Maluma Explains How Working with Madonna Changed His 'Vision': I'm 'More Confident' |

Maluma Explains How Working with Madonna Changed His ‘Vision’: I’m ‘More Confident’

Maluma says his friendship with Madonna has contributed to his artistic ‘vision’ over the years. Which, if you’re friends with a legend like Madonna, it’s to be expected.

via People:

The “Sobrio” singer, 27, revealed the impact Madonna, 63, has had on him, both personally and professionally, in a Musicians on Musicians chat for Rolling Stone, noting that the star “changed [his] vision in many ways.”

“I’m still young and I’m still learning a bunch of things in this industry and my career, but it was an important thing to just be more confident in myself,” he told Madonna. “Since I met you, that’s something I always do, and I really appreciate that. Cheers.”

The pair first met at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, and collaborated on the single “Medellín” off Madonna’s 2019 album Madame X. Since then, the “Like a Prayer” singer has instilled in Maluma (real name: Juan Luis Londoño Arias) a few other pointers.

“I hope that after you worked with me, you started paying more attention to lighting and costumes and things like,” she said, to which Maluma confirmed that he had, in fact, started paying more attention.

Elsewhere in their chat, Madonna — whose documentary Madame X was released last week — revealed that she’s hard at work writing a script for an upcoming movie about her life, something she said has been an incredibly taxing process.

“Writing my script is the most draining, challenging experience I’ve ever had. It’s kind of like psychotherapy in a way, because I have to remember every detail from my childhood till now,” she said. “I realize I forgot a lot of things, and reliving, digging deep, trying to recall emotions that I felt in certain moments, both joyful and traumatic experiences… I realize I’ve lived a crazy life.”

She continued: “But I would find myself at night, lying there in bed, thinking, ‘My God, did that really happen to me? Did I really know that person?'”

Maluma, meanwhile, teased a new era of music for fans, one that would incorporate a sound different to that of his last EP, the Jamaica-inspired #7DJ (7 Días En Jamaica).

“I’m planning on doing my next album with different African artists,” he said. “I feel that’s the future in urban music and Latin American music. That’s the next step for me.”

Say what you want about Madonna, but her career has been thriving since before Maluma was born. We’re sure she has plenty of gems to share.

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