NBA Star Damian Lillard's Divorce Filing Reveals Iron-Clad Prenup Signed Five Days Before Wedding |

One week after Damian Lillard was traded from the Portland Trailblazers to the Milwaukee Bucks, the NBA All-Star filed for divorce from his wife of two years, Kay’La Hanson.

via: Radar Online

Lillard shocked fans when the NBA star filed for divorce from his longtime love, Kay’La Lillard, earlier this week. While details surrounding the split — like kids and custody — were unknown, has obtained the divorce documents and can reveal an iron-clad prenup was signed just days before they walked down the aisle, and the Milwaukee Bucks player is demanding it be enforced.

In the legal documents filed in Clackamas County Circuit Court, Oregon, on Monday, Damian included, “The parties signed a valid and enforceable Premarital Agreement on August 30, 2021,” just five days before their September 4th wedding.

The prenup covers everything from the financial responsibility of their three children to property, attorney fees, and any debts.

“The parties’ respective obligations for financial support of the children should be determined pursuant to the Premarital Agreement or, alternatively, pursuant to the Oregon Child Support Guidelines, including any applicable rebuttal factors, support be awarded appropriately for the benefit of the minor children and for any child qualified as a ‘child attending school’ pursuant to ORS 107.108 or successor statute,” the docs read.

“Each of the parties should be required to pay an appropriate share, as determined by the Premarital Agreement, of all uninsured and uncovered medical, psychological, psychiatric, counseling, hospital, prescription, optical, dental, and orthodontic expenses of the children of the parties for so long as a support obligation exists for the benefit of the children,” Damian’s filing continues.

“The parties have an interest in real and personal property, which should be justly and properly divided between them by the court in accordance with the terms of the Premarital Agreement,” which references Damian and Kay’La’s multiple properties.

As this outlet reported, Kay’La has been living in a separate home for 10 months. Damian tried to offload the property in April 2022 but abruptly pulled it off the market in June — just six months before his estranged wife made it her permanent residence.

The docs make it clear — they are on their own regarding attorney fees, UNLESS one of them fights the prenup. If Kay’La decides to contest their agreement, Damian wants her to pay his legal fees.

“Pursuant to the terms of the Premarital Agreement, each party should be required to pay his or her respective attorney fees and costs in this dissolution action, except to the extent that one of the parties contests the validity of the Premarital Agreement. If Respondent contests the validity of the Premarital Agreement and/or if Petitioner is required to seek enforcement of the Premarital Agreement, then Petitioner should be awarded his reasonable attorney fees incurred to enforce the Premarital Agreement, plus his costs and expenses to hire experts and otherwise for investigation, deposition, and trial preparation related thereto,” the documents state.

The two married in September 2021, but their love story started when they were students at Weber State. Damian and Kay’La have been dodging breakup rumors for months after fans noticed her absence from his NBA games and on his social media. He fueled the flames when he failed to acknowledge their anniversary last month. has tried to reach out to Damian and Kay’La for comment multiple times.

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