Lil Durk Ends Howard University Homecoming Show Early: ‘This Sh*t Sound So Bogus, I Don’t Even Feel This Sh*t’ [Video]

Before wrapping the Back Outside Tour with Lil Baby, Chicago’s Lil Durk headed to Washington, D.C. to perform at Howard University’s homecoming. Unfortunately, Durk decided to end things early.

via: Hot97

While performing at an event for the HBCU’s homecoming, Lil Durk left the stage a few songs early because the vibe was off according to a TikTok user. In the video you can hear Durk explain, “aye look. We were supposed to do more songs but this sh*t sound so bogus, I don’t even feel this sh*t for real. I appreciate y’all for f*cking with us..” as he and crew exit the stage.

Leaving the crowd upset, you can hear “boo’s” as he’s leaving. Watch the clip below.

It was previously reported that Durk also shut down crazy rumors that he and his lady, India, called it quits. Instead of reacting to the rumors directly, Durk and India shared a picture of the two locking tongues online. Durk captioned the steamy pic, “y’all know damn well this sh*t forever.”

I guess Lil Durk is having such a good year that he can afford to stop a show he isn’t feeling.

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