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Michel’le Denies Catching Dr. Dre In Bed With A Man [Video]

Death Row producer Kurt Kobane made staggering claims about Dre’s sexuality, but ex-fiancée Michel’le says that story isn’t true.

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Michel’le has refuted bombshell speculation that she bore witness to Dr. Dre’s alleged homosexuality. The R&B singer has shut down Death Row producer Kurt Kobane’s claims that she ever told Tupac Shakur and Suge Knight about the music mogul’s alleged sexuality.

During an appearance on “The Art of Dialouge”, Kurt, whose real name is Curtis Couthon, recalled a conversation that he “claimed” he was present for where Michel’le allegedly stated that she caught Dr. Dre in bed with another man. Kurt said Suge and Tupac were curious if Dre had ever “done anything gay,” after rumors were going around about the producer.

Curtis claimed that’s when Michel’le allegedly recalled a time when she called her bedroom’s phone and a man named Mark answered. He also said she called the former member of gangsta rap group N.W.A a “f****t.”

After the story went viral, The Neighborhood Talk reached out to Michel’le for confirmation. According to the news outlet, the “Something in My Heart” songstress denied the claim, calling it a lie.

She reportedly admitted that she had several talks with Tupac, but they never discussed Dre’s sexuality. The site additionally reported that the 50-year-old singer was “shocked” that someone would “make something like that up.”

Kurt has not responded to Michel’le’s denial, but many have chosen to take her side. “I believe her,” one Instagram user commented, “because she already talked about how that man abused her, so she can’t be too worried about retaliation from Dre. Some people act like folks don’t sit in these interviews and lie to get some buzz.” Another was baffled by the gay rumors, “Lol I believe it but how he get on this subject.”

Some others, meanwhile, suggested that Michel’le chose not to speak on Dre’s secret because she only wants to stay out of trouble. “Michl’le said she already got the beats by Dre, she don’t want more,” one claimed. Another similarly speculated, “She don’t want no smoke she know Dre beats women.”

Check out clips of Kobane’s messy interview below where he also claims Halle Berry sent Suge Knight—who is Michel’le’s ex-husband and the father of her second child—love letters.

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