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Did You Know That Mark Wahlberg Has a Criminal History of Racially-Motivated Assaults?


Over the last few days, the media has put a spotlight on Mark Wahlberg’s criminal past — a past that a lot of us weren’t even aware of.

Mark, who’s currently a co-owner of the Walhburger fast-food chain, filed a petition for a criminal pardon to Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick asking for his past crimes to be stricken from his record.

Mark’s trying to open up more Walhburgers across the country, but he’s afraid that because of his past convictions and criminal record that he won’t be able to get appropriately licensed in certain states.

“I am deeply sorry for the actions that I took on the night of April 8, 1988, as well as for any lasting damage I may have caused the victims,” he wrote in the petition. “Since that time, I have dedicated myself to becoming a better person and citizen so that I can be a role model to my children and others.”

So, what exactly did he do that was so bad?

Before Wahlberg rose to fame with his rap group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, he was the aggressor in multiple racially-motivated hate crimes.

On June 15th, 1986, Jesse Coleman, a 12-year-old black kid was walking home with his older brother and sister in Dorchester. Mark, who was 15 at the time, along with three friends, began to follow Jesse and his siblings. One of Mark’s friends shouted at them, “We don’t like black niggers in the area, so get the fuck away from the area,” according to court documents.


The three black kids began to run away, while Mark & his friends chased after them on bikes chanting “Kill the nigger, kill the nigger,” while hurling rocks at their heads. Thankfully, the Coleman kids found refuge inside of a  Burger King, and Wahlberg and the boys on bikes rode off.

It didn’t stop there.

The following day, Jesse and his classmates from Dorchester’s Mather School, along with his teacher, Mrs. Deshales, all traveled to Savin Hill Beach for a class field trip. There, Jesse once again encountered Wahlberg and his friends. As the class was heading back to Dorchester, Wahlberg and his friends once again began “yelling racial epithets” at them and “throwing rocks.” One of the rocks hit Krystyn Atwood, a black girl, and another hit Emily Harr, a white girl. Mrs. Deshales ordered an ambulance, which managed to scare off Wahlberg and his friends. 

The most physically violent attack Mark Walhberg committed happened on the night of April 8th, 1988.

At 9 p.m. that evening, Thanh Lam was parked his car and exited carrying two cases of beer. Suddenly Lam, a Vietnamese resident of Dorchester, was approached by Wahlberg, then 16, who was carrying “a large wooden stick, approximately five feet long and two to three inches in diameter,” according to court documents. Wahlberg yelled at Lam, calling him “a Vietnam fucking shit,” and then hit him in the head with the stick. Lam was knocked out cold.

Wahlberg and fled from the scene and approached a bystander, Hoa Trinh, also Vietnamese. He told him, “Police coming, police coming, let me hide,” and after the cop car passed by, punched Trinh in the eye, rendering him partially blind. Trinh eventually fingered Wahlberg, and the cops arrested him.

Later that evening, Boston police brought Wahlberg back to the scene of the crime where, in the presence of two officers, he looked at Lam and stated, “You don’t have to let him identify me, I’ll tell you now that’s the mother-fucker whose head I split open.” He also proceeded to shout a bunch of racial epithets about “gooks” and “slant-eyed gooks.”

Both crimes happened during the months before Marks’ 17th birthday. As a result, Wahlberg was tried as an adult, and charged with attempted murder. He eventually pleaded guilty to assault, and was given a two year prison sentence at Suffolk County Deer Island House of Correction, but was released after serving just 45 days.

All these years later, Mark has seemingly turned his life around. He’s an Oscar nominated actor, he’s married, he’s a father to four young children, and he’s also a devout Catholic. Mark Walhberg has his own foundation for at-risk teens, the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, and supports The Good Shepherd Center for Homeless Women and Children. He has an estimated net worth of around $200 million.

Would you ever have had any idea that Mark was responsible for such heinous crimes? Do you think he deserves to be pardoned?

[via The Daily Beast]


  1. He has a right of passage as anyone else has had …that being said , mistakes were made, influences were there and he has done an excellent job at turning it into positives. I forgive him if he has forgiven himself. We all deserve that.

    • only a coon would apologize and excuse for massa.

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      • I am glad to see another black woman call her out on her support for her white daddy.

      • Exactly! This is more even more shocking to see this knowing how violent these assault were. To hate someone’s race like that .. it’s deep rooted, he never changes, he cleaned his act because he’s famous. If he wasn’t he’d still be torturing non-white people..

    • jeraline#real name #taylo

      Not until he apologizes to the ppl who he violated and donates to the black and asian University of his choice, this is to be done publicly and he should tell who his friends were also, then it’ll look as though he’s serious and not just trying to get this under control before it reveals the true state of his family’s heart and soul! He had to have been raised by “racist” parents and that’s why his show is on the same station as the “duck-dy-nasty”, ppl!

    • yeah, but you didn’t lose an eye, Has this white trash try to seek and find the asian man that he blinded personally ask for forgiveness and compensated him for his life long disability? NO!!! I forgive everyone one on death row if they killed a white person and is repentant. Of course to hell with the victim or their families.

  2. Wow… kind of disturbing

  3. I think he should be pardoned. He was a bad kid but he’s become a great man. Coming from the same area of Boston it was a different time, it’s not acceptable but it’s over.

  4. Many people have changed and still have a criminal record. If Wahlberg didn’t desire to have more restaurants this may not have surfaced. If he’s given a break so should the rappers and others that have turned their lives around be given a second chance.

    • Umm rick Ross aka fat rozay record is scraped so is jeezyy record and slot of other rappers it’s been decades since mark was in a crime it should be wiped clean

      • If that were YOUR eye that was lost due to his violent attack would you be so quick to let bygones be bygones???? Rick Ross has NOTHING to do with Mark Walbergs violent RACIST behavior. Knock off the smoke and mirrors.

      • He just found better ways to hide his racism.. He’s still the same racist! I doubt Jeezy and Rick Ross would hit someone with a stick just because of their skin color..

        • But beating someone for not paying for their drugs is accepted? Reverse racism is still racism. Check the President’s record/past and dont say crimes are different, it looks very contrite. Crime IS CRIME.

          • Reverse racism? So they beat them for being WHITE? Oh that’s right. ..they didnt! So where is the “reverse racism”?

        • First off none of us can pass judgment on anyone mark was a freaking kid drugged out his mind not to mention growing up in Boston where it was completely segregated blks didnt like whites nd the whites didn’t like blks in low income housing it’s like that still. But I bet you did some fucked up things to ppl at 15 16 17 so I feel like he should be able to get that off his record

          • I never did anything to hurt anyone. At 17 I was off to college upstate New York. I never blinded anyone or caused anyone physical hurt, harm or danger. Yeah, I had a quick scrap or two as a young kid, but no race baiting and definitely no permanent damage.

