usually the most unattractive?

  203. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black huh?? She looks like a Albino Gorilla if you ask me! I’m just saying…..

  204. Look’s like clueless trump ditz….

  205. funny you people said words have consequences; here’s a story for you; a 12 year old girl was being bullied on social media by school mates; they said mean, nasty, vile things daily and the girl hanged herself; her mother did some investigating and found out that it was the next door neighbor, a “friend” and her freaking mother helping her bully this girl; her mother was helping her torment this kid….the mother of the deceased girl brought them to court and the judge said it was “freedom of speech”.. they got no justice for this adult helping her kid bully and harass someone to death on social media so this teacher calling someone a vile name is still protected. Not sure what her union contract says; teachers who sleep with their students should be fired.

    • The employer posted a picture of the contract on the article so if you don’t know what it says it is because you do not want to. While the case you mentioned is indeed sad and vile and unjust, no one in your story was under a legal contract, the Teacher’s Aide was, you are comparing apples and oranges.

      • you would say that. forget it…I want to keep our freedom of speech; maybe you don’t; good luck in the future and watch over yourself.

        • Again, stop making false accusations. I never said I don’t want to keep Freedom of Speech. I simply explained to you what Freedom of Speech means, what it does not mean, and why she was fired (i.e. BREAKING A CONTRACT). If you cannot understand that much, I have no time to nurture you, go ask your mother to do it.

  206. Something like ‘that’ could insight the Black Mobs, that rule America, to BURN down the City?

  207. Based on her picture, she’s the last person who should be criticizing the appearance of other people.


  209. She has a right to her opinion… I’d rephrase it and say a MAD / ANGRY Gorilla…

  210. How can you call Mrs. Obama a gorilla when you look like that? If you read this, I’m sure you will be hurt by some of the comments here. Hopefully, in the process you will learn some empathy. I’m glad you were fired. As a teacher and a mother, I would not want anyone with such racist beliefs teaching my children! You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • “How can you call Mrs. Obama a gorilla when you look like that?”

      So you’re appalled at her behavior, yet act just like her?

      Let me guess, you’re justified in doing so because she “started it”? Very adult of you. And you’re worried about other people teaching your kids this kind of thought process?

      • Oh yes IHN, Miss Pig LIPS was talking about how uneducated I am………I don’t even know this lard negroid.


      • You’re right IHN, I should not have insulted the woman like that. I think she could use some empathy but its not my place to teach that to her by being cruel. Have a good day.

  211. Another example of how deep bigotry exist in some people. Allen doesn’t know Michelle Obama, but even with her neanderthal appearance, she was raised to feel superior to any black. Allen will get another job teaching children the same as she was taught because those kinds of people are more proud of their bigotry than the Constitution, American flag or National Anthem. Trump believes he is better looking than Barack and so forth and so on. American racism will continue as it has for the past 400 years!

    • Racism is prevalent in EVERY race and in EVERY country, not just whites and not just in the United States.

      I just love ignorant indignation.

      • Its nothing to be proud of IHN. Racism is ignorance!

        • Who said I was proud of it?

          Jesus, people like you are a waste of time to speak to. All you want to concentrate on is, “I know what I know”. You don’t care to hear any other side of an argument, if it isn’t agreeing with your stupid point. And if it isn’t agreeing with your point, you dismiss it.

          Closed minded much?

          BELIEVE it or not, there are actually PEOPLE IN AMERICA WHO DO NOT, DO NOT, REPEAT, DO NOT LIKE THE OBAMAS, THEIR RACISM, OR LIES………THEY STINK. He is a sorry president as she is a gorilla in the mist………………..S-UCK OFF LINDA, I am sure your dog would love it………..

      • “I just love ignorant indignation.” We can see why, you represent it well.

        No, I didn’t see “the riot video in Milwaukee.” My comment is in reference to this article, this country and it doesn’t cite the world’s racism to justify racism in America. After you learn to read, you may be able to intelligently respond to a comment and stay within context of the subject.

        • Jesus Christ, another fool who can’t go outside the bounds of what they know or the discussion. Did I change the subject of racism? No. Only pointed out that while you’re so ashamed of the United States, we are not an anomaly.

          “I just love ignorant indignation.” We can see why, you represent it well.”

          Oh wow, what a witty comeback. Please show me where in my post I displayed uneducated self-righteous anger? That is what ignorant indignation means. But I’m 100% sure you didn’t even bother to look that up.

          I just love debating people like you.

  212. I need a safe space !! I need a safe space !!

    Welcome to Generation Cupcake.

