Mo'Nique Talks About Her Dramatic Weight Loss + Controversial 'Open Marriage' Comment [Photos + Video]


Mo’Nique has been lying relatively low ever since the cancellation of her BET talk show, The Mo’Nique Show.

The comedian/actress stopped by NY’s Hot 97 to talk about life after BET and her dramatic weight loss. We’ve learned that she lost 82 pounds and counting! Check out a few excerpts below!

On weight loss

“I tweet my work outs every morning because I want women to see, you don’t have to let them cut you open. You don’t have to let them suck it out.  You don’t have to let them put a band around your organs.  All you have to do is put the work in and the weight comes off.”

Right now, she says she weighs 218 and her goal is to get down to 190.  She thinks her highest weight was 300.

On open marriage

Monique explained that the ‘open relationship’ idea was actually her idea because she traveled on the road so much.  She says the idea backfired on her because she soon realized how special her relationship was.  Now she still describes her marriage as “open” but for different reasons. 

“We are open but we’re open because we’re honest.  When I said open relationship people automatically though sex…but we have no secrets.  They’re nothing my husband doesn’t know about me and there’s nothing I don’t know about him.  We treat each other good in life….My husband’s teaching me how to be his woman…how to be his wife.”

On Charles Ramsey

“I admire that brother and I appreciate what he did.  No he don’t have no teeth…but Charles when we come to Cleveland…you have tickets to the show!  That took a lot of courage.  Normally we mind our business….we don’t get involved…that brother said “Today…I have to get involved.”  What that brother did….was save lives.”

On Iyanla Vanzant

“I can’t fix nobody’s life but my own.  All I can share is my experiences…”

On leaving BET and what happened

“It was one of the greatest experience’s of my life.  We said we wanted people to feel good before they went to bed.  I get asked the question “Monique what happened?” and I wish I could give you the answer.  Honestly, I don’t know.  You’re asking the wrong person.  You should ask Deborah Lee, the President of BET.  What I will say is to the people….I thank you. The “Monique” show was for our community.”

via The YBF

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