          • My point is we all make bad decisions that we live to regret I have made alot . My opinion on the matter is he was a young kid everybody passing judgement but coco I’m pretty sure you have heart someone feelings without knowing it I’m not saying wat he did was right but I know ppl who have beat their women ended up on probation and ran to a different city for seven yrs now that charge is nowhere to be found so I feel like if the man has the money to pay then let him espunge his record ppl do it everyday we don’t know. Wat demons he was living with while creating those crimes at 15

      • when you hurt people those people are changed. They are more guarded, they are frightened for their innocent children as they were once innocent and still a Mark W. came along and hurt them. This man damaged people and their generations. How do you wipe that clean? How do you unhurt, and get rid of fear that you rained down on those people? How do you think the children of his victims grew up? in fear or clean of all their parent’s over protecting and anxiety. the butterfly effect..

        • Wanda the guy made a bad decision as a kid he’s 40 something today I’m pretty sure he has changed since then if not his career would have been gone down the drain

          • He came out as a rapper and was accepted. He used one of the biggest voices of the time on his Good Vibrations song that he’s still getting paid royalties for. It would be easier for him to be forgiven for selling crack or weed than for blinding a man. That’s permanent damage, permanent disfigurement. Whatever good Mark has done in his life, he permanently altered someone else’s. And that stain cannot be wiped away.

          • Hey B Sean – just saying this: Calling people names is one thing. Blinding someone – altering his appearance for life – that’s another. If it was just running past people calling them names, throwing rocks at them – OK, somebody got a nick on their skin. But when you cause someone to become blind in one eye, that can affect how they look, how they see, they lose their peripheral vision on that side. I do not think that because he is a big star now and has $200 million dollars that he should be pardoned. I know Black kids, Puerto Rican kids, Dominican kids did dumb things that will never get a pardon. He got off easy only having to serve 45 days on a 2 year sentence. He has a wife. If he’s worried about opening restaurants and liquor licenses, then he can plead his case before the board of each state he’s trying to open a restaurant in. If they say no, he can put that restaurant location in his wife’s name and get the liquor license in her name. It’s still his restaurant – it’s “their” business, right? I’m saying, level the playing field. If there are people of color in the same situation that worked hard to make their lives better, but have had some stupid stuff they did as a kid haunting them, making it difficult for them to move forward, then pardon them too. Feel me?

          • Mark Wahlberg recently made headlines for requesting a pardon for the assault he was convicted of in 1988.

            Now, Johnny Trinh, the man Wahlberg hit in the head with a five foot long wooden stick while trying to steal two cases of beer, is speaking out for the first time to say he has forgiven the actor.

            “[Wahlberg] was young and reckless but I forgive him now. Everyone deserves another chance,” Trinh told the Daily Mail. “I would like to see him get a pardon. He should not have the crime hanging over him any longer.”

            Though the actor was 16 at the time he committed the assault, he was charged as an adult and served 45 days of a 90 day sentence.

            The 59-year-old Trinh said he doesn’t hold a grudge against the actor and would like to meet him in person.

            “He paid for his crime when he went to prison. I am not saying that it did not hurt when he punched me in the face, but it was a long time ago,” he told the U.K. paper. “He has grown up now. I am sure he has his own family and is a responsible man.”

            Additionally, Trinh cleared up reports that Wahlberg blinded him in his left eye, when he hit him.

            “I was not blinded by Mark Wahlberg. He did hurt me, but my left eye was already gone. He was not responsible for that,” he said.

            This guy is forgiving him so why can’t the rest of you?

          • Initial article said Mark blinded the man. This article from the victim says his eye was already gone. Don’t you see how that makes a world of difference? Initial article also said he served 45 days of a 2 year sentence and this article says it was a 90 day sentence. Again, a world of difference. Had he been responsible for blinding his victim I doubt the man would be so forgiving. He punched him together with the racist taunts. But he didn’t blind him. So under review he may get his pardon mostly because of that. But I STILL say if he is granted it then others who are nit so rich and famous who had similar situations should be given pardons too.

          • Yea looks like bscott read a lil bit more into it. But I agree if a person shows responsibility and really reforms he or she self they should be pardon but most ppl do pay to get their record expunged

  5. I’m having an issue of his racism its disturbing calling out racial slurs but people change especially since he was a teen it seems he has done a hell of a lot for charity. I think he should be pardoned. However I’d like to know what his opinion is about niggers today.

    • He made a living off of his movies his music never took off or made any money off it. Plus Yes Boston is rough everybody their sticks to their own so it’s How Boston was nd How Boston is today he has changed so I think it should be off his record he was a hot headed kid

      • He did pose like so many other white acts past and current using black culture to make money. New Kids on The Block before Marky Mark and the “ahem” FUNKY Bunch! Maybe you’re just to young to know about those days…

        • Can’t believe four people gave thumbs up to this completely incorrect comment. Mark was not in New Kids. That was his brother, Donnie. Get your facts straight.

          • I remember him as an original member of NKOTB. He dropped out early on. NKOTB played on black radio before going mainstream. Many people assumed they were a black group until they saw the first video. You need to get your facts straight…

    • Exactly. And like I replied earlier, if was convicted selling weed or crack or cocaine, then yeah, work to expunge that. But he blinded somebody. That person is walking around today with a patch, a glass eye, or a grayed out eye – blind in that eye. That is permanent disfigurement. And that is a stain you can’t just wipe away and be pardoned for. Thought needs to be given to the victim and as such I think Mark is just going to have to live with this stain.

  6. I don’t think he should be pardoned. This may not be him anymore but it is part of his story. I think it’s testimont to the fact that people when given the opportunity can change for the better. Whether he’s pardoned or not if people don’t want a Wahlburger in their town, there won’t be one. Mark Wahlberg is really motivational to those of us who have done wrong to others in the past and have high hopes of changing for the better. Our past helps shape us into to the people we currently are and there’s no shame in that.

    • This has been the best response I have seen so far; really intelligent, and really insightful. You hit it right on the dot!

  7. That is very disturbing…that kinda thing stays with us. Whether he is “pardoned” or ot…I feel VERY different about him now. He’s still a fuckbag for the horrible things he did to those people…all because they weren’t white.

    • "TheDixieDrifter"

      Hundred thumbs up .

    • It sure does, I didn’t know this about him. I guess people can change, but I don’t want him to get his crime pardoned. The reason is that I don’t want him to forget what changed him. You see sometimes people forget that they where supposed to be changed and having this here makes it sure that he can stay changed.

      • Che Coprenicus Lund

        As a personal decision hell no, but as a business decision I don’t see why you couldn’t pardon his crimes if it’s been like what 20-25 years since this shit went down. A business does bring jobs, and new products. I mean the guys clearly not the same person. If he assaulted an person based of ethnicity in the last couple of years maybe definitely say no, but clearly its been awhile and the fact that he remembers the last date first means he knows he crossed a line on that day in particular. Then again I’m a glass half full kinda guy. I don’t think racism is ok, but nobody is the same person forever.

