Meet Dennis Barnes, the New Orleans High School Phenom Who Clocked $9 Million in Scholarship Money

Sixteen-year-old scholar Dennis Maliq Barnes has been offered a record-breaking 125 college acceptances and more than $9 million in scholarships – which may be more than any other college-bound senior in U.S. history.

via: BET

High school graduation season is just around the corner and seniors all over the country will boast about their achievements in school, but there’s one student in New Orleans who recently made the news and arguably raised the bar for every kid in the country.

Dennis Maliq Barnes, 16, became an academic superstar last week when he garnered national recognition for his impeccable record as a student. Currently a student at the prestigious International High School in New Orleans, he’s been accepted into 182 colleges and universities and has received more than $9 million in scholarships. A spokesperson for the school told BET that they are attempting to get the Guinness Book of World Records to recognize his accomplishment, but the process for that is lengthy and no record has been published yet.

Boasting a cumulative grade point average of 4.98, Barnes is dually enrolled at Southern University of New Orleans where he’s earning college credit while still in high school. His ultimate goal is to earn a dual degree in both computer science and criminal justice.

In addition to his studies, Barnes holds a leadership position in his school’s National Honor Society chapter. He took some time from his studies to talk about his academic journey and his plans for the future.

Dennis plans to announce his college decision by Wednesday, May 3, has acceptances and scholarships from all over the country – from Louisiana Tech and Kansas State to the University of Arkansas and the University of Iowa, just to name a few. To read more about his life, click here.

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