Michael Bolton Reveals He Was Diagnosed with a Brain Tumor, Underwent 'Immediate Surgery' Before Holidays | lovebscott.com

Big health scare for Michael Bolton.

via: People

In a heartfelt note to fans on Friday, the beloved singer shared that he was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and will be taking a break from the stage.

“Just before the holidays, it was discovered that I had a brain tumor, which required immediate surgery. Thanks to my incredible medical team, the surgery was a success,” the singer, 70, wrote on Facebook. “I am now recuperating at home and surrounded by the tremendous love and support of my family.”

The Grammy winner also told fans he will be “devoting” the “next couple of months” to his recovery and taking a “temporary break” from touring.

“It is always the hardest thing for me to ever disappoint my fans or postpone a show, but have no doubt I am working hard to accelerate my recovery and get back to performing soon,” wrote Bolton, thanking his fans for their “love and support” through the years.

“Know that I’m keeping your positive messages in my heart, and I’ll give you more updates as soon as I can,” he concluded, signing his note, “Much love always, MB.”

Last year the star opened up about sharing positivity in dark times through his album Spark of Light, which included the moving single “Beautiful World.”

“We were basically observing our friends and family and seeing that they all really needed some light, that it was so dark and oppressive and basically we were all just carrying layers of fear to our every day,” he said of finding inspiration through the pandemic. “And so we started to feel a sense of responsibility to deliver hope and promise and all these feelings that seem to be so elusive, and it started to become a feel-good record.”

After decades in the industry, Bolton also said he found the most joy in his family life. (He’s dad to daughters Isa, Holly and Taryn — whom he shares with ex-wife Maureen — and a grandpa to six grandchildren.)

“I’m filled with more love and pride in my girls as they raise their own families,” he said. “The people I love bring me a lot of happiness… The important things never really change. Love is the most important thing, the center of the universe. There’s nothing greater.”

Acknowledging he took himself a bit “too seriously” in his early career days, Bolton said he had learned to lean into humor and enjoy life more.

“The fun starts happening when you let go of things… I don’t feel like I’m near slowing down yet,” he said at the time.

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