        • you seem to have a good heart, I hope Mark W. does and we are not creating another one percent-er to carry the torch of hate further once he has become a multimillion dollar brand.

          • He is obviously different. People get sentenced and send time in prison with the hope that they are rehabilitated. In his case, he is one of the few that it actually changed. Why continue to punish someone 20 years later who has actually learned from their mistakes?

          • Jane, he spent 45 days in prison out of a 2 year sentence… who changes or learns anything in 45 days from an extreme bad ass to accepting minorities and turning their lives around? He went on to do great things and never had to face his past and correct things until now. He cared less back then.

        • I feel he should not be pardoned. He’s only asking so that he can continue opening restaurants, the crimes are hindering him. Forget that it creates jobs, this is deeper than that. Something tells me that deep down inside, he is still that person but he can’t show it because of his fame and he has a lot to lose.

          • I don’t think he’s the same. He has too many black & latino friends to still be a racist. My 2cent

          • Then u need 2 c a Dr. Because, y r either stupid or stupid.

          • Why does he have to be stupid? Because he disagrees with you?? You seem like an asshole your Damn self

          • they’re stupid because having a sprinkle of diverse friends doesn’t make you an anti-racist. I know a white woman married to a mexican guy buy hates hispanics with a passion.

            So when you say “im not racist i have a black, asian so so” etc you’ll look more racist. ’cause if you didn’t do/say something racist you wouldn’t have to say who you’re friends w/ in the 1st place.

          • Author Andrea Clinton

            EVERYBODY is racist to a large degree. We racially profile one another. I think white people do this & whites think blacks do that. That’s not to say we each believe every stereotype but we do chalK a whole race up for the likes of some, just natural because we each view things in life based on our perception & our perception is driven by our experiences or that of others.

            Regarding me being stupid, I’m not worried about that comment because I didn’t bother with explaining myself & I have too many degrees, exam grades & accomplishments that prove otherwise. We all stand on our opinion for different reasons, I don’t want to believe Mark is racist so, I try to have hope he’s matured. But I will NOT walk around acting like I don’t know our teens are the most stupid time on our lives, because it is and kids immulate what they see & are taught & like most of us we grow up & learn & mature. And we grow a conscious and live to HATE what we’ve done in our past. I’m just hoping that’s the case with Mark Walberg, stupid or not (still can’t believe some would hold a grown man responsible for what he did as a kid; grown men try & change everyday, why not a growing boy?)

          • Author Andrea Clinton

            That’s what I’m thinking Jess. I am torn just optimistic in the end. Not everything is…imagined being punished or shunned at 40+ for something you did at the dumbest age in your life. Not easy as a fan but I’m trying to overlook.

          • Author Andrea Clinton

            Because “y r stupid…?” Rflmbo. And you called me stupid, lol.

          • I understand however, he has to have to have “token” friends so to speak in his line of business…. It would be awesome if it were genuine but my gut tells me otherwise. Don’t get me wrong but I stand firm on believing he has not changed his ways/past. It is staring him in the face right now. Until he makes amends with the people he has done bodily harm to, mentally tormented and has worked on himself “mentally” for the betterment of himself first, everything MAY fall into place if it isn’t damaged before hand.

          • Che Coprenicus Lund

            because we’re all inherently racist, and never change. Or because he’s successful so he can’t function like a normal human being?

          • No, not all white people are racist, I never said that and never will. Why would you go that far Che? Never said he “couldn’t” change. My issue is that he has NEVER apologized and clearly stated that he never will to the people he has harmed. That tells me that HE HASN’T CHANGED. That’s all Che. He has been functioning…. Not sure as a human being…

          • Author Andrea Clinton

            He’s said he will NEVER apologize? I must’ve missed that. If he would never apologize I dunno about a pardon. What are we pardoning? If he did not say that, I stand firm on earlier comments on his behalf. But I can’t help some one who…I’m just sayin’.

          • No, you didn’t miss it, I read every piece written up on Mark and I came across one that mentioned that Mark said he would not apologize because too much time has passed, it happened so long ago. His comment burned my ass… That does not sound like a “reformed” person and not to mention, he spent 45 days in prison from 2 years. I will try and find it and get back to you.

          • How do you know he has not changed? Because the media did not tell you this???? The media only wants to publish hate and ugly, it gets ratings, warm and fuzzy does not. It has been 29 years since this incident. His life has not been documented by the media. So you sir do not know what he has or has not actually done in regards to the victims of his youth.

          • You may be right, it’s amazing that he’s now wanting to do that. It’s like you said, a business thing and it was hindering him. And deep down he thinks like that.

          • Yes Buck, this happens all of the time. Folks forget shit… You feel me?

          • You may be right, it’s amazing that he’s now wanting to do that. It’s like you said, a business thing and it was hindering him. And deep down he thinks like that.

          • Author Andrea Clinton

            Been pondering since this article & I’m not sure they should expunge his record, I try to see him the same but I find myself wondering how he feels about blacks when I see pics of him. I believe he’s changed but what he did is like DANG!!! And I react like it happened to me & i dont want to. I really like Marky Mark aka M. Walberg. But, now I can’t help but wonder. I’m torn. But i do keep telling/asking myself about my behavior when I was his age. I didn’t do anything racist but I didn’t think right & so my behavior wasn’t right. We all mature & we grow, such is life I’m almost positive he’s grown. And I’m praying he’s changed those ways be it racist or just stupid kids being cruel & using racism as a device to misbehave. If he hasn’t made it right by the people involved, praying he does. It makes a huge difference. I know its hard to face your demons but… We have to get better as we get older. Well I’m a journalist & filmmaker so, if he & I ever cross paths I may share the experience.

          • I feel the same as you do Ms. Clinton and I honestly try my best to give folks the benefit of the doubt. That was very nice of you to say we all grow and mature but that is a false statement. I know of quite a few folks that still are “stupid is as stupid does” and they’re in their 60’s… Let’s just say for Mark’s sake, and I pray right along with you that he does make things right with those who he has hurt because if he doesn’t, that’s a game changer right there and I will continue looking at him in a negative light until he does.

        • Would you be saying the same if he’d raped or killed someone. Yes he has changed and that’s good but you can’t erase your history. It’s not fair. You jyst need to move on and hope people judge you for the person you are now. This should go for everyone including business people.

          • Che Coprenicus Lund

            your gonna be that guy….. The for arguments sake lets jump from assault to rap and murder guy or lady. Thats not an argument if want to speak in hypothetical comparisons then your no different from a common troll. Just like the guy who compares anything race related to genocide. I’m not trying to label you I’m just saying its a slippery slope. Especially when you end your comment with its just not fair. The reality is with the internet there is no way this is going to be a secret. It won’t be on his record, but the fact that we’re talking about it means we are all acknowledging it happened there for your argument is invalid. He’s not erasing his history, not really…

          • It stays on his record…. Obviously, it isn’t sealed. Che, just stop.

