You Mad? Donald Trump Jr. Calls Out NBC for Referring to Oprah As 'Our Future President'

Oprah Winfrey hasn’t even come close to announcing a presidential run and the Trump family is already upset.

Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter last night to lash out at NBC after the network referred to Oprah as “OUR future president” following her moving Golden Globes speech.

It should be noted the Globes aired on NBC.

“Nothing but respect for OUR future president. #GoldenGlobes “ the tweet read.

Donald Jr. took offense, saying:

“In case anyone had any doubts about where the media stands this should take care of it. The bias against @realDonaldTrump is now so obvious they have simply given up hiding it.”

He added:

“Can you trust anything they say at this point? Americans see the truth in job #s & in their wallets!” 

NBC has deleted the tweet, saying:

“Yesterday a tweet about the Golden Globes and Oprah Winfrey was sent by a third party agency for NBC Entertainment in real time during the broadcast. It is in reference to a joke made during the monologue and not meant to be a political statement. We have since removed the tweet.”

They should’ve kept it up, tbh.

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