Morale at ABC Is Reportedly at an 'All-Time Low' Amid T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach Investigation

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach’s impending firing is reportedly taking over ‘Good Morning America’ offices, sinking morale to an ‘all-time low.’

via Page Six:

“It’s going on two months! It’s been a two-month tabloid frenzy. The place is not in a very good place [to be],” one insider told Page Six.

“It’s affecting morale — not so much the talent. It’s the rank-and-file — the people who keep the lights on. Morale is at an all-time low,” they added.

Employees are starting to point fingers at ABC News president Godwin who pulled the couple off air in December, because their affair had become too much of an “internal and external distraction,” she explained in an email.

Now it’s a new year and going on two months since the salacious lovebirds have been able to welcome their viewers to “GMA3” in the afternoons. Multiple sources told Page Six that the signs are pointing to them not returning to the air.

One insider told us that the reputation of ABC parent company Disney is at stake. “The affair is one thing, but you also can’t be credible to tell the news when you are the news — that’s part of the challenge.”

A third source told us staffers are still confused after Godwin allowed them to go on air without addressing the situation, but then decided to yank them, and sent an email saying affair was not a “violation of company policy.”

“Why tell people they didn’t violate anything and then take them off air? It makes no sense. There’s nothing consistent about her behavior except the inconsistencies of her behavior,” they said.

The first insider blamed Godwin’s “lack of decisiveness” for prolonging the drama. In fact, they told us the situation is so disorganized, that newly hired anchor DeMarco Morgan was practically blindsided when he flew cross-country from LA to fill in for Holmes amid the investigation.

They flew him under the cover of night to host the next day, and he didn’t know that’s what he was coming for!,” they claimed.

But not everyone is fuming at ABC bosses over the situation. A fourth person put it simply: “It sucks, but these things take time.”

They even painted a rosy picture that “people are focused on work. They’re doing their jobs, and doing it well. We’re still number one. We’re crushing it!” (If anything, it seems that the “crush” is the problem).

ABC had yet to make a decision about Holmes’ and Robach’s jobs as of Friday, but our fourth source is optimistic that a decision will be made in a “couple of weeks max!” “It has to be,” they said.

Meanwhile, staffers will keep the popcorn on standby for the next bawdy installment of the scandal to emerge.

At this point, they either need to announce the firing or bring them back. We’re tired of hearing about it — and we don’t even work there!

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