          • Author Andrea Clinton

            If we were on a panel deciding a vote you wouldve gotten me with this. We can’t erase our history but we can keep moving fwd in a positive manner. This would’ve pushed me over the fence.

        • Author Andrea Clinton

          I agree no one is the same.

    • Although I totally agree with you I have to ask The questions. Do people really change? Or do they just do what is necessary to become successful in life. Or hide how they really feel deep down inside but also still feel the same. I’d like to believe that people do change they grow up they view the world differently and I also like to believe in forgiveness. He seems like a nice person but what do we really know about any of these movie stars. REALLY?

      • If that’s the case a dope /crack smoking gang member, who cheated on bar exams is wrongly in the Whitehouse!? Tell me YOU exhonerated HIS PAST…by the way, I know mixed kids who are openly racists! But I dont witness it or act like them, and I give two shits what they do as I am worried more about getting me correct.

    • My name is kristine Ledford-David Each person on here has received a private message of the text messages and stacks of Text messages from Mark Wahlberg and publisher all but the ones that were blocked.. please help me and my family fight mark walburg

      Like · Reply · More · 28 minutes ago

      Kristine Ledford-DavidSorry im crying

      Like · Reply · More · 1 hour ago

      Kristine Ledford-David rape case started in 1989 the first concert of new kids on the block in Tacoma Washington again in 1991 -1992 the year 2000 after molesting my daughter Hailie in 2003 I asked new kids on the block and Mark Wahlberg for all possessions pertaining to the sexual assault of many young women I’m asking a nation not to clean his record off or get let him carry a weapon

      Like · Reply · More · 1 hour ago

      Kristine Ledford-David Oops tapes

      Like · Reply · More · 1 hour ago

      Kristine Ledford-Davidmy name is Annette Wilson I am a victim of Mark Wahlberg Mark Wahlberg let me in 1991 after taking a couple of songs for me and making me climb a fence he then later in 2003 and 2001 -04 sexual assault tapes and domestic violence tapes pertaining to me and my children my family has suffered for his actions from withholding the evidence to put the molester behind bars and the daughter who defends him and trapped me and my family after I signed as an informant for Medford Police Department on drug enforcement and prostitution and two thousand and eight over the past 12 months I have received over 2000 text messages from Mark Wahlberg’s publisher and Tom Cruise is publisher of harassment about the sexual assault and meeting mark refusing to hand over all property pertaining to the child molestation of me my daughter sister Jennifer Wilson Carlina Wilson , sister , niece nicole Lawson, sex abuse of my daughter Haley mental and emotional distraught over my daughter Ricki Bettis I am asking the world and the nation not to allow this man to have a record to be clean and disappeared and handle a weapon I am one of the many victims of Mark Wahlberg and still have not received justice after 29 years. He has not changed Im asking you please dont clean his things .

      6 hours ago

  8. I don’t think he should be pardoned. Not that he doesn’t deserve forgiveness but he is using his celebrity and influence to get a pardon. If he gets a pardon than any ex-felon who has turned their life around should be able to as well. Mark is worth $200 million the article estimates, he is no small business owner trying to make it, he is financially set. I think he is using this as an excuse to get it off his record. if he is worried about Wallburgers then he should go have an open townhall meeting in each city he wants to expand to which would assuage any fears or worries.

  9. LIKE I WILL CONTINUE TO SAY, all white people are the devil.no good ones in the bunch.

    • The part I don’t like about this is that he was a Racist he only harrassed minoritys that kinda thing dont just go away thats in bedded inside a person they just hide it to get ahead in life

    • Well then I guess the same goes for all races right?? Wow if everyone thought like you there’d be no one left in the world you must be an ancestor of Hitler

    • You should be ashamed of your words, because they are as racist as they come. Try to open your mind as a human race, and rise above the perspective of one’s color. Purple, yellow, brown, white, black, gray, or any other……we are all a living race! Come together, not apart. Believe it or not some of us “whites who are the devil” want equality and peace in this world. If you want change, open your mind more to the thought of it. I would say the same to the “white extremist”. These mind sets are the problem to the entire “racist” difficulty we have in our era. As nicely as I can put it, please keep your mind and heart open that we can COME together as a human race! Many things will have to be addressed for this equality, but do not shut out EVERY person who happens to be white, or vice versa. With all do respect, I say this. I could care less about the star that is being judged, because it is us who do not have million dollar careers that have to make the change and come together.

  10. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Boston/New England is pretty racist. I still support Mark though.

    • that makes you either a white supremacist or a simpleminded nigger coon.

      • It’s not like 38 year old Mark(or however old he is) is still doing this. Sometimes we grow up in bad environments thinking things like this are okay, then you branch out and realize that ideology is wrong and you change. Mark appears to have done that.

  11. He’s a RACIST! Leopards don’t change their spots…they just get better at HIDING!

    • I completely agree.

    • Shut the hell up. That’s one idiotic analogy. This stupid mindset puts you on same level as any racist. Forgiveness and redemption are traits our civil rights leaders try to pass on. Obviously you didn’t get the message. Forgiveness is also a lesson from the little book called the Bible. But hey you might not know anything about that either.

      • Oh since we are bringing up the bible, there is a passage in the bible that is you physically assault someone and they suffer an injury that the person who did the assault has to pay compensation to the injured party. any record of Mark trying to make amends to the man he blinded in one eye. Forgiveness does not mean consequences or compensation do not still stand. I wonder if you would be this pious windbag if the injuries that Mark did to those people was done to you at his hands. Just because he is famous does not mean that he is not accountable. those people he injured still live with those injuries TODAY. So just shut up please with YOUR stupidity.

        • Jesus forgave after they tortured him. That’s what’s really in the Bible outside that garble you just spewed. Also the article clearly says he was convicted and sentenced for his crimes. It does not go in detail why he was released after 45 days. Reading is fundamental but that saying seems to definitely go your head. I can’t help that.

          • Intelligence is also fundamental but I can see you engage in SELECTIVE understanding. 45 days for permanently injuring someone?? Yeah that is justice. and if you care to read his motive has nothing to do with remorse or regret, but more to do with he wants to open burger joints in other states and he does not want this nasty stain on his record to stop him from opening more burger joints. Garble I just Spewed?? Y’shua (that is is real name if you did your homework) he forgave the thief on the cross next to him but the thief still had to live out the consequences of what he did in this life.

            Forgiveness does not always erase CONSEQUENCES, Mark’s so called remorse is not going to bring that man’s eye back that he destroyed with his racist violent act. But I digress, keep passing out your flowers of denial and scripture twisting. It is people like you that would tell a woman to hug her rapist because Y’shua loves him too and he does but that does not mean she has to hug him.

          • F"WitMe,ICanHandleIt

            Hello? anybody there? lol Just Shhhhhhhhhhhh!

          • Can you say you know Mark Wahlberg ? Do you know his heart or did you just read this article like everyone else. It’s people like YOU who let’s the media form your opinion as they intended.

