Macy Gray’s Daughter Drops Shocking Restraining Order Battle Against Brother Over Alleged Abuse |

Macy Gray’s Daughter Drops Shocking Restraining Order Battle Against Brother Over Alleged Abuse

Macy Gray’s daughter Aanisah Hinds filed for a restraining order against her brother, Tracy Melvin Hinds, after he allegedly hit and threatened their mother.

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Gray’s family drama cooled off weeks after her daughter filed a bombshell restraining order petition against her brother — that accused him of abusing the singer.

According to court documents obtained by, this week, a hearing was held on Aanisah Hinds’ petition.

Earlier this month, the court granted Hinds a temporary restraining order against her brother Tracy Melvin Hinds but set a hearing to discuss a potential permanent order.

At the hearing, Macy’s children both showed up to court. The judge said they checked in but left before the matter being called for a hearing.

The court order read, “There being no appearances at the time the matter is called for hearing, the Petitioner’s Request for Restraining Order is discharged. All Temporary Restraining Orders, if any, are dissolved.”

As a result, the case was officially dismissed, and the temporary order was vacated.

As previously reported, in her initial filing, Aanisah claimed her brother had been abusive on multiple times.

She told the court Tracy had been terrorizing her and her loved ones. In the petition, she described an alleged incident that went down on February 3, 2024.

Aanisah accused Tracy of threatening her and her fiancé Cornel Pearson. She said he warned his “goons would get” Cornel after an argument that involved Macy.

“Tracy got into a physical altercation with my mom, he followed her and harassed her as he always does when he drinks. My boyfriend [Cornel] tried to remove my mom but he continued to follow them until he fought my boyfriend,” the docs stated.

Aanisah said her brother pushed their mother during the incident.

She said Tracy continued to slam on doors looking to fight which led to the cops being called.

“After he was out of the house, we locked the doors, but he came back through a window and began harassing [us] again. Later, he pushed me, and he has done so many times,” she alleged.

She said police arrived but did not arrest her brother. Instead, she said they told her to file for a restraining and move-out order from the court.

In the petition, Aanisah described another alleged incident that occurred in 2022. She accused her brother of drunkenly pushing her and arguing with everyone in the house.

She said Cornell tried to intervene on multiple occasions which led to Tracy allegedly threatening to kill him.

“Didn’t want it to come to this, but nothing changes and we all live in terror,” she wrote.

Hours after the restraining order became public, Macy released a statement denying her son ever got physical with her.

“Me and my son love each other and he would never think of causing me any physical harm. Outside of that, like any family, we have our issues and we’re dealing with it,” Macy said.

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