The New Mr. Clean Is a Black Man -- Meet Mike Jackson [Photo]

When you think of Mr. Clean, you think of the shiny bald-headed white guy with the one earring who’s been helping us keep our homes fresh for over 60 years.

According to the company, Mr. Clean has decided to take a vacation. Before he could go, Mr. Clean had to find a replacement — thus the search for the next Mr. Clean was born.

After a three-month process, Mike Jackson has become the NEW Mr. Clean.

via People:

By day, Jackson works in sports marketing and in his spare time, he enjoys working out (a classic Mr. Clean activity), traveling around the U.S. (he’s been to 48 states), and reading.

Thanks to his already shaved head, sparkling smile and the addition of a gold hoop earring, Jackson easily snagged the part. “While it’s impossible to replace the iconic Mr., I’m excited for the opportunity to help people tackle the most seemingly impossible messes while he’s away,” he said in a press release.

Contestants were invited to audition live or by sending in a YouTube video to convince the brand why he or she should be the clean-cut cleaning guru’s stand-in. Along with the honor of filling the mascot’s spotless shoes, Jackson won $20,000 and a (practically) lifetime supply of Magic Erasers. And to sweeten the deal, he is even featured in a digital 2017 calendar posing in his new role. The calendar, of course, includes a cleaning tip for each of the twelve months.

Catch Jackson — ahem — Mr. Clean in his Super Bowl ad debut this weekend alongside Denver Broncos linebacker DeMarcus Ware. And see all of the creative submissions for The Next Mr. Clean Challenge using #TheNextMrClean.

Well hello, Mr. Clean!

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