New Footage Shows Georgia Cop Beating a Woman With a Baton As She Lay on the Ground, Investigation Reopened [Video]

A Georgia police officer was caught on video beating a woman with a baton in a convenience store as she lay on the ground.

The officer — whose identity has not been made public —  was originally cleared in the incident. DeKalb County Police said this week that they have reopened the investigation after learning of the video.

The video shows the officer beating Katie McCrary, a 38-year-old homeless woman.

A police report seen by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution said that Katie said she was a federal agent, and that the officer pulled out his baton when she tried to grab his badge.

In the clip, the officer can be seen repeatedly hitting the woman with his baton as she lay on the ground — with the occasional squirm or kick after being hit.

At one point she grabs the stick and he says “let it go or I’m going to shoot you.”

You can watch the newly-surfaced footage below.

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