Newly Single Olivia Wilde Thinks A$AP Rocky Is Hotter Than Ever After Watching Him Hype Up Rihanna [Photos]

Sunday (February 12) was a massive day for Rihanna. The pop star made her long-awaited, nerve-wracking comeback with her legendary performance at the Super Bowl. While fans are stoked about this, many are also expressing discomfort and frustration about something another celebrity said involving the “Umbrella” singer.

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During her set, she made a major announcement of her own. Thanks to the growing baby bump evident during her performance, the world now knows she’s expecting her second child with A$AP Rocky.
Immediate reactions from fans obviously included excitement. However, there were plenty of jealous users expressing their emotions on social media, as well as those shocked by the news of another pregnancy when their son was born just nine months ago.



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All eyes were on Rihanna as she sang some of her discography’s biggest songs. Elsewhere, cameras simultaneously kept a close watch on Rocky to get his reaction. Not only did the “Fashion Killa” celebrate his partner with a custom NFL jacket, but he also proudly filmed her from the audience before erupting into applause as she wrapped her set. Videos of the precious moment have been subsequently circulating online, earning the New Yorker plenty of praise for supporting the Bad Gal.

Among those chiefly complimenting him is Don’t Worry Darling director Olivia Wilde, who’s currently facing serious backlash for her comments. “If I thought he was hot before, this really put me over the edge,” she wrote while reposting the video on her Story on Sunday (February 12). As the blonde starlet’s post began making rounds online, users quickly questioned why she felt the need to publicly talk about another woman’s man in such a manner.

“Saying this about someone’s man and then tagging them???” one person wrote alongside a reaction video of Rih. “She needs to back up a little bit,” another pointed out, while someone else suggested, “Use close friends like normal people???”

Wilde has since gotten wind of her hater’s thoughts and didn’t hesitate to post another Story addressing the situation. “For anyone who got it twisted [eye roll emoji],” she began. “It’s hot to respect your partner. Especially when your partner just did thaaaaaat.”

See Twitter reactions to Olivia Wilde’s post about A$AP Rocky below.

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