Montana Yao Claims Malik Beasley's Parents Make Racist Remarks On Their Mixed-Race Son [Photo] |

Montana Yao Claims Malik Beasley’s Parents Make Racist Remarks On Their Mixed-Race Son [Photo]

Montana Yo is coming forward to accuse her “son’s other grandparents” of calling their toddler “ramen noodle” and “ching chang chong.”

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After the NBA star is confirmed to be the father of her 2-year-old son following a paternity test that he took on his own request, the mother of one took to Instagram Story to slam her ex and his parents for putting her and her son through “hell.”

“Makai and I have been put thru HELL and the utmost embarrassment purposely and for no reason, for so long and for too long,” so she wrote on Tuesday, April 6. “Him, his parents, and his team have tried so hard to make me out to be the ‘bad guy’ and everything I am not in the media just to defame me and my reputation and to cover and project his own bad behavior onto me. I will continue to remain the woman I am and let the truth reveal itself.”

She went on accusing Malik’s parents of “Asian hate” as she claimed that they have been making fun of her son’s Asian heritage. The Instagram model said his parents often used the terms “ramen noodle,” “Buddha” and “Ching chang Chong” to refer to her son, “to the point I had to tell my ex to tell his parents to stop because it made me feel uncomfortable.”

“I tried to play along like it didn’t hurt or effect me but it did and it’s straight up wrong,” she continued. “Don’t disrespect his or my heritage period. As much as you didn’t want this to be your grandson HE IS,” she stressed, before delivering her plea for a unity to her ex’s parents, “I wanted to us to be a family. I loved my ex and I love my son and wanted a family unit because I grew up with one.”

Montana and Malik are still legally married when the latter was spotted on a date with Larsa Pippen in Miami back in November 2020. The former reality TV star insisted that Malik and Montana had separated prior to her relationship with him.

Montana, meanwhile, has accused Malik of not giving her child support for Makai, who was born in March 2019 before the former couple got married. She states in court docs that she “contends that Husband [Malik] is the biological father of the child but no Recognition of Parentage has been signed and Husband has not otherwise been adjudicate the child’s father.”

This divorce just seems to get messier and messier.

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