Masika Kalysha Confirms That She's Now An Engaged Woman [Photo]

Congratulations are in order for Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood alum, Masika Kalysha, who posted a video showing off an engagement ring earlier this week confirms she is engaged to her beau of 10 years.

via: AceShowbiz

It is true! After sparking engagement rumors by flaunting a new diamond ring on that finger, Masika Kalysha finally confirmed in a Twitter post that she’s now engaged to her new fiance, whose identity has been revealed to be Jamar Champ.

“Met my fiance 10 years ago. Curved him 97% of those 10 years,” the reality TV star shared, hinting that his new beau has been waiting for the moment to be together with her romantically. She went on detailing that he popped the big question to her after only four months of dating.

“He asked me to marry him 4 days ago. Last night I asked him what made you so sure after only 4 months of dating? He said I knew 10 years ago, on the day I met you that I was gonna marry u,” she continued gushing.

When her tweet was reposted by The Shade Room on Instagram, Masika apparently felt the need to offer more explanation for “Instagram police,” writing in the comment section, “Keep my damn tweets off Instagram. Twitter doesn’t give you enough characters to go into details for the Instagram police!”

“Moral of the story… it doesn’t take a man long to know if you’re the one he wants to spend his life with. I didn’t mean ‘curve him’ as if I was ignoring the man. We were actually cool for 10 years before he put that thang on me,” she elaborated. “I thought I was friend zoning him little did I know he was actually allowing me to think I was in control, whole time he was preparing himself and grooming me because if we jumped in when we 1st met we would have messed up forever.”

Masika showed off her new sparkler earlier this week in her Instagram Story posts. In a video, the 35-year-old star flashed the round-shaped ring while she was cuddling up to her boo. The “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star was lying on top of him, who wrapped his hand around her shoulder, while putting her hand on his.

Best of luck to Masika, waiting 10 years for the ring, I hope she gets the wedding of her dreams.

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