Lil Uzi Vert Changes Pronouns to They/Them on Instagram [Photo]

It looks like Lil Uzi Vert’s pronouns have been changed to They/Them on his Instagram account.

via: AceShowbiz

Lil Uzi Vert has caused quite a controversy with a little change on their Instagram page. “The Way Life Goes” spitter received mixed reactions after he quietly updated their pronouns to “they/them” on the social media platform.

The 26-year-old hip-hop star, who is currently dating City Girls star JT, has yet to detail the reason behind their big move. Thus, fans took to Twitter to weigh in on the matter.

One person in particular wrote, “Watch people get upset about Uzi having pronoun.” Another opined, “I don’t think you can be a they/them if your one person. But respectfully would not care if I meet a person and their nice. But haven’t met nobody who says that but just I don’t get how you can be more than one person.”

A different individual added, “This younger generation is so feminine.” Someone else, on the other hand, chimed in, “This is great but unfortunately some people didn’t make it past 2nd grade and don’t understand pronouns so they’re gonna hate on bro.”

The bio update arrived just hours after Uzi released a new single called “Space Cadet” on SoundCloud. Earlier this month, the rapper broke the Internet after tossing their phone at the Wireless Festival crowd in the U.K.

Sharing videos from the incident was TikTok user @ccornonmycob a.k.a. Drilla G. The first clip saw Uzi hyping the crowd up before performing their 2016 song “Money Longer”. As they turned around, the musical artist bent down to pick up a phone and threw it high and far into the crowd.

The woman also showed a series of photos showing her bloodied head. There was also a video of her being escorted by security, presumably to get medical treatment for her injury.

In the wake of the incident, a source explained, “During Uzi’s set at Wireless Fest, fans threw multiple cellphones onto the stage and inadvertently struck [them].” The source added, “[They] merely attempted to clear the phones from the stage, avoid slipping and safely continue [their] performance – [they] never intentionally directed it at a specific individual.”

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