            And your failed attempt at googling Hebrew doesn’t impress me. Actually The original form of the name Jesus translated from Hebrew is Yeshu‘a not Y’shua like you said……….which is coming from someone holding a Ph.D. in Semitic languages (not myself).

            Stick to whatever your day job is……..

          • Here’s a winner!!!, I believe in Superman and Spiderman because the comics says they exist and perform miracles.MIster PHD(piled high and deep) believing in old jewish fables…LOLOLOL

      • “Those who will not listen to an angry shout will strain to hear a whisper”. Conversation starts with communicating. What you wrote did nothing to move the needle. In your heart of hearts aren’t you better than this?

      • Forgive like our civil rights leaders….. Let’s see the people who turned the other cheek ended up with a bullet in their heads, the people who didn’t turned the other cheek ended up with a bullet in their heads. To me it seems like no matter what alternative you chose it’s still not conducive to your future. Mark Wahlberg has p.r. people reminds him to mind himself due to his past. If you were actually looking at this point blank you would be able to see that the love of money will override any ill will, racism, etc. You can think of. So a leporad doesn’t changes their spot is pretty accurate to me.

      • ” Forgiveness is also a lesson from the little book called the Bible. But hey you might not know anything about that either.”
        I guess you don’t either, because, Christians don’t call people names, because, they don’t agree with their point of view.

        • He’s obviously been forgiven. He only spent 45 days on a 2 year sentence. The justice system forgave him early. The public forgave him when they embraced him as a rapper, model and now a movie star. Expunging his record is an insult to the person he blinded. It’s like saying hey, I’m rich and famous now. You don’t count. Did he ever pay restitution to that man and his family? How about starting there.

          • Maybe he did How do u know he didn’t?

          • Don’t know if he did or didn’t and now the whole point is moot since in a subsequent article, the Vietnam victim stepped forward to say that Mark hurt him but that his eye was already gone, so Mark isn’t responsible for blinding him. That’s a BIG deal. Permanent disfigurement isn’t easily forgiven. Racial verbal taunts and a punch – people can get over that. The victim has forgiven him. It’s now up to the justice system to determine whether or not a pardon is warranted. And AGAIN AGAIN I said, if he gets a pardon then I’m looking at a whole lot of brothers similarly situated who deserve pardons as well. Mark shouldn’t get it just because he’s rich and famous and worth $200 million now. The justice system has one set of standards for people of color and another set for rich white folks. That whole thing needs to change – but that’s another discussion for another day.

          • I think it’s more of a money situation than a color issue I mean take t.I for example most brothers would have been gone for life if they got caught wit wat he got caught with. Our system cares about only money and that’s fucked up

      • F"WitMe,ICanHandleIt

        You are the one not comprehending. He has been forgiven already for what he did back then. Society holds no ill will on Mark W. But, he did what he did, and there need be record of it, when asked for it. It’s public record. He isn’t asking for forgiveness, he’s asking for his records to be expunged. What don’t you forgiveness guys understand about that? What has he done to demonstrate he deserves his records expunged? He has a foundation and he has been very successful and good at what he does(I won’t stop watching him) but, what has he done to show he is truly regretful of his actions? Were his starting the foundation and the homes for women, all done to rectify his crimes? What has he done? Opening restaurants doesn’t qualify and neither does the need to open more.

    • I would usually agree, but given his age and lack of maturity and world experience, I do think he deserves a second chance. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to be scrutinized, though.

    • I don’t know if i could support him now. He won’t get any of my hard earned dollars anymore. And i liked him, i supported for years …NotAnyMore!!!

    • If “Marky Mark” had been brown or black there is NO WAY he would’ve gotten off with only 45 days in prison.

  12. I know I am going to get a lot of shit for saying this but……Isn’t this the say way Bill Cosby supposed past came back to haunt him by someone else digging up the dirt…Not saying what he did was alright and gets a passed…Just ..will he be judged and tried and convicted and ruined just as Mr.Cosby…..I don’t think so…

    • This is NOTHING AT ALL like Bill Cosby. Wahlberg was tried and found guilty of his crimes. Bill Cosby has only been accused. Wahlberg is asking for his criminal record to be scrapped, Cosby doesn’t even have a record. Wahlberg, even WITH his criminal record is doing just fine. Cosby, on the strength of decades-old accusations which can’t be proven, is having his name and reputation dragged through the mud.

  13. he has a responsibility to raise his voice against racism instead of trying to hide his past racist crimes so he can make more money. let him come out and say how he feels now about black people being attacked daily by the police and other racists.

  14. Let the record stay with him for the rest of his life.

  15. Wow! Shocking! I love Mark Whalberg as an actor, I think he’s freaking awesome at that. That said, I don’t know the man personally and I would never make him out to be anything more or less than that which he is today. As far as him being pardoned for what he has done as a teenager in an era when that was the way of life for a lot of white people in that area, I say it should have been expunged a long time ago especially since he was imprisoned for it. Who Mark is today only himself the people that truly knows him can say but his work is impressive and I will continue to watch his amazing performance without the influence of any past act. I’m sure there are others in our public spaces that we adore that has done so much worst things that we are oblivious to, “America’s dad (Cosby) for instance.

    • I cant believe this is the excuse you are giving. O.K. you love Mark Wahlberg, I also think he’s an amazing actor….But give me a break, he was a xenophobic deviant, who bullied, singled-out and beat up on blacks, Asians, etc….probably Jews too. Well great for him, he made a success out of his life, but ideological beliefs such as this don’t simply go away with the drop of a hat, stroke of a pen, or new-found wealth. And comparing his actions, while marginalizing what he had done, as what ‘not so bad’, or not worst things as “Cosby”, is backhanded and demonstrates your level of depravity, for circumventing. He knocked a kid unconscious and blinded another, I would hardly call this behavior “not so bad”…….

    • gtfoh. You must be a white supremacist. This post had nothing to do with cosby, and cosby was never convicted of anything like marky marks criminal felon ass.

  16. I dont buy the reasoning. I doubt that any jurisdiction bars felons from holding a restaurant license. I suspect he wants to take the company public and is worried about the SEC…but I doubt even they would have issue with a conviction that old…and of that nature.

  17. I want to get a job so can they clean my record too. What kind of shit is that? He is already rich and is worried about what road blocks might occur. What about all the regular people who have changed their life and most of them went to jail trying to feed their family not committing hate crimes. Let him deal with the consequences like everyone else

  18. As a young black male its the foolish without thought things we do that make it so hard for us to overcome when it comes to the judicial system but most of the crimes we committed that ended up in felonies were not as violent as his and had we been sentenced to two years surely wouldn’t have been released in 45 days i applaud him taking advantage of his opportunities but i wouldn’t call it turning his life around because had he not gotten the opportunity to which ironically is from riding on black culture, he would probably still be in Boston hating anybody who wasn’t white he probably would have ended up…i dont know a cop maybe?