  213. Benedict Cumberbuns

    Posed for the portrait in her Halloween mask – how original!

  214. This fat-faced blubbevball with a 17 IQ should talk..

  215. Her calling any body a name is crazy. Her punishment should be to have a picture of her beside a picture of Michelle Obama and maybe she will see how stupid she was embarrass herself. I don’t know what to say she looks like, but i can and will say that , she is not attractive at all.

  216. Freedom of Speech This First Lady is Racist

  217. She must have never heard of the saying that if you can’t say anything nice say nothing at all. People say nasty things all the time and then are surprised that someone took offense..

  218. Why the American obsession with skin color? Get over it! You embarrass yourselves in the eyes of the world.

    • We embarrass ourselves? Have you ever been outside the United States? Racism in other countries is much higher than in the United States sweetheart.

      • EXACTLY IHN!!!!!

        Only in America, because the blacks would never go to AFRICA, THE MOTHER LAND WHO ALSO SOLD THEM, AND START ANY OF THIS. Blacks COULD NOT SURVIVE IN AFRICA!!
        THAT IS A FACT.

        • Either could you I suspect and with a name like “dangkids” I also suspect that you have not graduated high school.

          • There you have the typical liberal. As soon as their intellect runs out, it’s time to insult YOUR education.

            This is the extent of a liberals ability to debate.

          • LOL, and your real name is Linda Smith??? OKAY….

            I suspect you are as dumb of a biotch as you sound…… Skank, high school is only a 30yr ago memory for me……….AND I AM VERY EDUCATED. IF YOU DON’T LIKE MY POST MULE, THEN DON’T READ THEM……………Go get you some KUD and chew on it, or pay attention to your husband, he needs you in the bathroom to wipe for him…..

      • Don’t call me sweetheart! Yes, I’ve lived in Australia and the US and have spent time in Indonesia and Italy. Racism is everywhere, you are right. However, as a US citizen, I am embarrassed to see racism so blatantly exhibited. It is embarrassing.

        • “Don’t call me sweetheart!”

          This just proves you’re a “social justice warrior”, looking to be insulted. This is from being emotionally and intellectually weak. That and I’m sure you just love being a victim.

          Well if you lived in Australia, you’d know Australians are very racist towards non-whites. Yeah, I lived there too. Canberra and Adelaide.

          • Good for you! No, it doesn’t prove anything. It just shows that I don’t like patronizing idiots.

          • You’ve already proven the extent of your ability to have a rational discussion stops as soon as someone disagrees with you.


        • You are an embarrassment to ME, MY STATE AND AMERICA.
          i DID NOT KNOW AMERICA had so many danks in it.


  220. This funny looking female is not qualified to be a certified teacher, so she settles for the baby sitting job. Jealousy will get her nowhere.

  221. this fat Orangutan looking bitch has got ball to call someone a gorilla, I hope you never get another job, as a matter of fact i hope you and your inbred family end up living in a van down by the river

    • Well if you wouldn’t be such a thug, you could invite her to stay in the HOOD with you and the rest of the RATS, no??? Sewage Feces……..

  222. Lover of Nature & Humanity

    A lowly obese teacher’s aide calling a highly educated, fit and smart calling a First Lady – Jealousy and unfounded racial supremacy.

    • Jealousy???


      Most men are ‘FIT’ and Moose Michael is no different! Just because Michael had a lawyers degree doesn’t mean anything…….I do believe HE/IT has since been BARRED, NO???

  223. Nathan Sturdivant

    We guess her black boyfriend fired her for a prettier white woman. Now she’s taking it out on the Obamas….

  224. I am yet to see a very manly, ugly looking woman like this one. One can be black, yellow or while or etc and be beautiful. And there are universally ugly in all races. And one can be ugly outside but beautiful inside. In the white race, this woman seems to be ugly both inside and outside. I rather be a gorilla or a flat out dog than being her. Sorry.

  225. How ironic is that? A whale calling the First Lady a gorilla. Go figure!

  226. Well, that’s ironic. Such a large woman calling another woman a gorilla. But, I guess most hateful people do have reality issues.

  227. Just because she is ugly and obviously clueless, does not mean she has to take it out on one of the classiest first ladies we ever had.
    This trash should not be allowed to teach in our schools

    • She’s hardly one of the classiest.

      But yet it’s OK for you to sling insults at her. Interesting.

    • Classiest???? LOOOOOOL, and uncontrollably!!!!!

      There is not enough material, make up, plastic surgery in this big beautiful blue planet that could MAKE MICHAEL OBAMA CLASSY, PRETTY OR HALF WAY DECENT…….It was born out of the debts of the jungle……And I mean real DEEP.

