'Love and Hip Hop' Producer Mona Scott Young & VH1 Sued for Allegedly Stealing Show Concept


Trisha Lum and Nickie Lum-Davis of 8th Wonder Entertainment are suing Mona Scott Young, her production company, VH1, MTV Networks  and Viacom for $50 million dollars claiming the networks stole the idea Love and Hip Hop from one of their pitches back in 2009.

The defendants say Mona stole their idea for a show called Hip Hop Wives that was supposed to star Chrissy Lampkin, Mashonda Tifire, Tashera Simmons and Debbie Lorenzo. However, things turned sour at the last minute.

The documents claim Chrissy quit the project before their deal was complete and gave the idea to VH1 and Mona.

You can read the official court documents here.

If true, these ladies deserve ALL their coins!

At $50 million, this case is the largest copyright infringement case in the history of reality TV.

[via Cocoa Fab]

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