Latto Responds to Person Who Suggested She Get Liposuction, Says She’s ‘Getting Off Birth Control’ [Photos]

Rapper Latto has been in the game since a teenager. Since winning season one of The Rap Game series created by hip-hop producer Jermaine Dupri, the 23-year-old has been on a mission to secure her spot in the industry.

via: Complex

The 777 rapper shared a screenshot of her DMs to her Instagram Stories on Monday, calling out one fan in particular who went on two different weight-related rants in her inbox. One message came in October, when the Instagram user told Latto that she was getting “too big,” and another came yesterday, when the same user requested she “slow down.”

“Get lipo in your arms & back your gonna look too wide,” the Instagram user wrote.

Latto didn’t take the hurtful comment lightly, sharing the messages on Instagram and writing that her fans should “tear dat ass up.”

“I thought I was losing weight looking good,” Latto explained in a following story. “Ian gone lie sis u struck a nerve cause I’m on day 2 of my no food just juice cleanse right now.”

In a later tweet, Latto wrote that she was “getting off birth control” after some continued to send judgmental comments her way.

“I’m sick of y’all telling me I’m gaining weight that shit hurt my feelings fr,” she wrote before dropping a pregnant emoji. “so don’t say nun when I.. nvm.”

Following the release of her album 777, Latto shared her “Big Energy” remix featuring DJ Khaled and none other than Mariah Carey, whose Daydream-era hit “Fantasy” was sampled on the song. Listen to the new track here.

“Big Energy” is climbing the charts, currently sitting at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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