Lil Tay’s Alleged Former Manager Questions Validity of Death Announcement, Instagram Account Claiming to Be Tay's Brother Says They're Both Still Alive

The death of Lil Tay (real name Claire Eileen Qi Hope) came as a shock to everyone earlier today following the announcement from her family, however there’s suspicions the once-viral internet teen isn’t actually dead.

Lil Tay’s alleged ex-manager is questioning the validity of her death announcement and a mysterious Instagram claiming to belong to Lil Tay’s brother says they’re both still alive.

via Page Six:

“One thing I would question is who posted that statement and why isn’t it signed by anyone from the family,” the person, who didn’t want to be named, told the US Sun on Wednesday.

“Why is it not signed, ‘This is Tay’s mom,’ or ‘This is the dad of Lil Tay,’ or from an official representative? Why is there no attachment?”

The alleged former manager claimed that the lack of attribution was suspicious since the statement announced that the influencer’s brother, Jason, had also died.

“I should be grieving right now … but I just have so many questions,” the person added.

Another one of Lil Tay’s alleged former reps, who claimed to still be in contact with insiders close to the rapper’s family, also said he wasn’t able to confirm the validity of the statement.

“I have been in communication with individuals who have an intimate understanding of the family’s situation,” Harry Tsang told the US Sun.

“Given the complexities of the current circumstances, I am at a point where I cannot definitively confirm or dismiss the legitimacy of the statement issued by the family.”

Tsang added that the situation called for “cautious consideration” and “accuracy.”

“I encourage everyone to rely on reputable and official sources for information. We must exercise patience while awaiting further developments before drawing any conclusions,” he said.

If you recall, a few years ago Lil Tay’s Instagram account reactivated with videos that showed the child being abused by her father. In 2021, Lil Tay’s brother organized a GoFundMe to help raise funds for a court battle against their father and his wife.

The campaign details read:

“Starting April 23, 2021, Tay will be on trial in the BC Supreme Court of Canada up against her absentee father Chris Hope, who along with his wife Hanee Hope (previously known as Richanee Alcover), had physically and mentally abused her. Chris Hope is fighting to permanently gain control of her career as well as custody over her. “

My sister has no money left, every last dollar of hers has been taken from her by Chris Hope. My mother has completely exhausted all of her life savings after spending $750,000+ on legal fees in fighting for Tay’s freedom in the entire court process as well as supporting her financially since Chris Hope is not paying child support. “

Now this same brother has allegedly popped up with a new Instagram account, claiming he and Lil Tay aren’t dead and that they’ve been locked out of their account.

Take a look:

This whole thing is crazy.

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