    • My dad was in the same position as Mark, probably sat in the same holding cell as Mark, and guess what? He’s still in Boston, he doesn’t hate blacks. and is definitely not a cop. Boston is a racist place, no doubt about it, but to say that he would be hating on everybody white isn’t the right statement to make. Not everyone in Boston is racist. Just like not every black person hates whites, not every white person hates blacks.

  19. Not surprising. Boston has that type of climate.

  20. Smdh is this what Marky Mark meant by “black white red brown feel the vibration” http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-eSN8Cwit_s

  21. Typical white man.

  22. No, absolutely not unless he has made full restitution to the folks he harassed. I would never have guessed this. I am sure this is learned behavior from his parents.

  23. Meanwhile white people are asking for everyone to outcast/boycott any black celeb with a past of crime or violence. Maybe it is time to hit up Wahlberg’s sponsors like they’ve done Cosby and Ray Rice.

  24. Nothing changed. He just grew up to be a rich, spoiled and very prejudiced individual….That’s all.

  25. Everyone should get a second chance ..most times it takes people a few chances to change…ps I’m not white I’m a compassionate human being that understands people make mistakes and it’s not for me to judge…I’m thankful anytime someone takes a step to forward for whatever reason. I’ve been a victim as well as a defendant…people make mistakes. He doesn’t strike me as a psychopath.,.God bless

  26. There had been a lot worse pardon for a lot harder crimes. That still do bad things. Mark has turned his life around. Don’t make what he did any less but it has made him a better person and he will forever live with what he did. He has even expressed how sorry he is. Which most who do stuff like this dont.

  27. Hell no. Those crimes should stay on his record like the rest of the former criminals.

  28. I can see him pardoned for criminal records. I don’t believe what he done, should never be thrown undercover. The public have a right to his records.
    Maybe he did change, but that racist mess is in the heart. It will take the Lord to remove that find of hate. Therefore, criminal records sponged. The public information should stay. A reminder to the people he hurt mentally and physically. . .

  29. this guy was also a fucking kid when this happened, although he was tried as an adult, so i wouldn’t hold it against him. yall are some hateful ass people

  30. I gotta say, I’m from Boston, I know he’s a Southie boy. South Boston back then? I’m not really surprised. I’m disappointed, but not surprised. I have LOTS of stories about South Boston back then.

  31. He like everyone else deserves a second chance but not a pardon. No erasing the past and strickening from the record. He already got off light with only 45 days in jail for some rather serious crimes to which at the time he showed no remorse. He caused permanent damage and you just don’t get to act like it never happened because his victims and their families can’t

  32. Personally, if he made an attempt to reconnect to the people he assaulted , and made at least a monetary attempt towards repaying the hurt he cost those people ,and they forgave him , then maybe he might have a chance at redemption thru the public’s eyes , every stupid kid can change the course of his life , as long as his actions don’t follow him into adult hood

  33. And no one has done anything when they were young that they would not want anyone to know about? ……. Think…. No? Ok. Whoever can honestly say “no”, proceed with your judgements. Am I disappointed? Of course. But we grow up, we learn better and we change for the better, right?!

  34. Miles Goodison-Fearon

    Wow, I never knew that Wahlberg had this kind of dark side when he was younger. Given the fact that he rose to fame with the use of black culture, it’s very surprising to hear that he did these messed up things when he was younger. Does anyone know if he tried to apologize to those people he hurt as he should do that if he hasn’t already.

  35. I am glad he’s moved on however it doesn’t change what he did and therefore his record should stand. It happened and people were permanently harmed. Also this apology come when he wants to expand his business? Where was this remorse before his despicable actions is now a problem for him?

  36. He should be forgiven only because he’s rich?! He honestly needs to apologize to the victims even though that was many years ago im sure they still live with the mental scars

  37. funny thing is… he was a true thug given the chance to change… Not to many folk are alive to get a second chance…. Hell…. A lot of innocent folk (of the darker variety) that never did anything are killed before they get a chance to do anything good or bad…

  38. He should be pardoned when that man can see 20/20 again.

  39. since he turned his life around sure i think that he should be pardoned

  40. I can believe it coming from New England. I just hope that he has changed his ways since he’s grown up and been out in the world.

  41. Disturbing indeed. Perhaps he has changed. And that he should be applauded for. Yet his victims will not ever forget his actions and how it affected their lives. They will have to live with his violent acts for the rest of their lives. And so should he. Mark in my view has received his pardon through the unknown violent, racially motivated acts that have been hidden from his fans. His pockets have been lined by the money of minorities that supported his films through the years.In my view he has been pardoned. If his past transgressions were known perhaps there would have been a different outcome in terms of the minorities that spent their money on his films. A net value of $200M should allow he and his family to live an extremely comfortable life for the rest of their lives. A pardon for his past violent, racially motivated behavior should not be awarded. He must live with his choices in life, even though he has bettered himself. He should be forgiven for his actions, but they should not be buried. He admitted to the acts and he should continue to live them.

  42. Who cares, he has done so much good in his life. Why would some thing he did as a stupid 16 year old, that he was already tried and sentenced for have anything to do with now. Kids do dumb stuff often to impress others, then they grow up and stop doing those things, like we see here. This is another case of the media making an issue out of a nonissue, and everyone on here supporting this garbag are only going to succeed in undoing all the good that he has done over the course of his life because of a stupid teenage mistake.

  43. I love Mark Walberg but hell know he doesn’t deserve a pardon

  44. I think I would feel stronger about a child not carrying misdeeds of his youth around his neck for life if he had at least one act of helping the groups his abusive behavior hurt. His victims went on to have families and spread the fear and resentment they were treated with as children. If he had used his time or money to help Asians or black people then I think yes, but if he only helps those people because they are like rice in a soup and too hard to sort out from whites. Then no, there has been no change and he should not be allowed to gain our dollar with a WHITE wash.

  45. Sad, who’d have guessed? This is definitely the kind of thing people should know about someone who enjoys the level of success he has as a celebrity.

  46. I am a fan of some of his movies but honestly white people from Massachusetts are 9/10 racist. If you do not believe that I encourage you to travel to Massachusetts and we are going to add New jersey and New York as well and just listen to how freely racial slurrs are just spewed. He hasn’t changed he is just in the publics eye so he has p.r. people who remind him about perception.

  47. And people still want to deny that white privilege exists. People of color face much harsher consequences for committing lesser crimes (or in some cases no crime at all).

  48. Well after all of this time, I feel that he deserves a second chance. As a black man who has experienced racism and also racial violence, I am hopeful that there’s light at the end of the tunnel for people afflicted with the mental disease of racism. Maybe this will be the case for Wahlberg. Hopefully.

