Michelle Williams Claps ALL the Way Back at Commenter Who Says She's 'Bored' Without Kids: 'You're an Idiot' [Video]


Michelle Williams has had enough of people talking to her any kind of way on the internet.

One Instagram user left a comment underneath one of Michelle’s videos saying she was “bored” and needed kids to keep busy — and Michelle made it clear she wasn’t bored and had plenty of time to clap back.

On Friday, Michelle shared a video saying she’s signing “thousands” of inserts to be bound in special editions of her forthcoming book Checking In, out May 25.

“Michelle I love you but you need some children…u r 2 bored…,” wrote the commenter under the video.

Michelle wasted no time putting him in his place.

“You’re an idiot!!!!” she responded a series of laughing emojis.

The same user replied,  “woooooooow that was uncalled for thank you.”

That’s when Michelle really went in.

“No, what’s uncalled for is you telling a woman that she needs to have children. What if that woman CAN’T have children?? What if that woman DOESN’T WANT children??” she said. “WATCH YOUR MOUTH and FINGERS….. Don’t you ever let that come out of your mouth or your fingers on a comment section again to ANYBODY. I would have ignored but too many people need to stay out of a woman’s uterus!!! Now scram and be blessed!!!”

The commenter had enough and apologized.

“My apologies Ms Williams. I will never forget that…”

Michelle really minds her business and doesn’t bother anybody. Maybe the next person will think twice before bothering her.


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