NBC Wants You to Know Jimmy Fallon Does NOT Have a Drinking Problem: 'He's Had Some Accidents'

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NBC is speaking out in response to tabloid rumors about The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon having issues with alcohol.

NBC Entertainment chief Bob Greenblatt attempted to dispute tabloid reports about The Tonight Show host by telling reporters Wednesday that Fallon “doesn’t have a drinking problem that any of us know about.”

“He goes out and has fun. He’s had some accidents,” said Greenblatt, who chatted with reporters after his annual press conference at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena on Wednesday. “Aside from that, he’s in better shape than he’s ever been.”

Greenblatt did add, however, that Fallon’s health is always of great concern to NBC.

“We are always worried about his safety and health,” he said. “There’s been conversations about that. The stories are exaggerated about all of it. I don’t know to what extent. I haven’t been part of it. I don’t have those conversations with Jimmy Fallon.”

Fallon’s off-camera antics have been fodder for tabloids – especially after an injury to his fingersidelined him for two weeks last June. The jovial star also injured his other hand in October when he tripped at a Harvard Lampoon event.

“Even when I get into Harvard, I still embarrass my parents,” he said during his Oct. 26 monologue. “My hand doctor sent me a picture of his new Ferrari. It’s a nice one!”

When asked if he’s told Fallon to be more careful, Greenblatt replied to reporters, “I have not, no.”

Let’s just hope the network isn’t enabling any problems he may or may not have for the sake of their show (and their pockets).

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