Meek Mill Apologizes For Interrupting Gervonta Davis' Match As He Almost Fights Another Pro Boxer [Photo + Video]

Last night, Gervonta Davis was battling Hector Luis Garcia in their WBA World Lightweight Championship bout, but it appeared that Meek Mill was having his own fight at ringside.

via: AceShowbiz

The incident took place on Saturday night, January 7. Gervonta and Hector Luis Garcia were fighting in the eighth round, but they were distracted by the chaos in the audience.

In a video surfacing online, Meek and his entourage were seen being engaged in a verbal altercation with boxer Garry Russell Jr. and his team. It remains unclear what promoted the argument, but the groups were later escorted out of the Capital One Arena just outside of D.C.

Following the ordeal, Meek took to Twitter to address the incident. “Congratulations tankkk!!! I almost fought a boxer telling him this fight not going 12 rounds I missed the big bomb!!!!” he said.

“I would never let no petty s**t escalate to let somebody movie run …. I just walked away .. I came to support tank and boots!!!!!! Good wins,” he added. “I was nice to everybody at that fight if you was there you saw! The blogs gone put up the aggressive part after I respond to something aggressive … everybody in that section seen my level of respect towards others… i just gotta step my response game up!”

“I have no business going back and forth that hard with a random person and we just talking about sports…so my apologies for wasting time for nothing!” the rap star continued in a follow-up tweet. “I had a few shots I know how to dodge those! Congrats Tank and boots!!!”

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