Lil Wayne Got A New Face Tattoo + Role in Pixar's 'The Good Dinosaurs' [Photo]



How many hideous tattoos can one person have?

Lil Wayne is starting his year off with some new ink! Paying homage to the skateboarding company Baked Skateboards, Wayne recently took to the tattoo parlor to plaster their logo, “Baked” across his forehead. Being an avid skateboard fan, this tattoo takes his frenzy to the next level. Recently stating he would put Rap on the back burner for the sport, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets some big endorsement dollars from this.  What do you think of his new artwork?

Luckily, the ink won’t be making an appearance in Wayne’s upcoming Pixar film about a boy and his pet brontosaurus called The Good Dinosaurs. No word yet as to what role Wayne will be playing, but he has that great, croaky voice that should be just perfect for any of the dinosaurs — even the ones that would straight crush his five and a half feet of height!

via VH1

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