  49. I don’t know bout y’all, but I know I will NEVER EVER look at him the same Knowing he don’t like my kind/Vietnamese or what other race he don’t like because we are not the same race as he He say he’s a change man but deep inside he’s not That’s that money talking True ppl do make mistakes and some if not most should be forgiven U don’t spend near half your life being racist then come into fame and one morning u wake up and say oh I’m a changed man or woman That’s just like a killer spending five years killing people and he hits the lottery and say oh hell I’m a millionaire so I’m not a killer any more. U can’t undo stuff like that. Mainly if u physically hurt and damaged someone for the rest of their life. Just don’t work like that. Here I thought his ass was sexy. U can’t be sexy and evil at the same time to be honest, if he read this I would not care what he thought remember he don’t like my kind

  50. rehabilitation of offenders. people change but what has he done since his youth. whats his record like since then, does he employ and treat workers equally etc. its the here and now thats important if he’s still a bigot, doesnt employ people equally or fairly then no. if he’s changed and a fair employer then why not. so whats his employment record?

  51. mmmm, I don’t know how I feel about this article. I believe Mark is one the few humble and hard working actors out there. My dad grew up maybe 2 blocks from Mark and went to the same summer camp. My dad was out doing the same exact shit at his age. Does it make it ok? No. But my dad is the most humble, loving, caring, and 100% not racist man I know. They used to throw eggs at people from the rooftops and when it would rain they would drive by and splash people walking on the sidewalk. Him and his friends still joke around about their race and the dumb shit they did, my dad is constantly making fun of his black friends, asian friends and any color in between. And vice versa. Does this make them all racist? No, it doesn’t. The media is obviously trying to portray Mark as a racist when he’s probably the last thing from it.
    Side note: I’m half black and my dad is white.

  52. Come on yall get the fucc over yourselves. SO NONE of yall ever made mistakes when you were a teenager, that were based on your environment rather than rational thought?Gotcha. Make sure to cast the first stone.

  53. I have been on both sides of this issue. As a young boy in 1969 when racial tensions were very high, I lived in an all black area, and went to a 90% black school. My brother and I were beat up almost every day by a group of black kids for no other reason than being white. Even my teachers (black) were mean and hostile to me. We then moved to an all white town, and I hated black people. A black family moved in down the street, and I used to beat up the son (my age) every time I saw him, for no other reason than being black. I am 52 years old now, and am married to a wonderful black women. People do change, I had scars from that time, but people are resilient. If today, I saw any of those kids, and they had changed their lives, I would wish them nothing but the best.

  54. This young man is evil and should be in an institution where he cannot ever again hurt anyone. No one should patronize his business place.

  55. No pardon. It is good for society that he turned his life around and it is good for him, however, he must be held accountable and giving a pardon would be as if he did nothing. The partially blind man will never see again and Wahlberg should not have his record erased.

  56. i think that any teen that turns their life around as in Wahlbergs case, should be given pardon, so that their records get cleared. After 20 years. kids and teens do stupid things sometimes and later regret what they did. luckily he never hurt them enough to kill them. I am not condoning behavior like this, but they should get a chance if they stay on the straight and narrow. He has done great things with his life and has shown by his actions and his goodness to others that he is now a good upstanding citizen and should be pardoned. we were influenced by our parents back then. and today things are a lot better.

  57. i’m not surprised

  58. Pardoned? No. Forgiven? Sure, since he seems to have truly changed.


  60. Jabari Daweed Shameir

    He is nothing but a trashy person who who has nothing but racial issues. The man can get a free pass to be rich in Hollywood, now look at the people scared. He is plainly no good S.O.B.

  61. i would have never thought this of him. and even though he has as you say TURNED HIS LIFE AROUND…he still was awful to ppl who he didnt know and ppl who had done nothing to him. now that he is rich and famous he thinks he should be pardoned. my only question is this…would you or i be offered this same deal ? i doubt it.

  62. Why wasn’t this article entitled “Mark Wahlberg and his Racist Past”?

  63. no b/c will that pardon that the hate crimes he inflicted on those kids. The law always drops the ball when it comes to white youths. I’m glad he turned his life around but he still should wear the scarlet letter.# no pardon or what if it was based on the approval of his victims.

  64. Aniyah Sydney Renne Tifari


  65. It’s the past, we all make mistakes.

  66. I honestly don’t think he should have asked for a pardon. Since he has an organization for at-risk youth, he should own it as an example of having to deal with consequences.

  67. I believe most people at some point have done something we/they wish could be forgiven/forgotten. Not necessarily racial in nature simply wrong or bad. Judging a person by only the wrong and not adding in the good doesn’t make us better than the 15-17 year old walberg that judge his victims for being non white.
    I’m who I’m today because of the mistakes I made in the past. Just because he is wealthy doesn’t mean he had to be perfect from the start.

  68. I’m willing to give Mark the benefit of the doubt that he is a changed man. Teenagers are highly impressionable and influenced by their peers. Many 15 year old boys try to impress their friends and “go with the flow” in order to fit in then they grow up and realize what ignorant douchebags they were as kids. I know that I said and did some things that would be really offensive to certain groups (though not assault) when I was a kid because it was considered funny. I’m appalled at some of the things that came out of my mouth back then.

    With all of that said, I don’t think for a minute he should be given a pardon. He committed a very serious, life-changing crime at an age where he should have known better. It’s one thing to be an obnoxious jerk, but blinding and beating a man with a stick is something totally different.

  69. I’ts one thing to call some one out of their name . I’ts a totaly different to do bodily harm with intent . He has had plenty of time to make amends and make a good life for himself and his family . No don’t pardon him .

  70. I’m not surprised thats what it was..

  71. Mark, I’m not surprised, my daddy says it best and I’m 58 years old. It would have been best if you said something first but just like white people, you people are always right and can never be trusted,, also how are you not getting all the flack like BILL CROSBY/.. because you are white?, bad man and a killer.

  72. Mark Wahlberg is a racist piece of dung, I have always known about him and the racist city of Boston. Study the history of Blacks and Irish Catholics in Boston, Boston is more racist than Johannesburg was during apartheid. He will never change – dont mention Rick Ross and Young Jeezy in the same sentence as this nazi.

  73. Sabrina Doingme Thomas

    he’s an asshole. he doesn’t deserve a pardon

  74. He’s moved on and so will I…

  75. I say no he shouldn’t. You did these crimes and then turned your life around, fine but just because of that doesn’t mean your horrible past should be wiped clean. Toki Williams turned his life around against gangs and gang violence and he didn’t get his sentence reduced to life in jail or anything. Sure his crimes were more violate but turning your life around doesn’t have anything to do with your past that we should all forget.

  76. Why ask for that now and not 8+ years ago? Oh yeah ’cause you want to open up some businesses. You want a pardon so you can make money.

  77. ????Dragon Lady ???? ????????????????

    What this bitch ass pale retard racist white toy need to do is compensate his victims with millions and then apologize after but no pardon should be granted

  78. ????Dragon Lady ???? ????????????????

    Once I heard about this racist ghost Last year I stop watching all of his movies and when I see his movies at the store I destroy it

  79. ????Dragon Lady ???? ????????????????

