Lil Kim Has a Peculiar Song She Wants Toni Braxton to Sing at Her Wedding [Video] |

Lil Kim Has a Peculiar Song She Wants Toni Braxton to Sing at Her Wedding [Video]

The Grammy-winning singer recalled an interaction she had with Lil Kim in an interview with Jennifer Hudson.

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Toni Braxton stopped by The Jennifer Hudson Show for Wednesday’s episode (Nov. 23) and shared fun facts about Thanksgiving with the Braxton family and her professional life. The Grammy Award-winning artist explained how her large family would have virtual and in-person celebrations this fall holiday season.

“We’ve already started cooking,” the “Un-Break My Heart” singer began. “The Braxton family starts two weeks out.”

She continued, “We have cookoffs. And, we’re going to be in different spots this year. I’m going to be in Los Angeles, and some of the family’s going to be in Atlanta, so we’re going to eat via Zoom.

Later in the conversation, Braxton revealed Brooklyn rap icon Lil Kim requested she bring her signature low-register vocals to her future wedding.

“She came up to me one day, she’s like ‘Toni, girl I love you. When I get married, I want you to sing at my wedding.’ And I said, Kimmy, you don’t want me to sing, I don’t have any happy love songs.” Braxton continued to detail the moment, explaining Lil Kim asked her to sing “You Mean The World To Me.”

“Girl, can’t nobody understand what you say, just sing the song,” Braxton said with a laugh as she remembered the Queen Bee’s response.

Elsewhere on the daytime talk show, she names her first celebrity crush and which actor she wants to do a love scene with during a “Girlfriends Moment.”

“This is a true story guys,” responds Braxton to the EGOT status host when prompted. “I’m a little ashamed but I’m going to be proud because it was my moment. Jimmie Walker from Good Times.”

Watch the clip below.

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