Lil Yachty Tapped to Star in MTV's 'How High 2' |

Lil Yachty Tapped to Star in MTV’s ‘How High 2’

When we heard MTV was working on a sequel to 2001’s ‘How High’ we were excited by the idea of Method Man and Redman reuniting on screen.

As it turns out, the film won’t star Method Man or Redman — and instead Lil Yachty will play the lead in ‘How High 2.’

Yachty will play Roger, “the younger brother of one of the protagonists from the original film,” according to the official press release.

The movie will tell the story of Roger and a friend as they embark on a mission as two “potrepreneurs” looking for a way to “fund their on-demand munchies delivery start-up.”

It’s unclear of Method Man or Redman will appear in the film, but we certainly hope they do.

‘How High 2’ will be on MTV sometime in 2019.

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