    Only way for apologizing is a eye for a eye like for reals but no pardon let the viet dude take his eye out

  80. My name is kristine Ledford-David Each person on here has received a private message of the text messages and stacks of Text messages from Mark Wahlberg and publisher all but the ones that were blocked.. please help me and my family fight mark walburg

    Like · Reply · More · 28 minutes ago

    Kristine Ledford-DavidSorry im crying

    Like · Reply · More · 1 hour ago

    Kristine Ledford-David rape case started in 1989 the first concert of new kids on the block in Tacoma Washington again in 1991 -1992 the year 2000 after molesting my daughter Hailie in 2003 I asked new kids on the block and Mark Wahlberg for all possessions pertaining to the sexual assault of many young women I’m asking a nation not to clean his record off or get let him carry a weapon

    Like · Reply · More · 1 hour ago

    Kristine Ledford-David Oops tapes

    Like · Reply · More · 1 hour ago

    Kristine Ledford-Davidmy name is Annette Wilson I am a victim of Mark Wahlberg Mark Wahlberg let me in 1991 after taking a couple of songs for me and making me climb a fence he then later in 2003 and 2001 -04 sexual assault tapes and domestic violence tapes pertaining to me and my children my family has suffered for his actions from withholding the evidence to put the molester behind bars and the daughter who defends him and trapped me and my family after I signed as an informant for Medford Police Department on drug enforcement and prostitution and two thousand and eight over the past 12 months I have received over 2000 text messages from Mark Wahlberg’s publisher and Tom Cruise is publisher of harassment about the sexual assault and meeting mark refusing to hand over all property pertaining to the child molestation of me my daughter sister Jennifer Wilson Carlina Wilson , sister , niece nicole Lawson, sex abuse of my daughter Haley mental and emotional distraught over my daughter Ricki Bettis I am asking the world and the nation not to allow this man to have a record to be clean and disappeared and handle a weapon I am one of the many victims of Mark Wahlberg and still have not received justice after 29 years. He has not changed I’m asking you please dont clean his things

  81. His publisher …hello dick now face me Marky mark victims me your crimes on me the lies you told . In 1991 u met who?
    Took forever ,rain, and love -everlasting,
    Made a pregnant woman climb a fence who was that pregnant mark ? I said where is donnie can you give this to him please tell him im getting married ill catch up latter to tone it .up. climb the fence but u knew I was from a letter and tape of me singing little mermaid 1989 sent tapes pic poetry book 1991 – I was beat by five ladies one that is willing to testify until I was bleeding ..

  82. This is my favorite

  83. JOEY MCINTYRE – RAIN: http://youtu.be/3nqb2o47vHI I wrote what?

  84. JOEY MCINTYRE – RAIN: http://youtu.be/3nqb2o47vHI

  85. Just because your now married with children, won some awards and have a foundation does not mean your a changed man!!! Did he apologize to the Asian and Black persons he hurt verbally and physically? ???

  86. No pardon….

  87. I need to know, from his own mouth, HOW his mind set has changed…I need to hear from his children if that seed of racism still lives…then I’ll decide.

  88. I knew there was a reason I didn’t like this subhuman!

  89. Everyone has made a mistake or done something they have regretted in their life. No one is born racist or hateful, it is taught. He was a misguided child. People can change if the choose to. Everyone deserves a second chance.

  90. Throwing rocks at little girls? Then he ask refugee from a Vietnamese, from assaulting a Vietnamese? Then assaults him too afterwards? This guy is lower than low. At 17 you know right from wrong.. this guy is a real piece of shit.

  91. Pause for a moment

    Just as a point of reference here, any of you guys wonder if this is even real? First off where is the author getting these reports from? Also why do the direct quotes have terrible grammar, and why are words misspelled? I think this country has gotten overly hyped up about racism. Obviously racism is still there, that’s obvious with what happened to Eric garner, but seriously guys start asking more questions and actually thinking before opening your mouths first. Seriously when I am reading this what police department would release that information? At no point did the author mention the attorney representing him, the court where he was tried, the judge that tried him, or the prison he served time in. I’m calling bull on this article.

  92. Sounds like he was running with the wrong bunch, but he participated in the crime. When you are 17 or almost 17 you are FULLY AWARE of the difference between right and wrong. A Black or Puerto Rican kid would have gotten 3 years and served 18 months. He got off easy breezy serving just 45 days. Insulting really. Should Mark Wahlberg be pardoned now that he’s a celebrity? Did he make restitution to the man or the family of the man who he blinded in one eye? I don’t hear him saying anything about that. Did he arrange a sincere public apology to this man — maybe offer his children college scholarship money? Losing your eyesight in one eye is a big deal. That effects the kind of work you can do, your ability to drive defensively. It changes the way your face looks and reduces your attractiveness to the opposite sex. Who knows what all else he did? Some stains just can’t be washed away Mark. Live with that.

  93. The ONLY forgiveness he needs is from the Almighty! All the good deeds he ‘s done or will do mean Nothing or will not allow him in the Kingdom of Heaven unless he begs & receive forgiveness from The Lord! If he forgave a murderer… He will forgive anyone who will come to him wholehearted & ask!:)

  94. And they’re harassing Bill Cosby and this Thug animal walks.You same people talking about it was year ago, will dam Bill. Hypocrites!

  95. Che Coprenicus Lund

    Ok ok to clear things up when I said we are all inherently racist I was trying to summarize the connotation that you are either born better through ethnicity or that we are all guilty of stereotyping each other to the point of negative response. Also I don’t know mark wahlberg personally, and I wasn’t there when he committed those racially driven acts, and neither were you. I have no relation to and am not of the same nationality. What I can take away from the incident is that a disgruntled white teenager assaulted an vietnamese man, and now 27 years later literally long enough to have had and raised a child which he has. Has become successful enough to try and branch out. unfortunately 27 years later the incident with the elderly man is not only haunting him but suddenly defining him, and his accomplishments from the last 27 years. I might be beating a dead horse but the Vietnamese man lived wahlberg has lived with this stuff on his record. Worse people have done worse things and literally been not only forgiven but forgotten. It’s only an issue because its mark wahlberg. Even the title is a Did you know about mark wahlberg. Standing on the outside looking in if you had done these things mark wahlberg is guilty of my response would be the same. It happened along time ago, and he hasn’t been harassing the person he assaulted so I think both parties are ok with not revisiting that night. If the Vietnamese man or his family is angry enough I’m sure they could speak out, but seeing as they haven’t the only people who really give a damn are (and I hate to say it, but people whom are usually and I might be stereotyping here) on such a high horse that they could never put them selves in wahlbergs shoes. If not now when? Is it going to be ok in another ten years, or is it when you personally don’t feel the sting of his actions.

  96. If you look at Johnny Trinh’s wedding pictures which were clearly taken after the Viet Nam War (1954-1975), it makes it pretty impossible for his eye to have been damaged during the war as the wedding photo was taken post Viet Nam and his eye is fine. Mark Wahlberg should live by the rules everyone else does, especially if he blinded the man in one eye.

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