The Mother of NeNe Leakes Grandchild Blasts Both Her and Son Bryson, Says She's Headed for Reality TV: 'I'm Comin' Hard with My Reciepts'

The mother of NeNe Leakes’ grandchild is ready to air out both her and her son, Bryson, on a reality TV show.

Symone Davis took to Instagram to blast Bryson for refusing to do two reality shows they both allegedly have the opportunity to participate in.

She wrote:

“So we have the opportunity to do 2 reality shows. But this 1 refused because he doesn’t want me to embarrass him on TV. Yea, I left him alone back in 2017, but he still wants to be a family. So why not do our own show.

He rather flip burgers at Burger King & sleep couch to couch…but ya momma a millionaire. I’m trying to see what the ratings would be for this be the ( knows I’m comin HARD with my receipts. My mouth has no filter. I like Million Dollar checks $ . Where’s my pen /, bishh I’m signing 3″

Taking things a step further, Symone continued to blast Bryson’s mom, NeNe Leakes, for some alleged mistreatment — and other things.

“Ok… so it’s pretty funny how everything I said would happen has surfaced. How do you blacklist me & your family, telling me you’ll make sure I never work with anyone in tv, but now you’re crying that the industry is blacklisting you. Keep it a buck… you’re a terrible friend & person to work with. Hell, terrible person PERIOD! You’ve lost ALL of your good friends. Weren’t you the same 1 saying “I cash TRUMP checks bitch”? Well I’m the same 1 that said “You better humble yourself bc everything you have can be taken away”… cough cough. Here we are. Your husband is gone that you took from his wife & kids. Your oldest son is a junkie. You don’t do anything for your grandkids, you got fired from #realhousewivesofatlanta , you have no real friends, you tried to sell your house for 4 mil so you’ll make profit. However, you were going to loose that house so you settled for 575k profit minus what you still owed/behind. & the deeper shit goin on I won’t even say right now. But this karma is worth some . Better hope that lounge works out bc those boutiques were a FLOP! & your tv career is OVER! Idk how people respect you or call you the Queen. delusion. Burger King may be best for you too… ok that’s all. Carry On/.Oh & keep your legs closed to married men “

Honestly, we don’t blame Bryson for not wanting to do reality tv.

See Symone’s posts below.

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