Nelly Pops Back at Floyd Mayweather After Being Accused of Being Broke & on Steroids & Apologizes to All Men Who Find Him Intimidating [Photos]


Ever since Floyd Mayweather exposed his ex-fiancé’s abortion on Instagram, there’s been a continuous commotion surrounding his personal life.

Come to find out, it all started really after Shantel posted photos boo’d up with Nelly.

Yesterday afternoon, Floyd gave an interview with Big Tigger — basically saying that his ex is insecure. He explained that Shantel originally told him that she had a miscarriage, but it wasn’t until his production crew staff alerted him that he found out she had an abortion.

Floyd also threw a little shade at Nelly during the interview, saying:

‘He’s on steroids. He’s broke. He has no money.’ She’s like, ‘He had to borrow a lot of money from Ashanti. Over half a million dollars from Ashanti. And I used to always say, basically, ‘That’s not my business.’ Anything happens in life, you could be at the top today and at the bottom tomorrow. I don’t have anything negative to say about him.’

After Nelly got wind of Floyd’s radio interview, he took to Instagram and fired off a few messages of his own.


He didn’t stop there. Nelly then fired off another message calling out Floyd for being insecure.

floyd nelly insecure lovebscott

Yikes. It really seems like Floyd’s feelings are hurt. Hopefully he’s able to pull himself together before the fight tonight!

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