Miley Cyrus Blasts Perez Hilton: 'I'll Whoop His Ass' [Video]

Miley Cyrus Perez Hilton Lovebscott

I love Miley Cyrus 2.0. She recently spoke with E! News at Rachel Zoe’s runway show at New York Fashion Week. She had some not so nice things to say about her feud with Perez Hilton.

In case you forgot, Miley went in on Perez through the Twittersphere after he published a report insinuating that the soon-to-be bride was cheating on her fiancé Liam Hemsworth with Gossip Girl‘s Ed Westwick

“@perezhilton hope you find love one day but can you not f–k with mine,” Cyrus tweeted. “I’ve never been with Ed W in my life. I was at the studio last night working on my record and never left with anyone other than my assistant. What happened to your big enlightenment where u…

“what happened to your promise to spread love not lies,” she continued. “And to be a decent human being with values and morals??? Dude u ask for people to respect you and your relationships I demand the same thing.”

Click the link below to see tough girl Miley comment on her beef with Perez, saying “I’ll whoop his ass!”

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via E!

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