  228. Looks like the readers leaving posts today aren’t any better. Most of them are slinging insults at this woman. But yet she’s the horrible one who deserves to lose her job. Funny that.

  229. Ya gotta wonder what other views she shared with (imprinted) the kids she worked with.

    Kudos to that school system for not tolerating someone like her.

  230. She has no room to tell anyone to get a makeover. She should take her own advice.

  231. She should not have been fired. What if someone called that teacher a walrus online? Should that someone be fired? Because basically all that’s happened is someone called someone else a name and that person got their feelings hurt.

  232. Lots of comments on this teachers looks, weight etc. Sure, the is quite heavy and she won’t be winning any beauty pageants out there but no doubt there is someone somewhere out there who thinks she is beautiful.

    And yes…I am making fun of her weight and looks.Big ole catfish smile and carrying about 70 extra pounds, what’s not to make fun of?

  233. If you call someone gorilla, you should not be as ugly as this woman.

  234. LakotaSue Resident

    Good for them, maybe she will learn some respect from losing her job

  235. WOW!!!!!! Does this woman not have mirrors in her house? Hard to believe that she would belittle someone else’s looks.

  236. This ugly, fat, fake blonde biatch needs to look in the mirror before she calls anyone anything unflattering.

  237. So when WHITE student goes the principle and states he is being threaten by black students for his support of the police Department the schools say there is nothing they can do. But when a when a teachers aid makes a crude joke she is fired.
    And when that white student ends up in a hospital in critical condition the school act as if expelling or suspending the student prior to the attack was out of the question.

  238. While I’m glad that the school took swift action, I’m concerned as to what she was teaching her students. Students and their families depend on this woman to teach them the right thing and she comes out with this nonsense? She shouldn’t just be fired, she should be banned from ever teaching again!

    • Pants_Up__Dont_Loot

      Yeah yeah yeah. Lets be gettin someone like DeeeRay McKesson to pick all da teachers to be learnin’ our kids in school, know what I’m sayin?!?

  239. Mooshell does look like a gorilla…but that lady looks like an orange walrus.

  240. Keep it classy, Georgia!


  242. she apologized..she was talking about oprah


  244. it was brazilla gorilla she was talking about…the dnc chairmonkey

  245. 100% she thinks Hillary belongs in jail and that Repulsive Donald is some sort of business genius…

  246. How come Colin K. has 1st Amendment rights….and this white woman does not?

    People should be allowed to express their opinions and be judged by the content. If it applies to Colin K., it should also apply to her.

    • What?! are you serious? What is wrong with you?
      How is criticizing police for shooting unarmed black men and racistly comparing a person to a subhuman primate the same thing?
      You are ridiculous!

      • Honestly, you missed the point.

        The point isn’t the comparison of the two and/or which subject is worse, but the act of having free speech.

        Free speech is free speech. It doesn’t mean only speech you agree with.

        Free speech cannot and should not have a gauge on it. What’s “offensive” to some is not offensive to others. Nobody should be the arbitrator of what people can and cannot say.

        Now, saying things to incite riots or create fear in public places is not ok, because that kind of speech is directly detrimental to people. But just voicing an opinion is not.

        People claiming to be all “hurt” and “offended” by words are just using it to silence those they disagree with. If you’re so emotionally fragile that words send you into a death spiral, you need professional psychiatric help. Not you per-say, but anyone.

        • You just contradicted your own point. Free speech is not free speech. there are limits on it.
          Making blatantly racist statements is one of those limitations (as well as inciting riots, etc.) That’s why you can be sued for defamation.
          Come on man. You are talking in circles.

          • Calling someone a racist name is not defamation you imbecile.

            Defamation is a false statement that harms the reputation of an individual person, business, product or group (and no, not a group of people, but an organization).

            And making blatant racist statements is NOT one of those limitations. You can stand on a street corner yelling n*gger all day long or walk around with a sign that says, “Kill all the Jews”. You might get your butt kicked, but it’s not going to incite a riot or put the general public in danger.

            You went to public school, didn’t you?

          • Calm down dip wad. I’m not equating racist statements to cases of defamation. I simply was giving another example of why free speech is not ‘free’ in your words. Losing your job is quite obviously an example of a limitation on what you can say to people.
            And I get that you are trying to say that everyone is too politically correct, but in doing so you are arguing that racism is okay, and you made a awfully stupid comparison with Kaepernick.
            You haven’t made a valid point yet.

