From Little Lupita to Little Leto: Toddlers Re-Create Oscars Red Carpet Looks [Photos]

little lupita 2 lovebscott

A New-York based photographer who’s known for recreating Hollywood moments with children posing as stars has released her version of this year’s Oscars.

little lupita 1 lovebscott

This year, Tricia Messeroux didn’t miss a beat with her mini-Oscar creations. She has them all from a little Lupita Nyongo’ to a little Pharrell and his wife.

little pharrell lovebscott


They’re all just too cute.

Tricia says on her website that she came up with Toddlewood in 2008 as a way of merging three of her favorite things in life – fashion, photography and children.

‘What better way to get everything I love than to Make It Happen Toddlewood-style!’ she writes.

Check out her website for more of her most recent work. Which re-creation is your favorite?



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