Mehcad Brooks: 'It's Not Ok to be Homophobic, Sexist or Racist. We're Past That' [Video]


The incredibly handsome Mehcad Brooks recently did an interview with Marc Lamont Hill on HuffPost Live.

Brooks discussed his illustrious career, women’s reproductive rights, and much more.

Check out the video below!

In related news, Brooks recently sat down with Windy City Times, an LGBT media group,  where he expressed his views on homophobia.

 I think that stigma is going away. Let me put it this way, man: It 10 times worse to be homophobic than gay, it’s 10 times worse to be racist than a minority, it’s 10 times worse to be sexist than it is to be a woman. Eventually, those of us who are living our truth have to be brave and speak up, and the people who would try to diminish that need to be ostracized. It’s not OK to be homophobic, racist or sexist. We’re past that. You want to live like that? Go somewhere else.

via Huffington Post, Windy City Times

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