          • You know calling me names doesn’t strengthen your arguments or invalidate mine. It just shows you have a limited vocabulary and intellect.

            Maybe if you were more articulate, if would be easier to follow your line of thought. Oh sorry, articulate means; having or showing the ability to speak fluently and coherently

            And I didn’t make the Kaepernick comparison.

          • What is the matter with you? Can you not follow your own arguments?!
            You are defending the Kaepernick comparison….
            You trying to insult my intelligence is laughable considering, you STILL haven’t made a valid point.

          • Do you think calling M. Obama a gorilla is a true statement?

          • Pants_Up__Dont_Loot

            Better hit the law books a little more there, Jackie Chiles.

          • nice try man. I didn’t say you can be sued for being a racist. and i’m sure that’s a great thing in your case….

      • Pants_Up__Dont_Loot

        Please edit “unarmed black men” to “black men disobeying direct commands from a police officer*” and maybe then you might have an argument.

        *Officers that were black, white, and hispanic.

        • First off, have you seen the Philando Castille video?! he was not disobeying any command. Second, I did not specify white police officers at all.
          Therefore, your response is just gibberish….

      • Oh, I see….so opinions only count when you agree with them. I think you missed the whole point about allowing someone to be judged by the content of their speech and NOT by their ability to be agreeable to all.

        • Yes that is exactly the point! I am judging the content of that post. It is insane! A direct, racist statement directed at one individual is not even on the same planet as a critique of a government body’s practices that includes peoples of all genders, races, and ages.
          I am exactly judging that statement on the content of the speech, and that is why it is idiotic!

    • Who’s stopping her from making ANY statement she wants? Was her Facebook account deleted? Has she been locked away from the public to silence her voice?
      She’s still FREE to say anything she wants…and I support her right to do so.
      Free Speech has repercussions. Free Speech allows me to come into work tomorrow and call my boss the biggest idiot I’ve ever met in my life and that he should be sterilized to prevent his stupidity from spreading to future offspring. I’m completely free to say that…and he’s completely free to fire me for it.
      Colin K…NFL says OK. Others have tried this “on the job” and for some it’s no problem…other it’s not. Your complaint is with the NFL.
      Tantalus, my freedom of speech allows me to say, from your post…you don’t know a thing about freedom of speech from such a stupid statement.
      Your freedom of speech allows you to say I’m full of crap.

      • Another person who only allows freedom of speech as long as they agree with it. You have a very pale sense of liberty. Maybe you should explore relocation to N. Korea?

    • Colin really didn’t say anything until asked and he certainly didn’t slander anyone.

      • And please show me exactly who this woman slandered? Being a bigot and saying racist things is still free speech. It is free speech when Colin K. airs his opinions, it is free speech when this woman gives her opinions and it is free speech when the New Black Panthers give their opinions. NONE should be edited and ALL should be judged by their content.

        • First of all, in reality nothing is free! The issue is not about free speech, we don’t know that the woman said anything. What she wrote was a defaming and slanderous opinion, which is libel. She has a right to express her opinion and I don’t believe anyone is challenging that. She can also has the right to file a lawsuit against the school. However, she can also be sued for knowingly choosing language that is NOT true.

        • How is Kaepernick’s protest racist? Where is he criticizing a race? You are reading in any race comment yourself, thereby completely twisting the protest.
          None has been edited, and both have been judged by their content. He is employed and she is not. that’s because one is a racist statement the other is not. It’s very simple…

          • I never said it was….had you been paying attention, you would have noted that my point was, if Colin’s speech is protected, then so it this woman’s speech.

            See, it is VERY simple.

          • Now you are trying to get around your own point. You lump his protest into the racist comment of this lady and the speech of the New Black Panthers.
            If you are not implying that Kaepernick’s protest is racist then the other two examples don’t fit with your overall point and your argument falls apart right there.
            But even so you really aren’t making any point anyway. that lady’s free speech was protected because she got to say it. And her statement was judged on it’s content. She was fired because her statement was deemed to be racist and ridiculous.
            So you’re saying nothing while trying to incite a person’s right to be a racist. Good job man.

          • Blah, blah, blah…..the fact is that Colin is using his job as a platform that offends many people. If this lady can be fired for her statements, why can’t he?

          • The point is not that you cannot ‘offend’ anyone. The point, as you so aptly put it, is ‘NONE should be edited and ALL should be judged by their content.’
            This case bares out exactly that free speech is alive and well, but that there are consequences for bone-headed malicious statements.
            You realize that you are wrong, but you keep arguing, why?

          • I got banned from CNSNews no doubt for not bowing down to trump