Miami Dolphins Player Fined for Offensive Tweets About Openly Gay Draft Pick Michael Sam


In a time where everything we do or say on line is monitored and tracked, it’s more important than ever to watch what you say (or type) — especially when you represent a brand or are part of a team bigger than yourself.

Miami Dolphins second-year player Don Jones is learning that lesson the hard way. He tweeted his less-than-positive reaction to the St. Louis Rams drafting Michael Sam, who became the first openly gay player drafted in the NFL — and now he has to pay.

Soon after Sam was drafted, Jones tweeted “OMG” and “horrible.” Those tweets since have been deleted.

Television cameras showed Sam kissing his boyfriend after the former Missouri star received a phone call from the Rams.

Following last year’s issues with Miami’s locker-room culture, Jones’ tweet was enough to catch the attention of Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey.

“I was made aware of it and I was disappointed in those comments,” Hickey said Saturday night. “That’s not what we stand for as an organization. The draft weekend is a culmination for so many players, their lifetime achievement of their dream to achieve a goal for Michael Sam and all the other players.

“It’s a celebration. … I think it’s a great thing for the league.”

Hickey also said the team plans to “sit down with Don Jones and address [the comments] and handle it appropriately.”

In the words of Kevin Hart, he gon’ learn today! Homophobic comments will not be tolerated in 2014.

[via ABC]

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